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  1. It's just numbers. That's all it comes down to
  2. I think part of it comes down to the game's UI (which I believe is being worked on?) and players just wanting to try the game on more of a casual scale. But to dismiss a majority of new players as being too casual or unwilling to play slower-paced games is an erroneous assessment. There are several other games with respectable playerbase sizes active on the market right now which exhibit required teamwork & slow-paced gameplay at times like WWIIOL does. I think the main factors keeping new player retention rates so low, ignoring graphics, would be foremost the subscription model and secondly the difficulty of working the UI and learning how the game works.
  3. I was just saying, considering your job duties are likely assisting those new people coming into this game, it hardly makes sense for you to have the viewpoint of your other post. In fact, I'm not surprised you have no experience with other games or what their pricing is like - your outlook in your other post is sure to kill this game slowly by only further isolating it if it were to be exercised. I do agree with you that a free to play with microtransactions or pay-2-win structure a la World of Tanks will not work with this game. However, it's pretty evident the subscription model currently in place isn't working, either. What would likely fair better would be an entirely free to play game with an anti-grind premium status to be obtained daily, monthly, yearly, however the customer would like, which would boost point rewards for rank (and thus unit) gain, and entice the player to subscribe with an increasingly grind-y experience through the ranks once they're "hooked." Lastly, you have a pretty negative viewpoint on a large group of players because of the examples of a few, which is tainting your opinion for the worse. Also, most people I know don't have much time to play their favorite video games, let alone volunteer their time to assist with those games' needs. Just some food for thought...
  4. Interesting outlook coming from someone on the support team, or at least according to a forum handle. Do you play any other PC games currently/know anything of the current PC game market particularly when it comes to pricing? Perhaps these people just want to help...
  5. Plenty of longtime squads are still active. Only problem is, they're almost all down to a handful of core people. Also, it's common for squads to switch sides for a map or two due to population troubles
  6. It wasn't deliberately taken away, people just dropped the game. The last time activity such as that could be observed was Sept/Oct of last year after Steam release, but 90+% of those players dropped within a month due to a multitude of reasons, the worst offender likely being the subscription model
  7. Squad ops aren't the same as you remember largely due to player numbers being far less than when you played. That's the gist of it. Less numbers = less HC as well, which is a frequent complaint in the slow TZ's. The game is being developed more than it has in several years, however, the dev rate is still very slow and fancy new toys and features mean naught if there's nobody around to use them.
  8. Essentially a combination of these three things for whatever reason you want to attribute to it, but with an emphasis on the first point