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  1. Is there any advantage to running WWIIOnline on Mac or on Bootcamp Windows? I run on Mac software and don't seem to have much luck in upclose face-to-face encounters with mgs or rifles... the enemy seems to be a second or two ahead of me.... sometimes I don't even see them before they get me in cps. Would Windows on bootcamp help or am I just old and slow?
  2. Been running Yosemite o.k.... does El Capitan work?
  3. If you're getting a free meal, don't complain about the service.... this isn't a free game. You want free go play candy crush or angry birds. If you don't have $4.99 a month for some of the better toys go get a paper route.
  4. Does sharing a router that has two computers and a wi-fi plugged in to it slow the game in any way? Curious....
  5. Before I upgrade to El Capitan is anyone using it to run wwiionline ok? Yosemite has been working fine.
  6. Downloaded latest wwiionline software and found trigger and buttons on my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro didn't work right.... trigger caused "Escape" and buttons I normally use for "Gunsight", "Instrument View", and "Secondary Weapon" wouldn't work. I went to Keymapper and changed "Escape" from keyboard ""escape" key to keyboard "control+escape" keys. Deleted keyboard keys assigned to "gunsight", "instrument view", and "secondary weapon". Assigned joystick trigger to "primary weapon" and my usual joystick buttons to "gunsight", "instrument panel", and "secondary weapon"(no keyboard keys).....works for me and function keys still work for radio keys... just have to remember to hit both control key and escape key at same time to escape.
  7. yes... being unable to shoot puts one in a bit of a disadvantage in an air dogfight...not that i'm any good at it to begin with. What are the new mac users doing that don't have the old software to fall back to? Seems it would be a bit of recruitment killer for mac users?
  8. Downloaded the game after sending the (using since 2012) to the "yosemite" "trash". Looked like everything working (mostly new sounds and eye-candy). However moving to the aircraft I found the trigger on my Joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) acted as the "escape" key on the keyboard (Logitech K120) and other joystick buttons acted as "function" keys. The axis functions and throttle worked ok.... i could take off and fly ok.... just couldn't shoot using joystick. Attempts to reassign actions and joystick buttons using "key mapper" failed....trashed new software and reloaded old from the trash bin and everything works ok again with the old software. Will not try new software again till I see a "fix" reported here.
  9. I'm running Yosemity and have been counting on automatic wwiionline patches at log in to keep me up to date for years.... is there something else I should do to have the latest working game software?