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  1. Join BK + Show up for squad night = Fun X 100
  2. Thanks but I just verified that Sticky Keys and Toggle Keys are off. Any other thoughts?
  3. I'm having a very quirky problem where any key I press when spawned in will return an increasing numeric value. For instance when spawned in as infantry when I press G to auto run the result is a 1. When I press G a second time the result is a 2 then 3 and so on so all I can do is switch weapons and I am unable to move. I did notice that if I hold down the alt key then press G I go into autorun. This is occuring on two different computers, one of which was a completely new installation. I've even tried uninstalling the game, deleting all of my directories associated with Battleground Europe then reinstalling the full download from scratch, still the same problem. Anyone have any idea what might be causing this and a possible solution?
  4. Any idea how to check who has Recruiter privs in a squad ?
  5. It's still happening to me too but if I shut down everything running in the background including my Norton Internet Security programwhich includes my firewall and virus protection planes and other vehicles show up more quickly after I spawn. Naturally I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about shutting down my security but it's the only thing that seems to help at all.
  6. I found the solution to my problem in a different post. "Teamspeak and Game Not Booting" In my case, the problem is caused by a setting in teamspeak. I had to go to the teamspeak pulldown menu for "settings" then I selected "Options" and changed the Sound Driver radio button from "Direct Sound" to "Wave" and presto ! now the game loads !
  7. This worked for me also, thanks for the tip.
  8. I found the solution to my problem in a different post: "Teamspeak and Game Not Booting" In my case, the problem is caused by a setting in teamspeak. I had to go to the teamspeak pulldown menu for "settings" then I selected "Options" and changed the Sound Driver radio button from "Direct Sound" to "Wave" and presto ! now the game loads ! Now I just hope one of my frustrated squaddies comes back soon so I can make sure TeamSpeak still works.
  9. Apparantly the file was too big when I tried to attach it the first time and I didn't notice the message that told me so. It's now attached in ZIP file format which made it small enough. Let me know if you need more information.
  10. I ran the DXDIAG and attached it to this post. Do you need any other information ? I will try turning off the virus protection (Norton) while playing and see if that helps.
  11. Often when I spawn for the first time or when I switch to a different city and spawn many of the other players are invisible. I can see their tag but not the figure. Normally this is limited to planes or to vehicles but occasionally it happens with other infantry. They tell me they can see me but all I can see is their tag. I can hear other background noises like birds and the wind but not their engines. If I wait long enough this usually goes away after several minutes but it's really frustrating. Respawning does not seem to help either. I just have to wait until everything starts showing up again and their sounds come in as well. I am running an ATI All In Wonder 8500 DV that has 64 MB of on board memory. My processor is an AMD Athalon XP 1800 (1.8 ghz) and I have 1 gig of main memory. My OS is XP. Is it time to update the video card ? I am currently running in the NT compatible mode but this problem occurred before I enabled that.
  12. Thanks for the explaination. Since both of us had just killed two other enemies right before this event, I belive the Matilda was the one with the "crappy" connetion. We were so close to him, and hit him so many times in different places it's just hard to belive we didn't at least damage a critial component. How long can a player remain in a lag state like that before his connection to the game is totally dropped ? Not beefing, just want to understand how this works.
  13. Not sure if this is the right place for this or not but I ran into a really strange thing the other night that I'd like to let someone know about. A member of my squad and I both upped armour from Wuustwezel Armybase to help supply the German forces at Roosendaal. I took a Pz IV D and my squad member (JOX) took a Pz IIIf. As we drove cross country to Roosendall, we spotted a QF 2lb which I killed from a distance and JOX killed a Mle 38. We moved in a little closer and spotted a Matilda behind a berm facing North to Roosendale. We both hit the Matilda several times without any apparent effect other than sparks flying off indicating we were actually hitting him so we both moved in closer. JOX put at least a dozen shells from his Pz III f into the rear of the Matilda and I put about the same into the side of the Matilda's turret from my PzIVD. We could both see more sparks flying off the Matilda from the explosions from our shells so they were apprently hitting him the Matilda remained where it was. I'd seen a few tracers coming in from the North so I traversed my turret in that direction but didn't spot anything so I turned back to the Matilda. I did notice my turret seemd to move back much more slowly than it had when I originally moved it. Just as I got the Matilda back in my sights, his commanders hatch opened and the commander popped up. I fired one more time, hit him and then I heard his shells begin to hit me as my entire crew died. During this time, JOX continued to fire into the rear of the Matilda without any apparent effect. After killing my Pz IVD the Matilda truned his turret around and blew JOXs' Pz III away. We just couldn't belive it, how could this happen ? This all occured just south of Roosendal on Sept 5th at 21:10 and Sgt Maj Firedome was the commander of the Matilda. Is there anything that could explain this ? If it was lag, how could we be hitting him for so long with leathal shots having no effect and the game not kick him out ?