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  1. The thread started with hiding in bushes. I believe it's is still true that the 'eyes' you see with are actually lower... almost at chest level. So, in bushes, when you push out a bit to look around... much of you comes into view and you are a better target than you would think. I've been playing for10 years and still can't figure a (legal) way around this issue. It is the same for both sides, though.
  2. TY... will update...if available.
  3. I fixed it. I deleted the beta version. :-) My system excedes the requirements.
  4. Downloaded beta. Played on beta server just fine once.Since then, every time I try to log on, once I pass the password screen, my screen goes black, stays black and won't respond to keyboard or mouse until I hard boot. Now this is happening with the current version as well as the beta. _________________
  5. I'll leave the RAM question to the techies. In general, the more the better. As to the retirement issue, I don't imagine a 3K max purchase of a computer will have a great impact, though perhaps you may have to leave this world a few days earlier. (I, now quite senior and only partially employed, have the same issues.) RK
  6. Me too..same error 10057. I played earlier today and nothing has changed in my rig.
  7. Corrected ww2_x86.exe Application Error by uninstalling both Playnet and the game itself, rebooting, then re installing. Apparently the latest Microsoft security update overwrites something the game needs.
  8. I found my game with the microsoft new updates and reboot notification. Now i get the ww2_x86.exe Application error. Maybe the same?
  9. I get a severe drop in fps ...down to 3 or 4 fps from my general 40-50, when ei are around. I'm OK with friendlies and even A/C. Now, falling fps is a great warning, but death comes when I'm at those fps. I've heard other playes complain of the same thing. RodeKill Chief Bullet Magnet
  10. I'm old enough to remember the boys in the neighborhood returning from Europe and the Pacific. They didn't talk much about it then. I recall a neighbor who had a silver star in a shoebox in his workshop. I pestered him about it and he mumbled something about how a tank took a hit from an 88. He said "I couldn't see leaving those guys out there." That's all he would say. My dad was a WWI vet, who was in the observer corps during WW II. I got to see Viet Nam, up close and personal. That's another story... RodeKill Chief Bullet Magnet 10th Mtn Div