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  1. I have a monitor and tv hooked up as 2 displays. No matter what I do the tv ends up as display #1 and the monitor as display #2. I started with a reformatted hard drive and a new install. Before the game would open on my computer monitor, now it always opens on the tv, display #1. Trying to switch them around in windows does nothing because it keeps the number designation and wwii wants to open on display #1 no matter what. You can't view the game in a window so I can't drag it to the correct window and close like other programs. The only way it works is to unhook the tv as a display and I don't want to do that everytime I play.
  2. As expected same ole bs about sniping. If your one of "these guys" it's okay. If you use it like I say you should then maybe it's okay to snipe. I happen to be a very good sniper, this is not my only account and I might even be one of "those guys". The main point I am making is why the hell are people concerning themselves with what other players are doing. I've never watched someone and told them they were not playing correctly. I've never pm'd someone and asked them to do something. To me that is beyond reasonable. If you want to lead, lead like potthead. I have fought with him for hours and hours and never once did he single out anyone or pm them to do something. He puts it in caps on objective and points out where help is needed and because he is respected people respond, even me. Also, ten guys sniping from a depot while the cp gets capped are ten guys subscribed to the game. Now days cps get capped and there are no players around.
  3. I am not talking about general statements, I'm talking about people calling me out personally, sometimes relentlessly on objective channel and also private messages. This is unacceptable and it is hard to ignore and act like nothing happened. This hatred of sniping has become ingrained in the player base as some kind of mass hysteria against one unit, blaming them for all their woes.
  4. I tried playing during wbs. I had access to the sniper rife and played allied. I was constantly bombarded with comments both public and private telling me we didn't need snipers, that I wasn't doing anything to help, or telling me to check cps. The idea that somehow snipers are bad players gets old. I see people spawn tanks and not check cps. I see people spawn an smg and run into the field the get kills and not check cps. I see aaa and atg gunners not checking cps. But for some reason everyone assumes that if a player would quit sniping they would be guarding a cp. I get kills just like the tankers and gunners but for some reason it's my fault when a cp falls. So I ended up setting dms far out of town and pushing around an atg, doing less for my team than if I was sniping in town, yet no one ever yelled at me. So quit singling out one unit for doing what a lot of other people are doing. Needless to say I didn't re-subscribe to the game.
  5. Initial impressions after a couple days of current campaign. Negatives: No more crazy front lines? I kind of liked some of the weird maps we had, but it will probably be more realistic than the snake-like lines. I just worry it will become like the old days where the front moves one town at a time. The limited supply means you may not get your weapon of choice. Pros: Driving up a truck load of infantry can make the difference in a fight. Don't think there are enough lmgs, snipers, sappers etc. then drive some up. Playing for a high k/d can help your side. If you take out five enemy and rtb your unit you attrit the other side.
  6. I think the starting front line should move according to who wins the last campaign. Each consecutive win would move the line further in favor of the losing side. If one side wins three or four in a row the start line should be moved way into their territory.
  7. I like the idea of rear fb, farthest from town, resupply. Town to town is fine but the distances are often too far to make resupply feasible. I drove a panzer from hasselt to diest once and it took 45 minutes. That was too far for me to ever do again, but I was happy to do a bunch of 10 to 20 minute runs.
  8. I hate the skulls and the whole idea of them. I don't have them turned on and after a while I forget that they are in game. Any good player should know where enemies are by the sound of their guns. Knowing instantly when and where someone dies is lame.
  9. For me, who has only flown axis, AWS killed RDP bombing. We got AWS because everyone complained about map skirting. I used to bomb as axis and I skirted the map. I have lots of video of being attacked by spits and such, yes almost always after drop, but it was action. Defending axis factories I killed plenty of skirters by actually looking for them at the edge of the map and responding quickly to town ews, which is what we had for a warning back then. There was lots of action and yes it was hard to kill bombers before they dropped but it could be done. But the yells of "skirters" in the forums won out and we got AWS and moronically it shows enemy air in enemy territory. And since it's implementation I was never able to intercept allied bombers again and never able to bomb as axis without getting shot down.
  10. Bring back the infantry placed box fru and limit it to attacking side of town with a limited infantry only spawn list. It would be nice if you could set one after spawning at an FMS but that would mean multiple spawn points for a single mission and that would take a lot more coding I'm sure.
  11. I played only axis from about 2004 to 2112 with my primary account. I've never used the lmg to clear cps because I think it is kinda lame game play. I always use smg because that is what it is for. As allied I've seen many times where axis lmg clears 5 or 6 guys from a cp then holds it by himself against many allied assaults. Won't be as easy if grenades start working but please do make it harder to rambo with lmg, it is lame game play for a wwii simulation game.
  12. Personally I don't like any of the new textures or interiors. I don't think a lot of the stuff like cots and lockers etc are needed, just things to get stuck on while trying to get out, and most of the new textures look way out of place. The new city block looks great but I anticipate all this added stuff is going to kill frame rates.
  13. I had a basic account. Now it says I have a premium account but says I'm paying $9.99 although my cc was charged $15. I wasn't told that I would be paying more and was happy with the structure of the basic account. It would be nice if all this had been made clear. As a result I plan on dropping this account.