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  1. It was my understanding that the "General Discussions" forum was open for, well everyone at least, that includes posting / replying to stuff considering theres all the other Behind-The-Paywall stuff already ie Axis / Allied Discussions and whatnot... But thats cool, just wondering...whatever makes you drive it harder into the wall is fine at some point putting it out of that misery already ps. nobody cares about OT...
  2. 2 things wrong with that: - deters ppl from actually "upgrading" to Premium because they may want to do so only for a short time, maybe summer / xmas vacation or whatever - because once they're done w/ whatever made them go Premium, they cant go back and are FORCED to make a new account.... - in conjunction w the above, forcing people to stay "Premium" just makes them go AWOL altogether if / when they feel the price of that Premium sub isn't managable / worth it / wasted due to time constraints w regards to actually playing et al. A downgrade to something like the Starter, if offered, may keep that sub active and thus paying. Oh, that option isnt available? FINE, no bling for you at all... Toodeloo...
  3. I object... IIRC nobody in GHC called for these timers. In fact these timers as well as the upcoming b0llocks commonly referred to as 1.36 were the final straws here for not doing stuff anymore on my side. I was GHC. These Timers turned a somewhat tedious but still "interesting" facet of the game into a nothing BUT tedious & outright frustrating pile of poodle crap. Why? Because doing the HC thing was only interesting if it can actually make stuff happen on the ground, left or right doesnt matter - the Timers prevented doing so, far surpassing the usual headbanging against DEF (ie. AOs) and turning DO's into *Yolo* Sit-and-Pick-A-Nose fests.
  4. Data Write API The Data Write API gives visual simulation developers greater flexibility to adapt OpenFlight databases to the unique requirements of target image generators. Providing a set of library functions, the Data Write API enables users to more easily: Modify the attributes of existing OpenFlight files. Manipulate the hierarchy of existing OpenFlight databases. Create new OpenFlight databases without using the MultiGen modeler. Convert external data formats to OpenFlight. Content created with commercially available modeling tools, such as various CAD packages, 3D Studio, or SoftImage, can be imported and stored in OpenFlight format
  5. ...why put the effort into training new HC when its all going away - "by popular demand" - anyway soon-ish? Srysly, think about that...
  6. The "Steam Map" was just that - a show for the Steam users keeping the map alive artificially.. You may have noticed, or not, that, for the first 5 weeks of the campaign, the map as well as pop went back and forth like someone pressing a button. Allies steamroll East, reach the line Krefeld / Duren / Niederkassel & co (average AO time between 24 and 30 mins) - dance around for 2-3days there, AOing utter bollocks, then Axis suddenly OP Axis steamrolls back, reach the line Ciney / Schilde / Bastogne again (average AO time 26-35) - then dancing around for 2-3 days there, couldnt cap anything anymore but didnt lose anything either then BAM - Allies OP again out of nowhere 20h a day Allies steamroll back east to aforementioned line - Krefeld/Duren etcetcblah, Song and Dance - Button - back West ...repeat this about 3 more times until the Doughbois are on the map...and the Steam users ie 5 Weeks into the camp Course it had to go this way since you couldnt present the Steam crowd with the shice thats tier 0-2, gotta show off the merikans and tigerz hence the song and dance for the first 5 weeks just to keep the map alive see-sawing back and forth on demand. Yes, i was HC for those 5 weeks between 8-13h a day, once steam dropped in and flags were running out of stuff to spawn within 20mins and the general idiocy reached absurd levels i said fek it, im out, 5 weeks of büllshic is enough...
  7. The HC System as such is not failing, never has failed. It is a pretty convenient assumption and takes the angst out of admitting that the GAME is failing per se though claiming its the HC System for all troubles in-game. HC System failing to work properly is merely a SYMPTOM - stop picking at the SYMPTOM - the ROOT CAUSE of the HC System failing to work as it should / was intended to work is the GAME FAILING ie population. HC is a game within the game - as the overall population drops off - the first System that keeps working properly is the HC System assuming for the sake of the argument an average HC population of about, say 10% of the overall population. Any failings with the GAME per se thus get AMPLIFIED within the HC System - its a SYMPTOM, get it? Not the Root Cause Of All Evil ! Lets assume, for the sake of the argument - again - 100 players on Server - 50 per side - 10% HC, consider joining HC, did join HC blabla - thats 5 HC per side - say 3 of those are TZ1/2 the others TZ3 maybe and they have private lives as well. Yeah, the HC System is a symptom which, within itself then gets amplified AND turns into a circle of crap even more due to scraping the bottom of the barrel of the overall GAME POPULATION for HC and promoting some of the few HC whom would never have risen above HC peasant 5 yrs ago with all the bad flag moves and based on overall non-existant skillsets - The ROOT CAUSE is the Game failing and has been for at least 6yrs by now. All the nitpicking/fiddling with the rules for HC and game mechanics have not helped either, for overall game population in general and thus HC pop in particular. Yes - keep picking on the HC system as the root evil of all if you're too afraid to take the blinders off and admit that its the game proper failing and why shouldnt it - its 18yrs old, it shows dramatically, the sub prices are way too high for a game like this whose ONLY leg to stand on nowadays is the giant map and the, by now, srysly diluted and soon-to-be-gone strategic layer (HC/flags) - the ONLY leg! Have fun & GJ ....