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  1. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the great action report. Well played, Axis! Well played indeed.
  2. EDIT: The page is updated now. Thanks! Hi, the downloads page only shows 1.35.5. Is there a link to the new file for Mac? thanks.
  3. Thanks for the new release, and for keeping us updated. S!
  4. Where did you find the download link? I only see 1.34.15 on the site
  5. Hi. Is this the thread with info on the update? I see some people talking about downloading the patch, but I don't see new links on the site. And I can't find info in the forums about the update.
  6. Try using Chrome. Safari doesn't know what to do with the ftp: Or download Transmit and use it to download the .dmg S!
  7. Ok, I see the problem lol Safari doesn't deal with the ftp: type address. I tried Chrome and it is now downloading. Would love to have a direct link next time so I can use Folx. But nevertheless, it is downloading with only 3 hours left to go I'm off to enjoy Christmas dinner with family and friends. Merry Christmas all, and thanks Rats for the awesome work you guys do. S!
  8. deems how did you get it to download? I have tried everything but nothing works
  9. I can't make ANY waypoints in latest Mac version. Always get a "Submission invalid" error.
  10. Ya, next time I'm home sick I should make sure it isn't on a Monday lol. All the best with the deep magic S!
  11. Can't you do this stuff during TZ3 lol. I've been checking over and over for the past few hours!
  12. Awesome! Today sounds very good.
  13. thanks Zach. Even though it isn't pleasant to be blocked from playing (I have a day off today and would have loved to get into the game for a bit), it's easier to take when we get good, timely communications about what has happened, is happening, and will happen (soon). Really appreciate all the work you guys have been doing, and especially appreciate you guys taking time to keep us updated. It helps a lot. S!
  14. Hmm. Not for us Mac users. When I try to log into game, I'm directed to a download page, where there is a file with exactly the same name as the game version I already have downloaded. Then underneath it says, "Mac 1.34.11 client pending (still in development)". It would be nice to know the eta for Mac 1.34.11.... S!
  15. Thanks Xoom. I use the Mac version too, so I really appreciate hearing this good news. Keep up the good work! S!