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  1. Does BE use OpenGL? Arstechnica and InsideMacGames write about some OpenGL optimizations which were privately announced at WWDC two weeks ago. According to the articles, the new Mac Pro already incorporates the new multi-threaded OpenGL in the pre-installed version of Mac OS X (10.4.7). The official release of the new version of OpenGL for existing Mac owners remains uncertain. According to some people I've talked to, multi-threaded OpenGL games will see huge gains in performance. With multi-threaded OpenGL, the game, for example, can run off one core/CPU, while OpenGL can work on the second core/processor for its processing. So they work in concurrent fashion instead of co-habitating one CPU. One demo reportedly had a doubling of frame rate when taking advantage of the multi-threaded OpenGL. And with dual and multi-core processors becoming commonplace, many customers will be able to take advantage of these optimizations. Macworld points out that individual games have to be tailored for the new version of OpenGL before seeing the benefits, but game developers seem enthusiastic about its release.
  2. Im about to order a new PC Im getting an alienware this time (the rest of the manfactures -ive had bad luck with) a 7500 or a 5500 should I get the 3.2 dual core chip or the 3.6 mhz single core? about the same price for more money is the 840 extreme with hyprthreading worth the extra $650 ? which is better for the game? Also does the latency ram make a big diffrence? (ill get 2 gigs of ram) I noticed the 2nd SLI card cost ALOT more than the first - why is that? Can I buy a bridge later? with my 2nd card? does WWIIOL suffer from the SLI split effects problem? please help a PC noob in need -cobia
  3. What if I FAIL the tests - what do I do then? At least you all get to play for a min or two (OK not much I realize) I got nothing - zip - I have not even spawned once 10061 and 10057 errors please some windows person must know what to do?
  4. What should i do if I fail all the checknet tests? i get a WSAE: connection refused (10061) FAILED This entire weekend lost its not my router - my Mac works fine - ( i can log on and play - but it does not have a 6800 video card in it) So I think its my PC that is the problem I go to control panel and to windows firewall and turn it off then reboot - still connection failed!! I had tried to run windows update and it fails too. but i have internet access just fine ohh and when i log into the game i get a cannot connect to host 10057 error
  5. I fail all the checknet tests and I turned off the firewall - it sitll fails please any ideas?
  6. I tried the checknet and got all WSAE connection refused 10061 errors I found the windows firewall on - i turned it off but it still gives me the error I get the cannot connect to host when logging on to the game any ideas?