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  1. Optical fiber connected to wifi router. Will try with cable connection to the router next.
  2. Thanks for the info. I think I try first with cable to see that it is not my wireless router. And see, that there are no unnecessary background programs running. Most of them are shut down already, since I try to keep my game computer as clean as possible. If the issue persists, I'll submit ticket. -bucker
  3. Would really love to fly this week but, What is going on with the logged out due bad connection? Everything fine until I bounce on some enemy. Then suddenly when I am about to press trigger the enemy plane warps around and I get logged out or loose contact with the enemy. Happened twice today. Can I see my ping somewhere in the game? Shouldn't be that bad. Optical fiber landline and just checked that my ping to US servers is around 130 in some other games. Any way to sort this out? Wasn't this bad when I used to play more. -bucker
  4. Woah. This is a great change. Now just give me $5 weekend meberships, and i will be able to fly now and then. Or can you fly with a rifle, if you wield it like a broomstick. -bucker
  5. Don't know if discussed in this topic yet. Good way to get better airwar would be just to have more players. One way to get more players is to adjust fighter rank requirements with tiers. For example in Tier 0 E1 would be rank 0 and E4 rank 5 In tier 1 E1 = rank 0, E4 = rank 3, F2 = rank5 In tier 2 E1 = rank 0, E4 = rank 2, F2 = rank 3, F4 = rank 5 In tier 3 E1 = rank 0, E4 = rank1, F2= rank3, F4 = rank4, FW190= rank5 same with other planes. This would help the starting air players a lot. E1 vs. spit IX is bit too hard for new player. But E4 or F2 vs spit IX would be a little more tolerable. I think it was like this back in the day, and should be possible technically. Playing against the veterans is hard enough. Current system makes it too hard, and new players will not last for the 1/2 year grind to get to rank 5. And do not say "go bomb the bridges" Been there, done that and it was just wrong that i had to do it. -bucker
  6. Whats this? I thought the opinion of the current veteran pilots was just the opposite. We need more people in the air. It is more important than supply. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=463952
  7. A quick summary on the discussions currently going on hangar forum: -You are a space monkey -No, you are a space monkey -No, you are a space monkey you space monkey. -etc...
  8. I suggest that we should lower the rank requirements for the airplanes to give new pilots a better change to fight and eventually increase the number of pilots in the air. Currently tier 0 is good for new pilots, but after that it gets too hard, because of the rank requirements for the better planes. With current points system and pilot numbers it is really hard and frustrating for a new pilot to get even to rank 3. My suggestion for new plane rank requirements is: Rank 0: Hurri I, 109 E1, Hawk 75, Stuka, blenheim Rank 1: Hurri IIb, 110, Rank 2: Spit I, Spit IIb, 109 E4, 109 F2, Hawk 81, D-520, He 111, Havoc, DB-7, 110 FB, Hurri IIc, Bell Rank 3: Rest of the planes. So faster access to more combatible planes in higher tiers, and all planes at rank 3. Could we test this as soon as possible for campaign or two. If possible immediately. We have discussed this at the hangar forum, and it got more or less good response from the pilots. At the moment I think it is more important to get more pilots in the air than to worry about supply. Give some toys to the new flyers!
  9. Same thing can happen from behind. If the 109 flyes fast below the spit and pulls up just in front the nose of the plane. Then the spit may crash into the lagged version of the 109, but the 109 did not hit the spit. Of course the offset can make things even worse. I think I have recently rammed some things that I was sure that they were not even close. But it is just a feeling on things.
  10. I ordered the MSI GTX960 mentioned above. Figured that it should be good enough, and did not want to spend hours trying to find something that may or may not be better or slightly cheaper.
  11. Installed the new graphics card and it worked just fine. Getting good FPS, when flying. And maybe just a very tiny twitch every 10 seconds or so. I blame Mingus for that. Game is totally playable now. Ticked some of the graphics settings to higher from minimum settings: post render filter, water shaders and specular. Which one of these has the best looks vs. performance ratio, if I need to untick something?
  12. Mmmkay... I have 400W power supply, but 6 pin power connector. The display card says 400 W power and it seems that it should be fine to use 6 pin to 8 pin adapter for the Z series HP workstations. I try one more thing with settings, and then I go display card shopping. A hobby is not a hobby if it doesn't take all your money...
  13. Ok. Thanks for help. Last time I upgraded my gaming computer was in 1997 when I bought 200 MHz pentium MMX to replace plain 150 MHz pentium. It may be that I have something to catch up.
  14. Yeah it was not the 'Twerp twerk. More like constant twitching. Ok. So the display card is the problem. The workstation was used for 3D design, and it would be slightly suspicious if a professional workstation would have a game optimized display card. Don't have any additional cards lying around, but might actually consider buying a new budget version. How about something like this? (And I suspect that all of you speak finnish.) https://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/product/25255/drkgg/MSI-GeForce-GTX-750-Ti-Gaming-OC-Edition-2048-MB-naytonohjai Is it total crap? Or worth buying for a bit older rig? And any compatibility issues I should check from the motherboard?
  15. Pretty sure I disabled all power save features. Installed 327.23 Still some stuttering, but have to double check power save features later. If this still sucks I will play with the old rig.