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  1. Tip #16 - Stay Laggy Baby! LIES
  2. MORE STATS! Assign a point value to each AO. Not sure if this possible. Make each town worth something. Another reason why you should be on AO! LIES
  3. Qors #1 Squad!
  4. I present DRE21 with TINFOIL HEART AWARD!
  5. any time i have k98 allied are playing hard mode LIES
  7. Sgt Henning is a defensive Genuis. Master WALL SGT! Nily5000 approves this message LIES ps N8R is no good
  8. RDP Is for nerds only. I am still not sure what it is.
  9. Can I be my own squad?
  10. Rifleman only is fair for free. If you take truck from FTP - all your doing is taking away the % of one less fms (in theory). No Binocs makes game 100% harder. That would make or break most players. Giving FTP players toys like atgs is a disaster. Free player shouldn't be able to kill a tank. PARA FTP is fine if you can take away the tank charge. LIES
  11. Quit trying to nerf me. IT WILL NOT WORK
  12. HC player only PPOs like AI tower, ATG pit, or AA. only usable on DOs or radius from FB Give the guys who volunteer some extra toys. You want than join up
  13. FTP is fine the way it is. Give me a tier zero ATG and I will kill all tanks thru tier 4 with 37mm or 2lb. FTP than would be owning paid customers on a grand scale. I proved this during welcome back soldier. Tier Zero ATG DENIED That is all Move along Nothing to see here
  14. Comparison to the Field Re-Supply Unit (as the main stay mobile spawn) Better, worse? Why for either? - More Protection to spawing inf unit - better Have you seen a return of combined arms game play? No more than usual Fixes required Are there issues hurting game play? ATG spawning at FMS is awful - A lot of stuck gear If so, name each of them, and a rationale as to the why. Being stuck at spawn and having to work way out of it is dumb Recommended solutions? make ATG spawn out another meter - Inf has had some isses being stuck on tank traps at fms Has the reduced truck EWS increased their survivability? No - Opel can still be heard almost directly to there drop spot. Opel needs to be able coast same dist as Allied Has the reduced FMS deployment timer: Yes - faster timer much better for dropping - moving maybe getting second location ready if 1st fails Increase survivability? Yes Maximize the number of placements within the campaign? No more fms the better no cap Gave the underpopulated side better defensive capability? Underpop is saved by mega timers atm not much to do with dfms Other feedback not outlined above, solutions required!
  15. New Fms is fine but it really takes the special ops out of the game. As soon as a fms is placed people are building and shooting aa/atg. Obvious signs of we have a fms here. Smart builders will wall up and make it hard to get a straight shot in. Plus the opel unable to coast more than 10 ft for axis team. Allied can coast for 500m? The major problem with player dropped FRU was supply available. You could easily one man an armor columned and have a place to reload. Why not have limited Inf placed FMS - no tank killers(atr/sap/eng/zook), no atg/aa, limited autos.