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  1. I hear it a lot. Maybe its one of the ambient sounds like the dog bark.
  2. Good work Sajuk. Its a good anti inf and fru hunting tank.
  3. Much armour carried spare tracks and wheels for in field repairs so why not. No need for a truck.
  4. Im definately not suggesting there is anything wrong with the Stu. There still too many odd things with offset, lag etc. But I am cautious with them in this tier. That gun will tear through everything I can lay my hands on. Yesterday I caught one off guard, smashed it, degunned it, left it with turret mg only, it despawned. No kill registered. Valenciennes by Orchies cp if anyone knows who it was.
  5. Nobody needs to get on their high horse over this but just some info. From Tanks Encyclopedia: The highly upgraded M3A3 was the last version of this light tank before being completely replaced by the M5. The two tanks shared similar sloped hull armor and turret, but the M5 was more powerful, quieter and more comfortable. The sloped armor and new turret were both thoroughly tested improvements, which greatly compensated for the lack of armor. Critics, however, still argued that their main gun was no match for any German tank of the time and their still high profile made them easy targets, despite their improved speed. These reasons, among others, explain why these tanks were most of the time relocated to the Far East, India and the Pacific, where they could deal more easily with Japanese tanks. In the European theater these tanks were used in conjunction with the more powerful M4 Sherman medium tanks, as screening and scouting armored wings. From BGE wiki: The M3A3 variants and the later M5A1 Stuarts were lend-leased to the Free French, and performed well as long they weren’t expected to engage the heavier German tanks at stand off positions.
  6. I play Axis. As Axis players know and some Allied will know, I am an armoured player. I do not fear any allied tank but I am very aware of the Stuart for the reasons in the above quote.
  7. Yes. Its just a game but lets win this campaign for Buck.
  8. Too high. Helps OP side. Be it Axis or Allied. Needs to go back to how it was and up SD again or think of something else.
  9. I think most agree there is a lot of stuff could be better/different/added. The wish list is huge and expensive.
  10. Maybe because I like to tank but a new persona within the army tab for armour. So maybe an infantry tab and an armoured/panzer tab.
  11. One small thing. When tier 3 kicks in, add Canada. Same look as British inf and same kit in many cases. Dump some French divs or just re flag and re name a British one. Add the persona. Not a huge undertaking but a huge nod to the significant role Canada played to the allied cause. There are others nations but it seems such an easy adjustment.
  12. Worth a watch.