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  1. Much better good job.
  2. Same people still offset and warp its better but people do offset a lot.
  3. Its being like that the past 3 campaigns exception the one before cause 1 Axis aquade move to allied for a campaign. This is the norm.
  4. Well this game sucks period you asking me to pay for it when you shoot people and not die, you in ab capping and 1 ei riffle comes in in warp speed kills everyone, they had red squared heavy inf and ets in town and we were like 8-9 people max. And you ask me to pay for this? why? No thank you from what i have tried is not worth it.
  5. Then why have free if not ment to.
  6. Ok i understand why free account can only use rifles but going up tiers when it comes to atgs can only use pak36. So free account is only riflew and nothing else. Shame limits the options so much you can even play. For me you just dont want free accounts.