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  1. Dear CRS, please allow me to pause the game for a moment as it seems you have added some new history facts!? I would like some time to read them before I spawn in. Is there somewhere I can find these facts outside of the game so that I can get past the title (Im a slow reader). Love and MAGA, Sun
  2. Just wondering. I dont have much time left tonight to log in. Didnt see any notification, is it down for hours, days, few minutes? Whats up?
  3. Campaign 139 has ended.
  4. ...

    Since I cannot find a fix for this, if you see ... on the Whips channel, its me.
  6. Pick me. Accepted to OCS, whats next?
  7. ...

    My name is showing ... in overlay for some. Ive changed it in settings, but still shows that way. Any suggestions?
  8. not for nothen, but I think its a bit intrusive showing what game Im playing and all that. Thats really nun yo buzinezzz. I never know when Im "offline" or everyones listening to me smack the monkey. Overlay good, sound good me smakken monkey for all to hear, bad.
  9. Already verified my email, but when I use the web version, I log into the server, but I dont get the overlay. WHen I use the app, I have to go back to the server invitation, but the overlay works there.
  10. not for me. I have to click on the invitation each time i launch the app.
  11. The only issue i have with discord so far is the temporary invitation. I would like to be able to close the app and log right back in, not have to find the invitation link again. Axis Teamspeak Server Invitation
  12. How much? I want 5 large. Thanks.
  13. There is no way to fix the overpop situation. Do you think Steam players are going to join this game and wait around to play? They will download, see the Axis is not available, join as a Frenchie and give up. The Allied side is not exciting to some unless you always have the Americans playing. No rip on Europeans, just the facts. The French military doesnt have much hype behind it, PPO are cool, but last night XOOM, you guys led me right to where you were attacking from. I just had to sit and wait. Dont know what town it was, but you killed me once, and I saw all of your PPO's and knew you all were coming from there. Didnt take much to keep you out.