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  1. For the love of god, I just want to play the game, not sit around worrying about fricken trickle timers. Its like another damn spawn delay. This is WWII-oldage. By the time you get around to playing, youre two years older.
  2. Quick and to the point, as a casual gamer, this sucks. No supply yesterday, no supply today. I have to bounce around from mission to mission, town to town to find supply. I dont play enough to understand the entire supply thing, nor do I care to. I want to get in game, do what I do and get out. I usually log off after a few failed attempts at getting into a good battle. And wtf is it that I start a mission, upon death, my mission closes and I cant spawn from it? Its happened multiple times. Oh wait, nevermind, I dont really care. Just let me get in a battle with decent supply to keep me interested. Was just fine before the hybrid supply came into play.
  3. I love you guys.
  4. Firebug, seeing it more often lately. Dead bodies flopping around. As annoying as people on discord talking about how great they are during combat. Death spin after de-spawning, this adds to the 10 second timer after death and add the 30 SD it can be quite frustrating.
  5. I dont know, with this short attention span, I cant keep track of all that I read. But, we used to be able to move our fru when the enema detected it, now with the fms, we cant. What about allowing the mission leader be able to move the fms from time to time(truck, no turck)...timers need ofcourse? This used to keep battles moving because the enema had to keep tracking down a new location. I fricken loved it, just popping a new fru up and the battled changed that quickly. But hey, Im just a drunk asshat, so theres that. THanks Sun/.
  6. Dear CRS, please allow me to pause the game for a moment as it seems you have added some new history facts!? I would like some time to read them before I spawn in. Is there somewhere I can find these facts outside of the game so that I can get past the title (Im a slow reader). Love and MAGA, Sun
  7. Just wondering. I dont have much time left tonight to log in. Didnt see any notification, is it down for hours, days, few minutes? Whats up?
  8. Campaign 139 has ended.
  9. ...

    Since I cannot find a fix for this, if you see ... on the Whips channel, its me.
  11. Pick me. Accepted to OCS, whats next?
  12. ...

    My name is showing ... in overlay for some. Ive changed it in settings, but still shows that way. Any suggestions?
  13. not for nothen, but I think its a bit intrusive showing what game Im playing and all that. Thats really nun yo buzinezzz. I never know when Im "offline" or everyones listening to me smack the monkey. Overlay good, sound good me smakken monkey for all to hear, bad.