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  1. Looks like tier 0 no longer exists going by that equipment list. Even if it were renamed to tier 1, the equipment in there is not Battle of France 1940.
  2. Anyone know if able to write off subs as charitable donations? Would be big.
  3. It is a gamble I’m certain CRS does not want to take yet the catch is the only other changes which would have equal or better chances of bringing more bodies in and keeping them around are either too difficult or simply impossible to execute.
  4. Does this mean if bombs were to become STO, they’d be accurately seen by all falling from a level bomber at say, 3k to the correct position of impact, but still wouldn’t damage units in the impact area since those units didn’t render to the bomber at that distance? Or in current terms, accurate mortar fire on infantry 750m away won’t damage the infantry since they didn’t render to the mortar man even though both he and all other players see the rounds landing correctly?
  5. DLC likely. DLC launch was late August 2018. From then forward til now, average steam users have increased by 5-15 players. Steam launch was Sept 2017
  6. Just a sign that the overall product is priced out of the market. Besides, all access free will always bring more numbers in even if the game was even just $5/month. Applies to all steam games. Could expand on content offered through a DLC deal to further incentivize. Impact is certainly limited however it is noticeable. Check out any of the monitoring websites and compare data pre-August 2018 and after
  7. Skins, if they were even an option, wouldn't do much for this game. It just doesn't look good enough.
  8. Agreed. There is also a useful .ignore feature.
  9. Highly doubt many if any are being incentivised to subscribe just to have access to further game forums and certainly if that's the case they will be disappointed to see that this forum here is the most active (on topic) currently. I do think it would be beneficial to move a lot of the stickied guides built over the years out of the paywall forums and into this one. More visibility of learning material always helps!
  10. This is the only truly active forum these days anyway, adding a couple subforums here would probably be the best bet. Never understood the thought process in hiding away the other forums behind a paywall that don't really offer anything further, except maybe more helpful materials for new people.
  11. ^ basically that. There's usually 3 locations for game-related conversation: Reddit, Steam forums, or game's specific forums. Where that conversation takes place is just a matter of preference. I'd imagine if people are avoiding conversation here it is due to the moderators.
  12. I am hoping this is first on the list after 1.36 new supply as he along with the UI update is the only ones as of late that has good shot of getting players in game and keeping them around for sometime. The population is really bad...
  13. ian currently after realizing he's been playing as German this whole time
  14. You aware that besides the random handful of Italian stuff added as of late, for the entire history of this game the only "Axis" stuff is German? In fact you could probably argue the Axis moniker has been wrong all along and only until recently with the Italian stuff has become accurate. Sorry to break it to you dude - you've been playing German :/
  15. You're right but his images can be seen on their official FB, Youtube, Steam page and even Google images. For a very long time now this guy has been making content and just promoting in-game morale out of his own hobby. How about you link him an ian approved video of a German marching song or parade god forbid there even is one?