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  1. They don't have the resources to change basic stuff, there is no way they will be able to do something like allowing crew to separate from the vehicle.
  2. This is the most expensive MMO on the market so the OP has a right to complain about an outage in service. I've seen whining free players in F2P games get a more considerate response from the company personnel that what I've seen here.
  3. FBs

    It was made to stop US TZ players from getting their attacks ruined by a small number of defenders. The only way that it is going to change back is if it starts to negatively affect US TZ.
  4. From what I've seen recently almost every attack still fails(someone should have the AO success % it's probably abysmal). Axis attacks are also really barebones, most are 1-3 frus, some infantry and whatever assets trail in randomly. On both sides tanks are used overwhelmingly on the defense, usually to camp depots it's standard cheese. Of course there are stat padders but the brigade system massively encourages camping over capturing objectives, it's literally better to let the enemy have a depot and camp in a tank than defend the depot. Three towns are only big deal because it's so hard to capture a town. A town should flip each hour(at least) during prime time but it seems like one a day or even less if you discount softcaps, so when one team gets three quickly it's like "woah" despite there being hundreds on the map. Also the brigade system means that you can't just keep fighting you're forced to be at a disadvantage(for some stupid reason) 18 hours now instead of just spawning at the next base and fighting. You get your butt kicked once and it actually becomes easier for the enemy to roll you thanks to this system. A population lock would punish the team that has free players or new players, or really any team that has people spawning anything but the absolute most efficient unit for what they're doing. This could easily be the losing team instead of the winning team. Allies already had problems earlier in the year when they were getting hit with spawn delay while on defense and losing, a pop lock is far more poweful than spawn delay. Probably most importantly you'll have many situations where the better decision will be to log off and pop lock the other team than stay logged in and defend the town.
  5. It's a great improvement over picking through the awful brigade screen but I just noticed on the axis side that there are about eight defensive missions listed, but neither of the two offensive missions with FRUs are there. What is the criteria for placement, # of players? I think some value should be assigned to FRUs so missions with infantry spawns get on the list and near the top. It would be even better if the server could read how far the FRU is away from target and value that as well, close FRUs being highly rated.
  6. GMs should flip a capture point in a naval town, disable capture and then let everyone go at it. Either that or a contested land town with no flag but each side has a spawn. It's a test server, they should facilitate the actual testing. Walking/driving FRUs in to town that just get killed wastes a lot of time.
  7. server is still down and the beta server is boring as ****
  8. Because damage = loss of USTZ players. The game needs to cater to the players, as many players as possible if it wants to get more people. This rule caters to the armchair generals that want another game rule to manipulate because they can't/won't actually manage players online, and it caters to the handful of people that play a game with a persistent game world while complaining endlessly that the game world is persistent. US "prime" is like 45 people per side at most so they've overwhelmingly rejected the game despite every accommodation being made for them, maybe it's time to stop treating the other time zones like garbage and get more players.
  9. Every rule put in has been gamed by HC, we have some that are still gaming the 1 AO rule and pulling from the frontlines to keep the other side from being able to set an attack so it's incredibly naive to think that people aren't going to take advantage of this. It literally rewards bad leaders that play the map and don't care about player fun or player retention with a period of invulnerability.
  10. I read your entire post, so what if they hand over an AB? Plenty of people will gladly sacrifice a town if it will stop the other team from making any further gains. Then there's the fact that this will give hours every day for each side to move brigades and let units restock without any threat. So logging off will provide absolutely massive benefits while staying logged in hurts your team and could jeopardize the map. Spawn delay punishes people for logging in, this rule or any like it will reward people for logging off so I'm really not sure where the game expects go with this mentality.
  11. Why do you say this? There will be a massive incentive to log off and create this situation, in fact I can see HC officers doing whatever they can to get their own side to log off. Already we got some that "sit" on AOs to force their players to defend and bore the opposite team, and others that pull flags from the frontline to prevent AOs. Obviously we got people that care more about the map than keeping a good fight going and everyone having fun. If your team isn't currently doing well on offense the best thing to do will be to log off and shut down town capture. If your team is doing well then the enemy can shut down your attack by logging off.
  12. Spawn delay is working it's just that spawn delay in this game is "dumb" and counts all players spawned in to the game equally which is actually terrible for balance. If you get to really low numbers on a side(like below 30) then a few guys flying around on their own, a few guys are new and just wandering become a lot of dead weight and your team gets no advantage and it sucks when the other team is 80% infantry and armor attacking. infantry count the same as tanks and planes, riflemen count the same as SMGs, F2P rank 1s count the same as veterans et cetera that's the worst problem with spawn delay. Also the fact that it's global not local mean that the people spawned way in the rear count the same as the people on the frontline(this really hurts paratroopers). I can't understand why it's been kept this way when it creates so many problems.
  13. This is like the third time this has happened, the allied HC officers know what they're doing and the company is unwilling to enforce the rules. The no-softcap rule apparently was put in place to stop TZ3 rolls in the first place so I guess it's working as intended regardless of how crappy it makes the gameplay for the players outside US prime.