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  1. Awesome Muggles! These pics make me want to jump into the game right now, but I must sleep. Good job and I'll see you around bud. !S
  2. R.i.p. !s
  3. Thanks guys! !S
  4. Wow great info here, I was on the fence about picking one up, now I will definitely pick one up to try on this game, thanks to your post. !S and Thanks
  5. S! Keysie RIP It's always sad to see people go, this game has seen it's fair share of this in the last 15 years, sad news indeed.
  6. Welcome to the game!
  7. I was thinking the same thing. Same writing style.
  8. Hey, Hang in there Motorhead, this community needs dedicated players like you, don't give up yet man, sound's like they have your stuff fixed up now. !S
  9. Yeah I had to manually roll mine back on the 7th, but they quickly released 364.51 the next day and it seems good so far. Here's a piece on why and how it happened: http://news.yahoo.com/nvidia-latest-driver-bad-firm-213303762.html
  10. Wow! TY for the Answers Xoom, great job!
  11. I have a few... Are there any future rule changes planned or being considered that are on the scale of an open capture on front-line towns (similar to the no-linky-no cappy days)? Or as someone mentioned are there going to be any reduction of cap-timers(back down to 2 minutes) considered? Are Emotes making a comeback? HC Uniforms? especially those Sexy French duds, we Axis loved those:P Visible arm patches eta? Are we ever revisiting the Lean function? Keep up the Awesome work RATS! Thanks in advance! !S
  12. Wow! Score! I installed a 'somewhat' similar mobo(P8z68 v-pro gen3) in my kid's build a few years back, combined with an i7 2700k and it was a beast for games when OC'd. I had a light OC on it(4.0GHz) and got a smooth 60+ fps in ww2ol. It's been going strong and running cool on water since around 2012. Good score though Six! Should be a good, dependable machine if everything works out, according to your spec. !Salute
  13. GFJ Silversoil, good to have you on our side. And a GFJ to you Badger for straightening that out. !Salute
  14. Cool Pics propa! !S
  15. Lol good quote.