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  1. Id love to see heavy machine guns that could be used I'm talking hotchkiss mle 1914 or a vickers MG and the older lee enfield and the french berthier rifle
  2. Mine was about six months ago I was playing as a airborne SMGer in the french army. The name of the town escapes me but I remember parachuting in to the town right in front of the enemy army base and right in front of a panzer mk IV thankfully the tank didn't see me after I dropped, due to the fact that I was hidden by a small hill right in front of the tank. Knowing that this was my one chance I took out my satchel charge and ran right in front of the tank to get to the side where the turret wasn't facing and planted my charge. After that I booked it and heard the explosion from the building I was hiding in while regaining my stamina. then the chat box lit up asking who blew the tank up, I replied saying that I did and it turns out that they were trying to knock the tank out for like thirty minutes. I died shortly after that.