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  1. Horndog!! Good to see you bud!
  2. As for the in-game message tabs: Those are one-way communications. Sometimes a squad wants to hear some feedback on what the players want. Some squads are simple, others are complicated. If you're just looking for groups that log in and do their own thing, there are definitely dozens out there that do that.
  3. If you're initially introduced to a squad it might not make a lot of sense as to why some squads ask you to join the forums. But there are a lot of reasons: 1/ History: 4 Wing has been around for 23 years or so in several different games. It's fun to look back on the history and read through what we used to do but have since forgotten. 2/ Communications: As thumper said, it's the only real way to remind people that a squad night or event is coming down the road. 3/ Discussions: Believe it or not, there are times when a squad wants to try something new. This is a good place to lay it out so everyone is up to speed when they log in. Trust me, as an ex CO of a very big squad, it's frustrating to have to go over what's happening every time someone logs in. 4/ Membership: I quite often use our forum's memberlist to talk to people long since gone from the game. If something new is happening in WWIIOL or if we're having a squad event of some type, it's nice to call back on old friends and see if they're interested in giving the game another try. 5/ Home: A squadron website should be it's home. A group should make a commitment to it's players to be what they need in terms of help and assistance whether it be in-game or technical help so they can log in. How to configure the game, the os and other things are huge when it comes to running a squadron. Tips and tricks are handy, as many of the in game functionality is learned by experiences some have had, and some haven't. 6/ Personal Updates: I have made them about my family in terms of births and deaths. My old squad has been part of 3 of my sons births, the adoption of my daughter and the death of my sister. We've talked with each other through health issues and personal issues. Over 23 years, you like being to be able to talk out of game. There are many more, but these are just a few of the reasons. We have never disallowed someone into the squad for not joining the forums. It's just expected. Just as it's likely expected by you as a player to be able to ask questions and have them respectfully answered.
  4. We'd use it if there were an age checkbox added. We only accept squaddies who are 18 or older.
  5. The 4 Wing Squadrons are currently recruiting bomber pilots for their 410 Cougar Squadron. The 4 Wing is one of the RAF's only dedicated air wing's in the game, with a proud reputation of supporting the BEF on it's main attacks. We're closely tied with the AHC, and tend to attract a lot of attention wherever we fight. We're looking for new and experienced Havoc pilots to assist us with CAS and Factory bombing sorties. The advantage to joining the 410 Cougars is obvious. You'll be receiving prime cover from the most organized air groups in the game. You'll also receive training and mentoring to help you progress quickly in-game. For more information about the 4 Wing Squadrons, please check out our web page at You can also click on my signature graphic.
  6. We should change the "Buy more ram" saying to "Buy more ram.....again"