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  1. tried running 1.31 on my computer. things are good if i'm flying, or if (on the ground) looking above horizon. stupid radial cluster.
  2. topic explains it all. i can get on TS, but i can't "register" and it's really really p*ssing me off
  3. lol knew this was coming
  4. i haven't had one of these in quite a while, but with the recent patch i've had two instances that it's happened. first time was a WTF moment, but didn't think much of it. tonight it happened after i got a message in chat bar saying "netcode2 failed reverting to standard communications" any ideas?
  5. I get around 30-70 FPS (depending on the battles) but my packet loss varies between 10-30%. I tried fooling around with the network route options, but nothing worked. Any suggestions? Also, I do have Norton running in the background, could this cause it?
  6. have a saitek x45, and all the buttons on the throttle controller work except the throttle itself
  7. For the past three months the lag meter in-game has not been one steady line, instead it's chopped up. Best way to describe it: .... .... .... ... ..... .... My FPS (since buying a new soundcard) has gone from 26 to 45 in moderately sized battles btw. Last night I saw bells coming in to strafe the FB's I would spawn in at and they kind of stuttered throughout the battle, even though I was able to land some hits and make some kills. Anyways, just wondering why the FPS gauge is doing that, and why the Bells are stuttering. P.S. It was just the bells stuttering and not the spits/hurris around the area.
  8. answer lies here http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=143573 I've got an AGP GeForce 7600GS and things are running fine atm. But the above link might help you a little
  9. about 1k away from the fb is usually the case. is it normal for ei to not show up either? zoomed out i can't even see where they're at, but when i zoom in i see them fine.
  10. If I spawn at an fb and face a forest (you know, those large clumps of trees on the map) the trees are blocky looking. And if I zoom in with binocs I can clearly see ei, but when i zoom back out, I can't see ei anymore I see just blocky trees again. Was wondering what the problem could be please?
  11. If there's a lot of dust in the cpu fan, video processor fan, and power supply fan, would that cause weird distortions on my monitor and eventually make the computer shut down? I just used a vaccum to clean out some dust built up and now things are working ok again.
  12. We, the 31stwc, really enjoyed defending a town against the 91st and deadlock when they would play allied. The battle would wage on for hours, and majority of the time we'd hold off the attack. Other times not so lucky.
  13. Straight from the box? My Acer wouldn't be able to do jack squat. I had to invest money into more RAM and a Video card just to get it to play games I have adequately. If they're being used for students to type notes during class, or basic internet chat functions they're pretty good for that. Anything more than that though, they're iffy. Gotta remember though, I have an Acer Sempron 3300+ processor (2.0GHz I believe). Acer has recently unleashed the power of the AMD 64 and higher processors to their computers though.