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  1. Interesting. I guess I'm a little disappointed but I understand why. I'll definitely keep the game in the back of my mind. I'm guessing it's a long term plan, perhaps 5 years? I personally value graphics, animations, etc., as much as gameplay, and so games like Post Scriptum offers the best of both worlds in a WW2 setting. Hopefully, when you do decide that the move to 2.0 is imminent, and there's a crowd funding initiative that shows off legitimate proof of concept and progress, I'm definitely in. Best of luck, everyone.
  2. I've been lurking time to time and saw the road map last year. I was pretty excited to see some screens in the Unreal Engine. Is the move still happening?
  3. Hey guys, Long time lurker. I'm a WW2 enthusiast and tried WW2 online over the past decade time to time. I couldn't really stick with it based on animations, graphics, etc. Love the gameplay however. So, I'm wondering if devs could leap into Unreal development through a Kickstarter? I know many games go there for support and I know plenty of WW2 enthusiast who would be blown away by WW2 onlines scale with an updated engine. Also, I was browsing YouTube and came across this new technology called SpatialOS. It's a cloud platform for hosting multiplayer games where you can create entire continents with thousands and thousands of players using the Unreal engine for a seamless eperience...sound familiar? Here 's their website. Looks cool. Well, I'm definitely excited to see where CRS takes this game in the next few years.