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  1. I do, and the same issue as well. I also noticed the map disappears as well too.
  2. Basically I cannot get it to go to say manifold pressure 1.0 ata or anything between full manifold or full power or idle. That's the only pressure, nothing in between those read. Basically, I cannot get the engine to any percentage other than 1% or 100%.
  3. I have an Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X, and I can get from idle to full throttle. But, I cannot get an in-between throttle to come from the stick to reflect in the game. I do get a little response in it to the middle.
  4. Type mrt in the start menu and use the malicious software removal tool for it. Or you can use safe mode to find the corrupted file and delete it. I would also ask rws on the axis. He does this for a living.
  5. Worth it. I do not regret it one bit. They taught me a whole lot about the 109 and I have now became proficient in using it. I came from an allied squadron and now I use the 109 specifically. Flying with them and squadin' up will allow you to love the 109 like me. Come on aboard and join the largest Luftwaffe squad in the game at the moment. Highly recommended for those who need a LW squad, are new to the game, or like me, want to try something new.
  6. I tried out 51 from an allied squad, and I don't regret it one bit. They are a talkative bunch in a good way, and I learned a lot being a new 109 flyer. But most importantly, if you want to learn the 109 and always have a large squad to fight with; come on and join with the largest LUFTWAFFE SQUADRON!
  7. Where do I sign up? I've played with you guys, and I like the 09 now.