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  1. I too am at that same point. But thank god for boot camp. Although I have to go over to the dark side "XP" I can play the game and it plays well. But now my major issue is the Nintendo Wii I just got. I'm having lots of fun and loosing weight while playing lol
  2. Ahh fiddle stix, I went back to the dark side, meaning I rebooted under my xp partition to play the game without major issues. Man I sooo want to play native mac but it's just not there yet. Keep up the work on getting it there.
  3. Thank God!
  4. Yes install windows xp not vista or your gonna have a whole boat load of problems. Using bootcamp I get between 24 and 60 fps with a dual core 2.0ghz machine with 256megs video ram and 2 gigs or mem. Good luck VoyagerII
  5. I use XP Home and it works fine. I'm not getting the fps numbers that some are reporting but it is far far far better then then the mac version. Good luck and have fun.
  6. MacBook Pro 2 GHz Intel Core Duo Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Video: 256 MB ATY, Radeon X1600 FPS In Town: 5-9 Out of Town: 11-16 Air: 15-22 Visually I think it looks great!
  7. I feel confindent that all the problems will be fixed. Are the problems aggravating? You better believe it. But I'll give my money to a small company like CRS rather then these big companies like Microsoft or Adobe who have hundreds of programmers in India at ten bucks a pop. Hey thats is it, maybe CRS should out source to India. I've waited almost a year for ASPYR to come out with a unibin for C&C Generals and without one email being responded to by ASPYR. A lot of companies have abandoned customers all together in leu of making a unibin. Here you have the ability to communicate with people like Awulf who have given me constant information which each thing he has said has come true. Keeping your player account is your own decision. I made my decision to keep my account so there for I really cannot sit here and complain nor will I. People can always invest capital into a company thus giving that company the ability to buy new equipment or hire more employees. Other then that you have two options. One, give feed back in hope that the problem gets fixed. Two, cancel your subscription. I'm glad to see the game running on my MacBook Pro without bootcamp. Heck you want to see slow try the Mac version of Second Life. It is horrible! Show me another game that is as dynamic as WWII Online and has had the longevity! By the way I respect everyones opinion in this forum and what I have said is my opinion. Respectfully Submitting VoyagerII
  8. Thanks for the explanation, it helps when someone explains things. Programming and such is not my thing. Now if you have any questions about helicopters then I'm your guy. Just having this game run on my probook makes me happy. cheers VoyagerII
  9. Glad to see WWII Online is unibin now. But I was wondering is it going to get faster?
  10. I tried the overclock thingy and everything froze up. You should be able to change to open GL by going to the ATI settings and launch that. Then click the tab that says 3D. My problem is when I close the program and open it again I find it back on that 3DX crap or what ever it is and not openGL. S!
  11. Hey Tautu, Okay I went through all the settings again to make sure I have not left anything out. I'm using the Omega driver version 3.8.273 unless there is a newer or better one available that I am not aware of. With the ATI graphics settings I have set my #d options to open GL but I went into custom settings and pushed all the sliders to the left for performance. I have noticed no real difference in visual effects. Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting FPS that have been going up and down alot. But my average on a FB takedown is between 27 and 40 fps. For someone like me that was use to 12 and 15 fps its a world of difference. Flying I get the highest fps when the game is not stuttering like it does at any fps. I get between 40 and 90fps. I hope all works out for you and I look forward to killing you soon heh! Just kidden, let me know if I can do anything else to help. Voyager2 1s Jaguar Regiment
  12. I'm going over the particulars right now to make sure that I did do in fact what I wrote down. I've been monkeying around with this dang thing to get the fps everyone else has been claiming. I'll get back to you asap! Respectfully VoyagerII 1st Jaguar Regiment
  13. Well it looks like you have to do what I did. I'm running a dou 2gig MacBook Pro with 1 gig ram and 256megs of video. You need to use bootcamp and install windows xp. Then download the game and you will get pretty good fps. We have had people getting from 26fps to 150fps with it. Good luck and enjoy. VoyagerII 1st Jaguar Regiment
  14. It was really very simple. You get so lost in trying to get every advantage you can that you miss the obvious. What I did was click the best perfomance selection in the WWII Online settings. The only problem I'm having is that when I try to switch to open gl, click apply then go back to it. I find that the setting have reverted back to the 3dX thingy. That being said I'm getting some great fps now with just using simple settings. Given my average of 15fps what I am getting now is fantastic. VoyagerII