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  1. Thanks for the kind words!
  2. Wow... I got a new video card with shadow play and never even thought about it. doh...
  3. This is a separate issue and not part of the predictor code from my understanding. Hopefully we will see an improvement after the colo work is completed.
  4. All three of these are on the hit list for the next pass on it.
  5. That's the hope! I boxed up 5 gig switches we pulled out at work and sent them over to PilotMC to use for here.
  6. The answer to that is both. Internal and possibly external.
  7. Resolved this issue in 1.35.5
  8. I saw it last night while riding on a truck. Wasnt paying enough attention at the time to realize where it was.. Very odd. I will be putting in a ticket for QA team to start adding data to.
  9. Great Locking this thread and marking resolved.
  10. Hope you are resting up and get well soon!
  11. Delems, I believe this has been resolved. Next time you are in can you take a look?
  12. Not really sure that will help when that has nothing to do with the problem...
  13. We have been spending hours testing this and so far we think we have something that is releasable with the knowledge we will continue to improve upon it since the code is maintainable now that it was re-written. From our testing it appears that we have improved majorly on the CP lag that players were being killed before the EI came around the wall/door, We will be testing this further this weekend with a larger scale test with select individuals know to have been reported with the problem. Pending nothing comes up from the test we should be good to release 1.35.5 early next week.
  14. Currently in testing for 1.35.5 release.