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  1. Thank you guys for the great advice! Had I known the progress of the campaign would affect aircraft availability, I would have waited out for the reset before subbing, so that I could actually enjoy a 'fair' competition. It bugs me seeing our ground units being seal clubbed by CAS and there's nothing I could do about it, since all I got is the E1 and the ground attackers were escorted by P38s all over the place. And don't get me wrong tho! The E1 is a great plane, I even won a 1vs2(hurri+spit) situation on my 2nd day of flying and once with 4 kills in a sortie, it was a fair fight in terms of tier and I enjoyed it so much! I'll usually jump into flying missions when I see names like Mingus and Uberarers, they're really nice person and I enjoy flying when they're around. But, last night was a mess to me, some really good pilots were on the other side with nothing but P38s, and they mentioned that P38s are really hard to counter even with their T3 (FW190) due to some balance issues. Obviously, I'm outmatched in almost every way, one of our guys get chased by a P38, I tried my best to dive in and catch up, managed to land some good hits with high deflection a few times, a bunch of debris flown off, but nope.. the P38 was still flying like nothing happened. Friendly got shot down because of my incompetence(of flying E1), and I felt really bad about it. Ended up with with 0 XP for 3 HOURS OF FLYING. That said, If I could suggest something to be fixed or improved, I hope they'd improve the damage model, esp. Wing rip. No way a spit would pull of a 10+g without breaking its wings at high speed. And to fix the audio, It's unrealistic and really that big of a deal that you could hear engines from far away, can't do no stealthy attack. Thank you for the offer, Nozlen. I live in GMT+8 timezone, so I often get to enjoy the prime time for a few hours before going to bed. Tho, I think I'll just stick with army more for now until reset, maybe I'll catch you then!
  2. I've flown in many different kinds of air combat sims for the last 9 years, so I'm very aware of how things are, and it took me like 15mins to get the grasp of flying in WWIIO. Tho, I'm still learning and observing the behavior of pilots here in order to adjust mine accordingly. (I only fly for the German, B&Z and energy fight is my bread and butter) So far, I find it extremely frustrating that my skills and experience are being limited due to the lack of choice of planes(Only the E-1 with [censored] 7.9mm) as I'm just a level 1 newbie, while the enemies I often encounter are tier 3. Thus, I find myself heavily dependent on friendly, and I have to work 200% harder to compensate the inferior plane too. Not to mention there were times where a supposed to be my kill wouldn't register as mine because of the lack of firepower, and all it took was like one pass with less than 1sec burst for those with MG151/20 and MK108 to score. Took me 2 days just to get to level 2, and I really can't bear flying in something that I'm not enjoying at all. Any advice?
  3. I used to play WWIIO a lot like 9 years ago, and I once again returned today with the itch. Those massive para drops and massive armoured vehicles& tanks advance were something I enjoyed the most. And I wonder how often do stuff like these happens(Not even sure If there's enough players to do any sort of massive strikes in the first place)? I'm asking cause I'm planning to drag a bunch of my friends to the game, but I wanted their 1st impressive to be 'massive', like how I felt back in the old days, not 30vs30 or something.
  4. '''LIVE SERVER OPERATION Sign up to become apart of our live server operation! This event is designed to have a pre-organized chain of command with an official kick-off date and time, similar to old special events, but in this case on the campaign server. You'll need to "register" by saying which position you'd like on which team.'''
  5. Campaign 111 is here, according to the announcement, I thought we have to register for our position to the operation. But, I don't see such option anywhere else. Any clue?
  6. Sorry, I'm kinda new. What exactly is an OT? I assume it's some sort of high command stuff?