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  1. Anybody who defends the current state of FRU's fail's to recognize how negative of an experience it likely is for newbies to be insta killed in a game they're new to. The UI is clunky AF, I have used it for years and STILL fail to find missions I am looking for or to spawn at locations I know I should be able to. You can't blame the greenies for not knowing better. They're gonna just move on. Call of Duty has a better spawn system to allow newbs a better fighting chance than a camped fms in ww2ol. The death of a FRU should not be a drawn out and brigade-gutting experience; FRU's should be able to be destroyed and created more dynamically.
  2. I really think its important to see the players' view of the AI. Its a confusing and annoying feature
  3. Bar, I just want to let you know, that you are one of those unkillable EI's i have encountered, and that you stink. I had trouble getting hits to register and kill you earlier today
  4. so steam released the game globally? roflmao