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  1. Thanks chimm, kinda what i thought just didnt notice where it explained it better lol. cya on the field
  2. Hello, I am going to bring my sub back on and was curious if i would be billed what it used to be at 17.99 or with the new price of 14.99, only a matter of a couple bucks but just want to know as i use a card i put money into just for games. Thanks
  3. Day 1 Got game from friend for my b-day June 2001 last played a week ago on free acct Been in 32nd, FF 85th fallschirmjeager, DAK Deutches Afrika Korps, currently in GAK Ghosts of Afrika Korps made after DAK dissolved. All great squads. Always played Axis played as schultz , schultz139 , maple , flong139 my current premium acct soon as get more money. Hope see all on the front as flong139 soon all you flyin monkeys
  4. yep be nice have some cover in open terrain find myself in great position view wise with no cover for several meters
  5. thats for you XOOM Flong 139 sends regards lol
  6. flying monkey aircraft carriers
  7. sure do dre hope cya all soon on the field