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  1. As much as overpop can suck for the underpopped side, adding these AI units is not a good idea. While there already is AI in the game, obviously most of it is very limited in function. AAA is the most effective(sometimes...) as it should be. MG towers lock on like a heat seeking missile if you run into their line of sight, but other than that can be easily removed. Let's not even talk about ATG AI which I haven't seen do anything useful(excluding the coastal 88s) in years. Creating useful, but also fair AI is not an easy accomplishment. Most video game AI are either incredibly overpowered, or the exact opposite(sometimes both). There are too many factors in a game like this to add these AI units. This is a game meant to be completely ran by the players out on the field. Most people are used to fighting other human beings. Not a lot of us are interested in fighting an army of AI, even if the other team only has a few players on. Now obviously the AI units were created to help defenders, especially when they have lower populations, but no AI ever stopped a massive attack against an underpopped team. Mostly they just delay softcaps a little bit, or lessen the amount of approaches for enemies to make it easier for FRU hunting. I personally don't believe adding those AI units will help the underpopped team at the end of the day, unless the AI were made to be extremely overpowered, which then just creates more issues than it solves. So again, I understand being on the underpopulated team can suck sometimes, but this isn't the solution. Almost every single open world PvP game out there has these exact same issues with one side becoming too powerful. These are inherent issues with MMOs. CRS has just as much trouble dealing with these issues as any other PvP MMO developer. Planetside 2 was having these issues as well, and never really fixed them. They did however eventually add base building with automated units that could be built to defend. Maybe CRS could eventually expand PPOs(which I believe they might be currently doing) to allow placement of MG towers/pits within a certain distance of a town with a DO. So maybe not for an attack, since people could place them by their FRU or in the future the FMS. For a defense though I think being able to place maybe a maximum of 5-10 or so MG AI around a town would be kind of cool. It would likely have to be limited to HC being able to place them though.
  2. That would definitely be useful. I just wish that they kept moving as well if you place the clone while moving. Maybe it could travel like 500m in the direction you cloned it and then it loops back into place after the 500m to repeat. That way you could have one player going around making air unit clones(would have to be a limit of like 5 or so per player) which the trainees could fire at. Then that player wouldn't need to respawn a new plane every time they get successfully shot down. This would obviously work for any unit or vehicle to make training not as tedious. This would obviously require clones to be killable though. Which leads to what lipton said: This too. It's always bugged me that you can only practice your aim essentially in offline. Being able to train sapping and shooting weak spots on tanks with different guns would be really beneficial for new and old players. This way you don't need someone else to work with on the training server all the time. I've always wondered why it was absent on the offline training mode. Is it to combat hackers from learning the games code or something like that? Or would it be kind of difficult? I guess I'm not right in assuming it would be easy to do.
  3. Re-uploading as my old images were failing to load when I uploaded them.
  4. Here's a couple shots I've taken over the last year that I liked. I wish I would have disabled the halo on planes though for my second picture. I forgot to do that. This one is just too good not to upload.
  5. I figured something as much, otherwise I assume they would have made this change some time ago. Still, I believe something like an AP round from a 25mm ATG or a close enough round(maybe 400m?) from an ATR should be able to take wheels off a 232 with a direct hit to them. Again it just bothers me how easy it is to take the wheels off with a few 25mm AA rounds, but with something like a 25mm ATG(which has no HE) I have to get a perfect hit on a crew member or on the engine/ammo to kill one. It makes killing trucks like the Opel a real pain with the French light ATG. You have to get a perfect hit on the engine or on the driver. I've had times where the round landed on a tire with zero effect, which is a bit ridiculous. I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way. Hell, maybe just finally add some HE rounds to the French 25mm? Correct, I did mean to say armored cars, but I guess technically some of the APCs, like a 251 or an M5 have a couple wheels as well as the tracks, so they would still be affected.
