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  1. Do they issue that response to you when you go to allied boot camp?
  2. At least the stu for a start, that thing is ridiculous Shermans too. A bit buffed, it is
  3. Allied bias has been going on for years Stand by...
  4. And it will bring back sexy close MSPs!
  5. Careful what you say about crs, they have sensitive feelings and will get emotional if you talk bad about them! Fair warning, amigo
  6. Someone has to have a ? I seem to remember the Russian flag being there since the beginning
  7. Why the negative waves man? Fire one or two people, and I'll pay
  8. Oh, i think he's aware
  9. You? Got a tree in your pocket?
  10. Yep, get a sub for Xmas. The gear is worth it The rest, is not.