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  1. You can throw away your biased view of Blitzkrieg and give the community a "game" worth playing... You focus on this false reality aspect that this is how the real world "happened" and give your player base a game designed fairly. I fully understand that Germany had better optics and the highway system designed to create a fast moving take over of Europe, I get it... I've read history so have many of your players... But dude, you have LOST sight of reality... this is a GAME, it needs a fair balanced system. The Allies had aspects that were FAR better then the Axis did... but you don't implement those aspects... you are still stuck in 1930's mentality. Grow up, get some "gaming" insights. To be honest I've seen this over and over for over 15 years, you guys still just don't grasp it... its a GAME not a simulator... I wonder how many Dev's have left CRS because you REFUSE to grasp this concept. FOCUS on Graphical Improvement. Focus on a FAIR playing field for your players. THROW AWAY YOUR DAMN HISTORY BOOKS DAMMIT. You have a GAME to run... and you are NOT doing it. Either grow up or pass control to a young buck and let them run with it. So, among my negativity I have given you positivity... a way ahead... will you listen or will you be stubborn and stupid and go down as the game of the century with the most potential but biggest failure for refusing to grasp real reality of a gaming world with millions in financial potential or will you throw away your savings and mortgage your house, lose your wife due to her seeing you be financially stupid or will you accept even the negative criticism as reasonable suggestions and maybe make some changes to create the best damn game of the century. Do you know what it takes to get that title? PLAYERS who brag... Your players aren't bragging... that means YOU are doing something wrong. If you cannot see that and fix that then you deserve everything you get. I was here on day one, I lived through the hell, in the first few days I led one of the first combined arms organized assaults on a town (and rolled it in minutes with tanks trucks infantry and planes)... my friends didn't have the tenacity to survive the hell of crashfest release week, I did.) I've come back over and over to see very slow improvements. It's time to take this game into a new generation and if you can't see you are the problem then you need to step aside and let another lead CRS. That's my opinion, for what little it's worth to you. Sabe Tim Sabean Sr St Augustine, FL
  2. 1) What is your Operation System? WinXP 2) What is your CPU? Pentium Dual Core 2.5gig 775 chipset 3) How much system RAM do you have? 2x 1gig DDR2 pony's 4) What is your Graphics/Video Card? BFG Nvidia Gforce 9500 GT 4a) How much video RAM does it have? 1gig 4b) Are the Drivers up to date? yes (and have rolled back and up again) 5) Does this happen Online AND Offline? not offline 6) Does it happen for all unit types? yes * Infantry: occasionally but can play for a while without it happening * Armor/Trucks: more often, faster * Aircraft: ummm I havent flown yet but can gladly waste some supply to find out lol * Ships: yes happened twice whil I took the time to get on a boat 7) Does it happen at all locations? yes
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