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  1. Hey Jammyman As we say in Blighty "Do me a favour m8, stick me in a plane". I think you translated 'flying death trap' magically into a desire to man an iron cross bofors (on your list). As I cant bring myself to shoot down my beloved DB, can you put my in the plane roster please. Cheers Grayzza
  2. Flying flak magnet/death trap for me please And how about a nearer AF? I am still wondering if for the east bridge in town I can land just before the cliff edge and just swan dive off the edge as its so close to the cliff. Its a bit 633 squadron! (Rubbish Brit warfilm) lol Cheers Grayzza
  3. Something with wings, bombs and fire suppresion foam in the fuel tanks please Cheers Grayzza
  4. Okay cheers, I shall pile (reluctantly) into my website programme ;-)
  5. Please tell me how to upload a new sig - the Hussars have updated their squad sig a while ago and now having tried I just cant see how to do it. Its asking me for a URL which of course is a big pain. My forum options in the edit signature section say I am not permitted to upload an image and there is no option to enable this that I can see. There must be an easy way? Please point my dumb arse in the right direction Cheers Grayzza PS Sorry if this is the millionth request on this subject but forum search turned up nothing
  6. Fascinating, and a better than the normal standard of english for the forums lol. Faced Tigers enough times to know they are deadly at range but vulnerable if not used carefully so its interesting to hear your tactics. Only real success I have had against Tigers face to face (so to speak) was when I caught two in a row in the flank at under 1000m with a 76. That was a good day. Of course the countless times I have brewed to Tigers when they were used by experienced players shows how good they can be if played to their strengths.
  7. My role in the Last Stand was driving an A13 with Polorutz as my gunner and commander. Having spawned in, the initial positions were decided upon and we moved out from the AB carrying Squad 2 as they were there to defend the southern approaches to the town. We decided to seek cover from air attack by parking in the depot. A sensible idea given that shortly after the Stuka’s really put their eyes over the whole town, clearly looking for tanks. The other A13 set up west. And then we waited! First contact was a long way out south west with a P3 which sat way out of range. Then it started properly with the Eastern approach under heavy infantry attack. While this was going on we remained in hiding to avoid the ever-present stukas. If we had heard that one of them had flipped in a field we would have been happier! As the third Squad was undertaking what seemed to be a good fighting retreat we broke cover to move along the southerly perimeter of the town to cover 2nd squad who were moving up to engage enemy forces which included a P3F. Having taken position under a tree (Stuka cover again) we awaited developments. When it became clear that the P3 was likely to appear at a crossroads to our north, Polorutz ordered a move to bring the A13 into a good firing position. Having done so we engaged the P3 from what appeared to be 300m (ish) and he got it in the sweet spot, taking out all but the pesky hull gunner. Over the din of firing we didn’t hear the rush of air around the Stuka which had spotted our successful attack on the P3. Moments later 250kg of Germany’s finest turned our metal shed into scrap and we were gone. As Polorutz said himself it was a fair trade and must have helped our guys in the town centre! Having been in quite a few of the old Special Events all I can say it was great to be back. TS support was much easier than before and getting into the arena for most people seemed good too. I would say that the setrank issue (which was not a feature of the old events) was a bit confusing and perhaps some more guidance would be helpful. Perhaps an idiot’s guide to setting up would be good. One feature of the old events was the ability to pre-plan your strategy and while I thought that gnpatton did a really good job of arranging the squads when in game, some thinking time prior to them may be useful (as was possible in the old events). Maybe it’s not possible to do this. Anyway, had a good time, we got a kill, enjoyed good comms with Polorutz (sorry about the blind reversing ) and I will be along next time. Cheers Grayzza
  8. Looking forward to this! Must have done half dozen of the old style events, should be good. In terms of assignment all I would say is I am least effective with a rifle! I have most fun with a truck - see excerpt from after action report on Red v Blue Convoy event held sometime ago lol _______________________________________ I think the Allied Convoys did rather well everything considered. The first Convoy heading East towards Grandpre ran into a ambush just south of Grandpre . . . a 251 which opened fired and ended the glory of Yurin's day.. . . . Comstar had attempted to retreat, from the looks of it, to rejoin the other truck and didn't make it. This left Grayzza:) to make a suicide attempt at breaking through with his truck. He crossed the road (a very good decision) and got 100 meters out and started zig zagging forward. All of the Axis were on the other side of the road, including the two 251s looking for dead Would you have made it Grayzza.? Maybe....just maybe. But that last double set of berms and trees did you in. . . . . Icetwp Special Events Team