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  1. Gator checking in -
  2. Thanks so much for the chance to become involved at least on a part-time basis, when the opportunity arises! GatorBMC~~
  3. Thank you for the sentiment. Now, call your Congressman and Senator and tell them that every 80 minutes a veteran commits suicide, and one in 20 are homeless. Vets need access to quality treatment, affordable housing and REAL employment and educational opportunities. Stop the GI Bill benefit cuts; raising the interest rates on Federal Student Loans for Veterans; slashing GI Housing Loans; and increase funding for the VA Health system. Any one of these would be a sincere "Thank you for your service" rather than the political platitudes exuding from Capital Hill.
  4. Congratz to all award and commendation recipients.
  5. We actually won a short campaign, the Bourdeaux wine is flowing like water, the planes are dropping loaves of sweetbreads by the metric tonne, medals are flying like confetti on the wind; this one just happens to have your name on it, for stepping up and helping the new guys. Tempest in a teacup, even the service dogs got citations.
  6. No doubt someone will point out that there is not a background soundtrack, perhaps Sabaton's Primo Victoria?
  7. Congratz, Merlin51! Well earned and much deserved!
  8. I second the nomination.
  9. Now THAT'S what I call naval support! Vive la Marine National!
  10. Firing from a destroyer moving at flank speed (37kts) at a stationery target 7500m away, using the correct TDC settings, a spread of 4 torps scored 4 hits. Stationery, firing at a moving target at 4500m range, at flank speed, using the correct TDC settings, a spread of 4 scored zero (0) hits. Firing one torpedo while moving at flank, to a target also moving flank, at range of 2500m, all TDC settings at default, and using "seaman's eye" 1 torp scored 1 hit. Test runs were made using various relative courses, headings, bearings and AoBs (Angles on the Bow) with results consistent with above. Also, previously there was a neat geyser displayed when a torpedo impacted with a target, now the only indication a ship has been hit is the target will hear the binging that accompanies the loss of buoyancy from battle damage.
  11. 1. Assuming one has sufficient rank, missions may be started on either the brigade hq or the Theatre Map screens. 2. MSPs are placed using a vehicle (Axis may use either an Opel or a half track; Allieds: Laffy for the French, Bedford or Morris for the British).
  12. Hear hear!
  13. Unable to connect to AuthServer as of 2200 CDT, 5/14