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  1. S! all axxis an allid i no i pan in ass but i aksaded 2 go bak teem allid an LMAO i gass it trunad ot 2 be a gamse aftra ALL ,trer is no CARSE wat happins no moorse JUST FUN .is all funnie ho timses chang tings im so glades ww11 online doin GREET an i will keep patins accs, so injoiyse S! i goin bak teem allid .LIK it AR NOTTS S! am i bettre off no play . if so U SUK LOL LOL
  2. S! ALL Allid an Axxis frinds hi yas,2 days i had callad homse fron work as was tellad me dog was deed,me wife no callad me it was me grandatra an she was crinsis an sa bandat was deed,he was a 9 yr old husskie an a big dog,mi buddie,an tha G kids gro ups with him an i tank gods tat wen he deed thay wrer heer an see hims in life,so i as god wi did he deed wen Gkids ar heer 3 weeks an he sa tha need 2 see him alivas an remambre hims as a frindes,i tak off work an barriad hims in bak yards,life is funnie becus he does tings in mastriaous way,i 4 1 goin miss me frindmrip bandet jun 6 2016
  3. silvresoils,i hop[se all wi;; be ok AN i NO it wills,S!sir god speeds an safe momants see ya soon S!
  4. S! all me frinds axxis an alliuds ,i goin axxis tis map an i can sa i gat a lot help tis timses i not payins no moor tat will no helps me so look out teem allid we goins rocks S!
  5. HI ALL axxis an allid we sore hav fun playins gamse do we ar no ?????????? i 4 1 sore miss me TEEM ALLID playras, let me manse a feu ok , majorreddick/spd1 an 2/ maxq $ 1 i miss hjims motses., an trers ar so mannie moor i goins on ok.,jombooth.,codycody,m.usmfans,so mannie i trians 2 sa HI ,i can no tipses manse wit out makin funnie 2 thamse namse so i sa no moosr,WC382, bloodievills,WDWM,if al tink stoppad PLZZ do no resapanaedes 2 me posts PLZZ S!
  6. S! be 4 u log on gamse unplag J stik,,wen u gat in gamse PLOG itin,,wen u disids parsonas an gat in gamse ,as inf no worrie,, if u choois AIR ar ani tips armar ar truk LOG in,,,,at log ins wen u loggad in rgr.,go MAP ,controllar detak an it will pik it op. an if u do lik me ebri tims i donse wit gamse i almos erass computtre LOL LOL
  7. S! if all did no nows 9000 ww2 vets deed each yeer,we onlie gat a fue yeer laft 2 raspastim an gathrall all tha memarissiez tha had in tha day i had 3 unkals tat foths in tha normadys attik ,an 1 yongs pup STILL alivse he did okawayassna.ths stories i heed gronins up S! 2 tha laft S! all i can sa is S! 2 AL WW11 man an womans tat livad tat yeers S!
  8. LOL tanks 2 me CO wdwn comse bak 11th hussars I UNDID 23 ACCONYTAS AN I N EVRE DID A HERTO ACC.I NERE DO WAT I DEDDS AGINS AN I KIK ME SELFS 4 ASS wdwm AN huggse WRERT U AT>>>>>
  9. S! i toht tis was gennrals COMMs is i in a rong forams i so mush apaligasiagies 2 all. S! wow i is a dum ass...so sri in in u channals S! JVR1959 out:)
  10. S! I tink i nevre post heers but i gat 2 sa S! ME frind Iriss666 an a lot of PLAYRAS SALS an a fu moor wat fun it was at tha fb ,trins ???? ho 2 kill tha JVR1959 , LOL LOL,i had blastasad WOOT ty ALL. 666 me truns naxad,????? LMAO S!
  11. S! ALL old vats an CRS i no it can takse a lot of u tims 2 respon 2 PB needin help ,, I sweer i TRI all tims 2 helps, i no i confuss a lot an tha hangs up on gamse,so PLZZ i no a lot 2 fix problaems but can no tipps it so tha can undrstandes it but U CAN so PLZZZZZZ tak 3 mins an HELP:mad:
  12. tri updat u vidose card ar call tha Fxxs at crs cuss no 1 will tri helps new playras no moor lol lol jk ,dam i no waht 2 do i jus can no explanse it 2 u so sorrie m8 V drivres tri taht an
  13. OLDZEKE as u sarroiuse i can no evan play tha jvr1959 wit out gattin me ass hannadaded 2 me lat alonse, PLEEZE wat u sains , gamse is still FUBAR in taht wa an U NO IT it is RONG I NO IT ,but PEEPS DO IT an it SUKS ps CRS tha post i mak at drak1 is FXXad up U need fix THA BS in gamse S! JVR1959
  14. AS i told a CRS and a HS 2 funnie ,u can haves 2 accs an MOOR, an sad tings if u ar a cheet u can run 1 ALLID an 1 AXXIS samse timse witch i tink is so FUBARS,,,,,, but it is tru. PS i do havse mult acc i pay for but i DO NOT play thams is is 4 helpin out peeps tath can no aford tis dam gamse but loves it:)