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  1. Hey Kill, Welcome to the LW game I am not a LW officer, or squad member, but thiere are a lot of good LW squads. The ones I run with the most are the Zulus. Great guys, funny gentlemen. The Zulu would be my suggestion
  2. Alright. Lets make something very clear; whenever one side starts to gain momentum in a campaign many players migrate to the other side. Happens all the time. Right now Axis are doing well. We also are active through all time zones.
  3. The Fallschirmjäger had 10 commandments for thier members. I edited it slightly to cut out references to the **** party, and replaced it with Axis forces. Hope you all like the find 1.You are the chosen ones of the Axis Forces. You shall seek combat and train yourselves to endure any manner of test. To you, battle shall be the fulfillment. 2.Cultivate true comradeship, for by the aid of your comrades you will conquer or die. 3.Beware of talking. Be not corruptible. Men act while women chatter. Chatter may bring you to the grave. 4.Be calm and prudent, strong and resolute. Valour and enthusiasm of an offensive spirit will cause you to prevail in the attack. 5.The most precious thing in the presence of the foe is ammunition. He who shoots uselessly, merely to comfort himself, is a man of straw who merits not the title of Fallschirmjäger. 6.Never surrender; to you death or victory must be a point of honour. 7.You can triumph only if your weapons are good. See to it that you submit yourself to this law - first thy weapon, then thyself. 8.You must grasp the full purpose of every enterprise, so that if your leader is killed you can fulfill it. 9.Against an open foe, fight with chivalry, but to a guerrilla, extend no quarter. 10.Keep your eyes wide open. Tune yourself to the utmost pitch. Be nimble as a greyhound, tough as leather, hard as Krupp steel. You shall be the Axis warrior incarnate.
  4. I would love to join. I love town defense, and my play style is on the defensive side, I take my time and work hard. I have been looking for a new squad that fits my play style and looks like I have found one. Plz replay back to be to see if you accepted/rejected my join request.