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  1. Amazing pics thank you very much. Sorry I missed it but the wifey wants her deck built
  2. I find it fascinating how people are already complaining about a patch and what it will and won't do when it hasn't even happened yet. That being said for those of us that have been here through thick and thin over the vast amount of years, isn't it awesome that we now are able to be complaining about patches that were never supposed to even have been possible? See you all on the battlefield!
  3. Keep on the path Xoom. Background noise comes and goes.
  4. pfmosquito has owned me this camp.
  5. Again just increase the timer to an hour to help. That's not that hard,
  6. We're talking about 7-8 bucks a month for people to play this game. People spend more than that on coffee in a day. Support the game.
  7. WE DID IT!!
  8. Again the issue isn't two accounts. The vets in this game don't do that type of garbage with two sides. What I'm asking is an increase in Side Lock due to the extended battles in cities. Having any argument against it is silly. Just increase it even to an hour.
  9. How exactly is extending the timer to an hour really hampering the player base? We're not asking for a side lock as a whole just make it longer to stop this side switching
  10. Yes CRS can check ISP addresses if someone is cheating. It may be "easy" to get around but I feel that someone's main account, once a side is chosen, should be locked on that side for a significant amount of time as most battles are well over 15 minutes in length.
  11. As I have been complaining a lot lately of people logging into my missions only to find the exact same person killing me in the same town 15 minutes later after blowing up my fru, (yes I've .reported) I've come to the conclusion that something needs to be done about side switchers. Yes I know, before you start saying "its my money I'll play how I want to" argument starts up again I feel that the time it takes to switch sides should be increased to an hour at minimum or a day at best. Play a side for the day. Is that too much to ask? 15 minutes or so is nothing when city battles are often hours long. Jump into a opposite faction's fru, despawn, grab a coffee, come back as the other side, and voila. You know where everyone is set up and/or where the next AO is being set up on etc. I know vets on both sides of the map know I'm right and we all stick to the side we started the map with but in this new age of WW2 Online we need to come up with some kind of solution to this problem and extending the side lock timer is an easy fix.
  12. I fully support this move.
  13. The fact that you RATS are actively trying new things and experimenting with different aspects of game play is fantastic. Keep it up. Anything that adds a deeper level to the game is welcome
  14. Welcome back to the club!
  15. will there be something posted for us that didn't make it?