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  1. Are there any unique visual cues to distinguish the StuH 42 from the games StuG G, apart from the lighter textured and different barrel? Also, what sound is it using? Sounds very similar to the 75mm low velocity gun on the Pz4D & StuG B.
  2. It's because of the sub model/price point and free to play implementation. The new content certainly gets attention, but at the end of the day, that attention and those players are gone within a month because of the sub model & price point. Whether you look at reddit, steam, facebook, you name it, there's players that have pointed out this reason most often for not sticking around. In another thread, it is mentioned something is being put together for the 17th anniversary, so let's see what that is. However, if it's not something permanent, we can expect more of the same - back to dead population once the promo is over.
  3. Some sort of change to subscription pricing or free to play is the only thing this game needs right now to bring players in and keep them here. All the toys in the world don't matter when nobody's around to spawn them. Combining this change with the anniversary would be pretty big.
  4. I'd say Steam, but it seems that ship has sailed Over half a million individual players downloaded this game from Steam alone which provides screenshots and videos as to what the game looks like. It's safe to conclude the graphics are not a factor in keeping new players from staying.
  5. Yes, the game is not pretty and there's not much that can change that, but, I don't think it's such a negative thing. You've seen the numbers reached on Steam. Those people downloaded the game even after viewing the (albeit staged) screenshots and played it afterwards, too. Also, based on feedback from reviews, there are other issues which have led to players dropping the game which are much more significant - and addressable - than the graphics.
  6. It's a bit more complex than that. But management has acknowledged the need for a change in order to better the game's population, so we'll see what comes of it
  7. Should also be kept in mind: having free to play implemented and accessible is one thing, but in order to see drastic population changes that last longer than the free trial period, the free to play/subscription system is in need of an overhaul/reprice to better suit today's market. That has been discussed pretty thoroughly in this thread:
  8. Nice post Zebbee. Over half a million users reached via Steam with only 12 playing right now and 21 in the last day. Simply unacceptable. Something must be done about bringing back Steam free to play ASAP.
  9. If you know the game well enough, the organic population has more or less remained stagnant for the past few years, add steam population from one of the third party sites to get a good idea on game pop. Or just log in and count those spawned in on missions. If you record the data over a week or two at certain time zones you have a general idea for overall population
  10. No but seriously, the hits system is bugged. See my post...
  11. Hits have been bugged for years. Just one of the many random things that broke over the years. They went from one unit hit, no matter how many times = one hit to seemingly counting every single hit on an enemy unit as an individual hit thus the dramatic increase in hit numbers.
  12. Hey now - I'm just not as familiar with game-specific issues which are negatives to new players and may make them leave, think cap timers and other gameplay-related issues I see discussed in here. That alone doesn't negate the rest of my post which is based on simple data observations and market familiarity. Xoom, I appreciate your response. It's nice to see you're paying attention to the discussion in this thread and considering what free to play can do for the game. The ad idea is pretty darn good if it can come into play as a revenue path. But there's other ideas in here to consider too, don't forget. One thing I want to point out here - and it's not your fault for not knowing this if you don't - is the automatic negative connotation associated with a game labeled as early access on Steam. If you don't know the details there it's understandable as one would have to have been involved in the Steam marketplace for a long while to understand it. It's kind of like a meme. On top of that, I don't think Valve acknowledges or even communicates this colloquial stigma to its clients. There have been a good number of games on Steam that came on as early access with promises of this and that which turned out to be total flops. Like take-your-money-and-run scenarios. DayZ standalone is a perfect example. Many, many Steam users have been burnt on funding early access games which don't deliver on time if at all. So when you're advertising as early access, you're starting on the wrong foot. It's stupid, but it's a thing. Not that you're doing something wrong but just so you understand where all the confusion and hype comes from with the Steam people regarding it.
  13. Someone give this man a beer - he gets it. While I may not agree on every idea you put forward for free to play perks (payware skins and such likely wouldn't work) you hit the nail on the head with what's wrong now and what can be done to correct it.
  14. FYI, I didn't just make that number up. You have already achieved that upon your initial Steam release with the way free to play currently works. So I'd counter-argue that yes those numbers are certainly achievable if not surpassable with a rework of your free to play system. You didn't capitalize on these players because they weren't 'hooked' into buying into the game for one reason or another. Your pricing for full game access was part of that barrier. A solid point here, despite the number of people posting in this forum in their holier-than-thou attitudes towards free to play players reinforcing their support for the game. Perhaps a special deal only offered to new people? There's a lot of potential in that topic particularly with speeding up the points gain system, which inherently only applies to new people anyway and not vets. Think booster status for cheaper than full sub. Something to consider, I'd say. This is a great idea if it can be implemented! You and others can repeat this until you're blue in the face but the fact is that means nothing. I don't think anyone is arguing the affordability in black and white of 15/8 dollars monthly. Just about everyone can afford that. The problem here is that price is too high for the product. Most people aren't going to pay that for this game as it is. You must think of the gaming market as its own economy, essentially that's what it's grown into over the years. The price point is just too high - and the $8 price means naught as you do not get access to the full game with it. On top of that, this game won't offer the same level of gameplay 24/7. Playing in one timezone versus playing in another is the difference between action-packed fun and near falling asleep at the monitor. The population disparity is very large and something that doesn't really effect other games which compete with this one. That's why there's significant potential into expanding this free to play model as it has not only the potential to drive the gameplay experience through population but the potential to bring in money, too. P.S. Please don't take my posts as offensive or derogatory, they are anything but. I think you guys are great and open-minded when it comes to the future of the game.
  15. I do not have some sort of personal affection for free to play. I've simply seen the good that free to play brings this game and have been throwing around ideas with others in this forum about what could be done to capitalize on that potential. Granted I don't know much about the game these days but I do like to think I know a good deal about the current market for PC games and what strategies developers are using to provide sustainable and even profitable products. And no offense, but unless you're a developer working on the game directly, you stating what's possible and what's not holds zero water. Would you say having a peak server population of near 20x what you have now and thus way more action available at all timezones was a negative thing? I sure wouldn't. If you don't mind clarifying, are you saying things such as offering full access to the game on a less-than-monthly basis for a certain cost or offering a point rewards boost along with a paid account status is something that's simply not possible? I find that hard to believe as the general idea behind it is elementary. Looking at player complaints/reviews I see a lot of opportunity in offering something which would boost a player's rank progress at an affordable cost along with your current sub model. You wouldn't lose current subscribers, in fact you'd gain full subs due to those new players wanting to be able to use the toys they've worked towards. Just a rough idea here but I don't believe something like that has been tried before.