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  1. Thanks, I re-read my post, and it sort of came off as a rant. It wasn't intended to be. I really like to support indie developers and small shops, and I see a bunch of really dedicated people. I see a real attempt to get things on Steam, and sometimes when you are too close to the trees, you miss the forest. Or something. What comes first, the subscriber or the content? Having a functional slick website is easy and somewhat cheap. How many college students would love the op to design a first class, functional website as an intern? On an international product? Plenty.... Banner swaps and cross linking facebook pages - free Free Signatures for Subscribers, pretty close to free, all linking back to the website. But you need the website to actually function. What would happen tomorrow, if Steam says "Ok, blammo, you got Green Voted in."? First thing they will do is come to the website. They will find a website that appears to be out of date, and broken. The thought would then be.... "this is the quality I am to expect...." and click away. Never to return. Again, I want to see independents make it. You have to think like Electronic Arts with a budget of "Eat at Joe's".
  2. I've subscribed. A little more background. I used to be in the game industry. Imported the Playstation 1 before it was launched in the US as well as 2nd largest distributor of SNK in the US and had world wide distribution. What I think I was trying to say, is that since there is a very small (if at all) budget for promoting the title, then you need to rely on the tools at hand. Fortunately, with social media and high bandwidth, this makes it easier. On the flip side, you need to grab everyone that sees the info and reacts to it. You have about ten seconds to lock someone in. Everything MUST work. But when they do react, you can't have bad links on the main page, you can't have to force users to dig around in a forum to find something. When they still don't know what they are looking at. There is really nothing on the main web page to lure me in any further. The facebook page tells me nothing, because it's a community hang out. So your social media penetration just died. You have literally 5 "clicks" total to get someones attention to the point of interest or they are gone. I believe in independent developers but you can't use an excuse of no time or money for advertising. Not when a bunch of this is free, and there's no excuse for having dead links on the website that explains the game. It costs nothing to fix dead links. I just sent the link to the web page to a colleague. Told him I was playing this game and what he thinks. I watched as he went to the link, clicked around, found all the dead links, and closed it. He's not interested. He'll look at it "later" because I told him it's worth checking out. I'm not complaining, but you're loosing subscribers with every click.
  3. First off, I love the game. Long time Arma player, and Arma2. From a New player to the game, I don't have to tell you that the game is a bit hard to pick up and there is a big learning curve. So I went on a quest to find information on how to not be so nooby. I also play a lot of Battlefield Series of games, where you can just pick it up, and the controls are intuitive, and consistent to other games of that nature. I also know from playing Arma and the original Operation Flashpoint, that simulators such as these and WW2 Online have way more controls. Sometimes daunting controls. 1) I searched Google and found a bunch of VERY old posts, videos, reference cards, etc..... which considering the maturity of the game, thats understandable. Not much you can do about that, Nothing made sense and it confused me. Commands didn't seem to jive to what I found in game. Example: Deploy weapon. It's not "D" but "Z", but I found many references to "D". 2) Help Chat has been great and found the community very helpful. But new players coming from the immature troll ridden games, may not be too willing to expose their "newness" to a game that is very different such as this. Fearing of getting attacked by "the kiddie trolls", may not speak up. 3) I found many pages referencing "Dead Pages", on this site. Links on this site, simply don't load. Nor can I get back to the main page. example: and (Looking for information on how to play the game, new users would look here. to See if you want to even download and setup a free to play. 4) Game Info Header, About the Game - Choosing English drop down, isn't in English. 5) About the Game - Dead Page Summary: If I'm a new user, I want to see what the game is about. I see it on STEAM and the Facebook page doesn't inform me much. It looks more like a community hang out. I search Google, and find old pictures, and video's and the main home page. I click on the main home page, to find out what the game is about, only to find dead pages, bad links, So it APPEARS to be a dead game, that is struggling, and little support or effort. The only reason I pushed on through, is because it does get good reviews from long time players posting in other places. (That's just how it appears). It was hard to find how the game has matured, or if it's even active. I understand that there is a big push to get more players, but I'm afraid, the casual gamer or people looking for MORE information, won't go through what I went through to see if I even wanted to do the Free To Play. You're promoting people to come to your website and check it out, but with the exception of a couple of static screenshots, and a couple older video's, there's nothing to really get me to pull out my wallet. Lots of competition for gamers attention out there.... have to grab em quick.