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  1. +1 for the map. If possible with 2 levels: - What cities are we going to attack ? - usefull for HC/playerbase comms. - How are we going to attack a city ? - usefull to know the best spots to attack/defend We should be able to save and have an "easy-to-share" link. eg: "hey guys checkout the plan to attack Lier: http://...". Also an option to "save as image" would be ok, but not as cool.
  2. East is the new West . Just saying.
  3. Page is up, but I cant update my billing info (as in cant resub).
  4. seems to be up again. thank you.
  5. Cant resub, the page is not working.
  6. That was the old model. New users had to use a credit card (that was not billed) and could only use 1 credit card once. Then they had access to everything for 15 (?) days. The problem then was that they were getting a low number of new players. The problem now is a low conversion rate. Either way you put it, the problem is not, was not and it will never be the customers. New players not responding ? Old players using F2P ? F2P not converting ? Well, you need to change _something_, but the players will NOT change.
  7. Money talks, bull**** walks. If people are subscribing on the $5 or the $17 plans, then all is well. If not, well, I'm sorry but its not the customers fault.
  8. 2015 already ? For a bit there, this was a good thread.
  9. Dodger: Xoom has said in the past that Conversion rates (to subs) are very very low and anyone who spent any time doing host squad knows this too well (reason why host squads failed). We get players testing the game, what CRS don't get is money from them. So getting into steam might not help per se. Why don't players buy subs or why do they ? This is why I think SD on toys might work: Get people engaged with the game by allowing them to try more toys, but limit the availability of those. The forum should also be a tool, but is not. I'm not saying I got all the answers. But I'm playing as F2P (well, now and then) and the feeling I get from this side of the fence is low engagement.
  10. lol . Yes, your statement is still valid . I disagree with you, but hey its your opinion. Now, let me just tell you that I'm not an expert on WOT, but I _think_ that even when you pour money there, you still need to rank to get higher level tanks. WOT : "buy this equipment and you have an edge on your opponent (you can still lose)" (they also do not like to be pay2win). BGE : "Buy a sub and you'll get access to more equipment (but you can still win if you only play F2P)". Hey, maybe none of these games is Pay2Win As to being able to kill everything ... How can I kill a tiger with F2P equipment ? Ok, but lets assume WOT is an evil pay2win game and BGE isn't (and no one wants it to be). Lets also assume that F2P is just fine to show the game to new players and subs starting at 5USD are something everyone can afford. Where is the problem then ? Why don't we have more players ? I posted what I think - This F2P model is not being able to engage players enough to become subs. Anyone has a better idea or are we fine as we are ?
  11. I love the rifle. When I have a sub up, its usually my weapon of choice. But for a new player, only using a rifle is hard (I'm not even going to talk about tanks or ATGs). And if that player wants better equipment, he has to pay for it. Now, I'm not saying CRS should give SMGs or whatever to F2P, but right now BGE is IMO Pay2Win. An advantage of BGE over WOT is that once you pay a full sub, there is nothing else to pay. An advantage of WOT is that you get less restrictions as a F2P (allowing for them to have a high number of players). I do agree that CRS is not here to give anyone free entertainment and that the idea of every game out there that has a F2P business model, is to make money. For that to happen you need F2P players to engage with the game in such a way they want more. IMO that fine balance is not there. Here is an old idea: Give rifles for free. Let F2P use other equipment, with a very high SD (1min to spawn an SMG, 2min to spawn an ATS or whatever). That will give F2P a taste of better equipment. Put publicity on the SD/Did you know screen to make more money.
  12. If nothing else, former subscribers some times (I've seen it happen) re-engage with the game. The "If you don't pay you should have nothing and should not be here" mentality is wrong and bad for the game. My opinion of course.
  13. I did not "drop to become a F2P". I dropped for personal reasons and use a F2P account now and then to keep some contact with this game. And my statement was not intended to be misleading - I know there are differences between BGE and WOT. But seeing F2P as a bunch of freeloaders is really nearsighted and not good for this game.