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  1. Reading above post, somebody mentioned players like me who pay but aren't playing any more. Ive run out of patience with this game hoping but not delivering on promises. The graphics just is a non starter now for me . I didn't really want to give a ultimatum that's why since I can afford it give the new rats a chance (time ticking now) for a new graphic engine basically they got until dec then its over for me.
  2. well said saronin. my feeling also. we (some of the groups ) though this game would evolve and it never really did it just stop.(graphics...etc game play... maps) I also don't play anymore but will continue to support this game with a paid subscription(I have another account) hoping for a new graphic engine but I already playing other games and eye balling some of the games saronin mentioned.
  3. Its the survival of the 88 on the battlefield that's the main issue. all this scopes, rounds ballistic is crap. Some of these poster here from there join date know how effective this weapon was at first, it would stop things cold without fb ,ms etc to not be able to get to it like now. unless it can survive on the battlefield longer to get to use it all else doesn't matter.
  4. the vision I would hope be something like battlefield 1 in terms of graphics for the whole map (if anybody played operations mode) if possible and feel of the small arms battle with of course ww2 online tanks ,planes etc not the battlefield 1 stuff but that kind of feel.
  5. that true dre, was just thinking of ways that might be able to address concern of new players (instant action ) that's say there no action without changing the makeup of the game. another option I guess
  6. don't know if its possible but maybe have new players spawn in a captured spawnable for those in the instant action mode if there is 1 available maybe button lights up? and or have a new player spawn in a town for defenses where 1 is captured
  7. You do realize where talking about why we are having a hard time retaining steam players and not you.
  8. no friendly fire, you have that when somebody blows a building with guys in it and they get mad already. Cant see why we cant have artillery. make it so there a warning artillery incoming take cover give xx amount of time then the place gets leveled for so much time then lifted reload could work.
  9. dre , you missed the point like most guys who played this game for so long they lost the focus and are stuck in there little world(ww2 online). the graphics in this game now is a major problem there very old , you cant sugar coat it anymore 20 years. We still have balancing issue that haven't been addressed . Yes you get camped here way more then other games where there more of an effort to limit this. there numerous other issue that also failed to be addressed etc.. thus retaining new players is limited. If you can remember the first time you log in here is was like wow planes flying , tanks etc... now you log in and it lost that because of the above mention issues etc. and lack of action
  10. I see a total disregard from some of these poster on how to retain players , thats the goal. then you train them. If there initial log in is bad you lose a great majority which is what happening. You have a small group of veterans that think you have to struggle to learn. I think having some little success early will help retain more then just what going on now.
  11. what you expect when you got stick figures running around when you log in, spawn in and get mowed down over and over, and unbalanced numbers in game, etc......