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  1. Lafluer had quadruple bypass surgery! Omg and he runs HC! Read more here! LIES
  2. WTF you killed vicmorrow? All the dilbert1 kills don't count.. So I feel this award is in jeopardy of review.. LIES
  3. This is sinking to new lows to ensure Allied victory! LIES
  4. Matamor - is that a French turtle? LIES
  5. N8tow?
  6. Break up the Squad! Auto side placement! You want Balance? LIES
  8. So Back to FTP killing any armor tanks!!! SWEET This idea wont last LIES
  9. PARASIT hasn't gotten a medal for tank killing guide! INJUSTICE! Who doesn't reference or have it printed on their desk? After 158 campaigns I think its time to give some recognition? Buehler? Ferris Buehler? LIES
  10. One Campaign LIES
  11. Maybe we could replace skulls with smiley emojis or jazzhands! LIES
  12. Tip #16 - Stay Laggy Baby! LIES
  13. MORE STATS! Assign a point value to each AO. Not sure if this possible. Make each town worth something. Another reason why you should be on AO! LIES
  14. Qors #1 Squad!
  15. I present DRE21 with TINFOIL HEART AWARD!