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  1. As a mission leader I write in chat and via .order when a mission is closed / finished. Sometimes I adress greentags by name. It depends on the situation. When they still don't react after 2-3 times I leave. Some get it and despawn then. But there are may be others who just want to look around some more. Or they don't speak english. or they don't read the chat. The greentags who DO respond can be integrated into the current ops or are grateful also when directed to where the action is. People are different. And the steam folks is just another demographic and does not come from a simulation background mainly.
  2. Massivelop.com is one of the best news sites about MMOs in general imho because they also cover lots of niche and indie titles. If You want to get a really extensive and complete overview and news coverage about all existing MMOs so far its the place to go. Just...WWIIOL wasn't covered there! It just happened last week that they asked the readers which MMO-titles could make it to 20 years. So I wrote a comment telling them about WWIIOL and it going into its 17th year. And asked them to cover WWIIOL. I'm not sure and I can't claim if it was because of my comment but today this news appeared on their website!
  3. I never had game crashes the last years but yesterday I had the game stop and crash sooner or later. Its either because of the new patch or because of the high load, I don't know. So I watched Xoom on twitch for a while. There were some awesome paradrops You did yesterday!
  4. Ich spiele auf allierter Seite, aber nur unregelmäßig. Wer auf allierter Seite spielen will und Fragen hat bzw. mal zusammen spielen will kann mich gerne kontaktieren.
  5. From my observation these days I guess 50% of Tier0-planes get crashed at the airfield during take-off attempts from greentags trying to figure out how to fly in this game. And then many of them ask in the help-channel after having crashed several planes.
  6. Because this game is a completely player-run and player-driven 24/7 WWII Sandbox MMO with a special atmosphere where at the end one side wins and one side looses. Like a huge soccer match that runs 24/7 and where a game can last from a few weeks up to several months. And where the team with the best player-skills, cooperation, teamwork, dedication, experience and organisation (and player-numbers) wins.
  7. Just stream on twitch.tv when You play the game and answer questions of viewers.
  8. same for me with these connection errors.
  9. In my opinion You should use twitch more professionally. Get Your channel info up. Do live Rat Chat developer discussions with the community under the twitch "Games discussions" category. Demonstrate new features live on twitch. Just watch other developers how they interact with the community and present new stuff about their games to get more ideas!
  10. Congratulations for 15 years Rats! And to the community for keeping this alive! Good Job! 15 years..it's incredible! Still can't believe it! One of the longest running MMOs ever! WTG!
  11. I started playing in June 2001 when I was 31 years old. Now 46. Incredible! Can't believe I'm still checking on a game that launched 15 years ago and made for the most intense gaming experiences for quite some time! I got THE BOX physically imported from the US to Germany and mailed to me by postal service from a local pc games store for about 70$. So I wasn't able to play on day one, THE BOX arrived about 14 days later. Had a Celeron 333 with Riva TNT 16Mb and 64 MB of RAM. On 64k dialup. Had to download that 100MB patch first. Went to buy more RAM the next week and upped to 128, then 256 MB a few weeks later. Those were the days! Good Job on the turnaround XOOM, I hope You guys can create a new momentum and make it sustainable.
  12. Sorry to read this! I wish You all the best! And I pray.
  13. FBs

    Hello, I learned that blowing a FB now requires 12+ satchels per spawn. In my opinion thats not a great idea and I hope that it will turned back to the old values! Because I had lots of very intense and adrenaline-pumping gameplay experiences sneaking up to an enemy fb trying to blow it up and I'll miss that. I don't like the big mass attacks on cities that much. By playing the FB game also small teams and single persons can make a difference in the game and play an important role. And FB hotdrops and gliding in sappers makes for cool special operations. Now with this huge amount of satchels needed You'll never blow a guarded FB. Please turn it back to the old numbers! What do You think?
  14. For new players all ranks are activated but they still have to earn their ranks by playing and collecting XP to get the desired higher tier vehicles..correct?
  15. To all new players: Please keep in mind You can only capture flags in cities where High Command officers have placed an Attack Objective (AO) on! (the blinking cities on map) The number of available AOs varies during the day and depends on the number of players online. You can't just wander off to ANY enemy city and capture flags there! So I recommend to follow the chat and connect with High Command! Otherwise You will miss important info and where the next attacks are planned and prepared!