  6. Something I've noticed over the years is that APCs seem to have a set amount of damage needed to blow their wheels off. There is also the fact that this is sort of it's own animation. Instead of being able to individually pop tires, there is just an animation of the same wheels coming off every time. The main issue I have with this is that I only seem to be able to de-wheel a 232 with the 25mm AA gun. In my experience it takes exactly 3 rounds to the wheels to pop em off(you can aim at any wheel, same ones come off). I've had instances of firing AP rounds that landed directly on a 232's wheel, and nothing happens. Even with HE, which I know is preferred for use against APCs, I have had direct hits on wheels as well with no effect. If I'm not mistaken, ATRs can't de-wheel APCs/trucks either. The only times I seem to have managed to take the wheels off a 232 or truck without the 25mm AA, was when I was just trying to kill a 232/truck and happened to blow the wheels off at the same time I flamed it, which is just overkill. So I have to ask, is it even possible within the game's engine for wheels to be treated as individual parts of the vehicles that have them? It would be nice if for instance an ATR or tank/gun using an AP/HE round could target something like a Panhard/Daimler/232 and pop one or two of the wheels, effectively immobilizing them. It would add more realism to the game in my opinion. Obviously it's more important to the weaker units like the Pak 36/25mm ATG/and 2Pdr/3Pdr. I assume that axis have had similar issues with taking the wheels off a Daimler/Panhard, but it should helps both sides regardless. I just hope it's possible with the dated engine.
  7. With the voting option it might make more sense to have votes for temporary HC powers. Allow a player to be voted into HC if none are online. This would probably help guarantee the person isn't a troll or unknowledgeable on what to do. It would be as simple as someone saying on side chat, "Hey guys, no HC are on right now. If you want flags moved and AOs being placed you need to vote me in." If some random guy wants to be temporary OIC, then obviously he's not likely to get the votes. There would probably need to be an "impeach" function as well for temporary HC in case a troll or something gets voted in. Then, when an HC finally logs on, it removes that person's HC abilities.
  8. Thanks that was fast!
  9. Now that US are back again, I noticed it is still locked for F2P. I'm positive Axis free players retain access to their light AA in this tier, so I don't understand why it's been locked the last two campaigns.
  10. Are you guys sure about F2P not being able to cap anymore? I'm pretty sure they didn't remove that. You can also still make missions as F2P, but you need to be rank 3. You just can't place FRUs anymore because you need a truck which is locked for us. You should keep in mind CRS don't even have to have F2P available. They do it because A) They want people to be able to try out the game before they get a subscription and People used to abuse the crap out of the 2-week trials. F2P is basically a luxury for those of us who aren't subscribed. You can whine all you want, but at the end of the day you're not helping fund the game, so why should they care about catering to you? They have had plenty of campaigns in the past where multiple units were available for F2P. There was a camp where F2P had access to Rifle, SMG, Mortar, and Grenadier for inf; Two of the lower-tier tanks, the Bofors, and an additional plane to fly. They tend to change it up every couple months or so. To be fair F2P also only make up a fraction of the playerbase. Maybe about 20-25% of players are free players, so once again they have no real reason to cater to us when they are trying to make their customers happy. Come the Steam release(which I assume will coincide with 1.35), there are going to be a ton of people flocking in, and obviously they are going to be free players at first. I'm sure once there are a lot more free players again CRS will unlock more units for us, but their priority is always going to be paying members. To be honest your entire post was just a rant. I wish some of you complainers actually gave some constructive criticism instead of just ragging on the Rats. If you have a complaint, at least have a suggestion or something of the matter instead of just venting your anger on them.
  11. What's so weird to me is the SMGs that are supposed to be F2P only are getting used when I checked the supply. Both yesterday and when I just checked. I am wondering if adding the new F2P unit broke the unit locks, which would be very ironic, and hilarious:D
  12. I like both ideas. Especially repairing wheels or tracks. However, it should require a truck to do it. Preferably the Laffy/Gun Tractor/HT. I doubt a foot soldier would be carrying a pair of wheels or tracks on him:). Of course that should be the only thing that can be field-repaired. Just a quick fix to get them mobile again. Flares do sound like a good idea as well. The only issue I could see happening is people spamming them. They would need to be limited to members of HC, and maybe be limited to like 1 flare every 15min and they last for 1.5min.
  13. Yep same thing on my end. What is weird is that when I logged into a mission all of the reserve SMGs had been used. So I am assuming it isn't effecting every single f2p player. Or maybe they made an error with the unit and subscribers are able to use it; maybe that is what caused all the other units to lock. Regardless, take your time fixing it. It's not a big deal if it isn't fixed today, but us free players will love you long time if you do.
  14. Lol guess I have to download the full installer. The patch deleted my entire CRS folder...not sure what that's about.