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  1. Hi, Seeing as thers no moving ai at training/offline modes, I would look forward to practicing manuevers with an actual moving player. Probably mostly BnZ and defensive manouvers. If anyone is interested in a session around evening time CET your'e welcome to PM me.
  2. I'll rephrase. If you were to disengage me, while i have you in my FOV the entire time, you shouldnt just vanish infront of my eyes just because separation went past 4km. Likewise if i attack from above and zoom back up (while maintaining sight), i should still be able to locate the target past 4km vertical separation. Right now there is no incentive to retain hight, as you are shortsighted.
  3. Detection fades were never commented as a problem, so no need to mention it. I started this discussion purely for static visibility issues.
  4. I know about the focus mechanic. I meant that the circle (which is practically the only thing i can rely on with a 20" monitor until distance is less than 100m) isnt visible at long enough distance when viewed indefinitely. It shoub be extended to around 8km.
  5. Those few pixels dont really stand out from clear sky background to make them practically visible. I'm not going to strain my eyes to death infront of a monitor, doing the 'find that pixel' game for an aircraft which only supposed to be 6km apart. The problem is the circle fades out too quickly.
  6. You can test it yourself offline. Duplicate your aircraft in air and watch them dissapear around the distance the black circle becomes full.
  7. Any reason for it to be extremely short? The black circle already disspears at 3km. How does one suppose to keep visual for boom and zoom when vertical distance goes is over 3km?
  8. I tried different Nvidia and ingame settings in offline tests with no noticable difference. If full arc represents 3 km, then arc and tiny pixel of aircraft is dissapearing at that range. thats way too restricting compared to real life. It mean that two aircraft coming at each other with relative velocity of 800kmh would have less then 20 sec from first possible contact to the merge.
  9. Ok thanks you for comfirmation. At least the E1 will still be somewhat more vaible later on in turn fights then later models.
  10. Will early war fighters will be completely phased out (not selectable) later on in a campaign rendering the fighter DLC useless as campaigns progress?