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  1. Yeah I'm loving it. Can't wait to get some Sony Vegas and Photoshop going. Thats with hyperthreading on by the way. Gonna turn HT off and see if I can top around 4.3ghz.
  2. The 9800GT is only temporary until I get the money got a GTX 460 (1gb) when they come out July 12th. I'll only do some minor OCing It's got a dual slot cooler too, kind of big.
  3. Got my Xeon X3440 today. Have it in an ASUS Sabertooth 55i at 4.1ghz. Here's some figures for ya: Stock 2.56ghz Min -24 Max - 80 Avg - 47.59 And at 4.1ghz Min - 34 Max - 118 Avg. - 65.35 This was at Remich tonight. Gonna OC this 9800GT some. -que zCTJmXrgsFg
  4. Installed a 9800GT the other night and played today, already see an improvement over my HD 4770. Can't wait to get the Xeon (purchased a night ago), should be in within the next few days. Might even grab a second 9800GT if I can find them cheap somewhere.
  5. If this game only uses 1 core, wonder how good the single core Sempron does OC'd. Also indo, who are you on OCN? I saw those ghetto VRM coolers before on there. PM me and we can be friends forever <3
  6. Once I OC it and if I hit 4ghz stable in WWII Online I'll be cheering in slow mo to this music: zCTJmXrgsFg
  7. Yeah, they're too much out of my price range right now though. Wouldn't hurt to have a bit faster everything though. I'll have a motherboard that can handle it and I don't use crap parts, so I should be good.
  8. I got a Corsair H50 in a Push/Pull configuration inside a HAF 922.
  9. Hello everybody, So this week I'm making my switch to Intel and am wondering, how much do you think threads will help out in this game? I heard from someone that this game is threaded to an extent, but not much. The two CPUs I'm looking at are the: Intel Core i5 750 and the Xeon X3440 Before anyone says "The Xeon wont work, it's a Server Processor", I know it's a server processor, and it does work. I used one before for gaming, just not this game. Both are going to be Overclocked to around 3.8ghz.
  10. How does that GTX 285 run in WWII Online?
  11. Get at least the 620W PSU from SeaSonic. You'll be pushing it with that 430, especially for future upgrades. As for the OP. I'd suggest spending a bit extra and getting the GTX 260, or at least the EVGA GTS 250. Just because a PSU is "80+ Gold" doesn't mean it's a good PSU. Some companies cheap out or do some adjustments so it'll get that 80+ Gold, and not necessarily good adjustments. Hands down SeaSonic is the best PSU brand out there for anything sub 850W.
  12. What does that have to deal with this?
  13. Application Controlled. By default WWII Online doesn't use Anti-Aliasing. As for GPU Acceleration, not sure about that, but I'd rather keep it on Application Controlled so you don't have to keep switching the settings between games.
  14. For this game, I unfortunately agree. I have been trying to get information regarding video cards and processor performances from people in game, and it seems people with Core 2 Duos and older Nvidia cards have been getting better performance than my AMD Phenom II X4 955 Quad Core Overclocked to 3.7ghz and my HD 4770 OC'd to 900/910. Clock speed and cache isn't everything with a processor either though, architecture efficiency comes into play.