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  1. This has gone way out of hand and only creates more concern among the few active players in the game, while the big issue, subscription fees, is still being ignored. Will CRS ever understand that no matter what changes done to spawnlists they will have zero positive effect on numbers?
  2. Perhaps focus on playing the game, be friendly and helpful to new players? Not focus on telling everyone how axis must have this and that gun taken away or nerfed.
  3. Seriously? Unlimited supply of rifles for allies and this will be looked into?
  4. Keep up the good work Propa. It is appreciated!
  5. I want to see a lot of players online 24/7, not like 20 or so playing against another 20 or less. I want so many players that whatever unit i play with there will be enough friendlies and enemies to play along with so there always will be action. This is the only thing that make an online game of this sort really fun to play.
  6. I dont think think this is a game changer and most players could probably live with it in a different situation but its getting way out of proportions (some allies just wont stop whining) and the timing is awful. It will not do anything to improve numbers, and numbers are critically low as they are already.
  7. I think pop imbalance is a much more serious problem nowdays when the overall number of active players is critically low and keep getting even lower. The game is not designed to be played under those conditions. But blaming one side or the other (or their weapons) is a bad move. What we all should wait for is a message from CRS saying "Getting old and new players into the game while keep business running is now prio 1 and everything else has been put on hold". If not, the game should be played on a small portion of the map so every important role on the battlefield could be filled.
  8. Much cheaper prices and more toys back into game for everyone from the beginning = more players Every other measure taken is not going to make any difference at all.
  9. Then why is the game so empty???? Then why was this thread created??? I dont believe this at all. Sorry.
  10. Has any of the changes over last years led to any positive change in numbers? The answer seems to be NO. It's not working Xoom. Nerfing more weapons and make even more changes to spawnlists is not going to help. It never has and never will. Nerf the lmgs and u lose those who learned to to handle them. Stop tankers and panzerplayers from having access to their units and u lose those as well. This is what is happening right now, isn't it? Maybe some high voiced players enjoy all those changes but they will also leave when there are no more enemies to kill. Maybe getting more players is not the goal here and then i will shut up and go somewhere else to a more populated game. But then be open about that please. I joined the game once for the promise of a massive online game and that is not what it is now.
  11. There are allied players also running and shooting their lmgs from the hip. Are they also not allowed to do that any more? Why??? I think we should be careful about wishing that opponents weapons go away now when there are so few players left in the game. Let those who have become good at something keep doing it as long as it is a feature of the game and not a cheat. On the contrary, bring more stuff into the game from the beginning and dont mess with them.
  12. Depends on how its done. You are very quick to laugh it off I think. I think a simple poll could be a good start. At least ask the few remaining, they clearly have no problem paying 18 right now so maybe they can stick to that for 12 months or so. I myself would re-enter for 18 if it was part of a campaign to get massive numbers again and my name was put on display alongside all other contributers. Why not at least ask?
  13. Allright Xoom. I admit that I have no idea of what it takes to run the business and stuff like that, so what I say may sound simple. What if (as someone suggested) the current playerbase kept paying 18 dollars a month and the new/old players rejoining paid 5 dollars a month? Wouldn't that work in theory? Getting back massive numbers must be prio 1?? Isn't it??
  14. I get the point. And I give CRS credit for being more transparent nowdays. Its a good thing. But we had so many "soon" or "just wait until this and that" while months and years fly by and nothing really changes when it comes to numbers. So why not try this one thing that maybe could change numbers positively right now? Are you really against that? One thing I agree on is that a high number of players will generate more fun and that in turn will make the constant complaining disappear into the fun. Thats exactly what i was trying to say from the behinning.
  15. What do you mean "game enjoyment"? Playing 10 vs 5 on a map designed for many hundreds online at the same time? Maybe thousands? Or is game enjoyment for you playing with exactly the same weapons as the enemy? Then its a completely different game, and it wont bring people back anyway. Or maybe you are one of those who think the game would be perfect if only axis lost this weapon or allies lost that weapon? You maybe dont care at all if even more players left.