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  1. It's called sarcasm. Go back and count how many confirmed T0 planes are in my stats to how many confirmed T3 planes are in my stats. HOPEFULLY you get my point. I might add, don't let the FTP tag fool you, I am a vet for a few years and I have paid and not paid, depends on what is going on in my personal life (nothing to do with this game) . David understands what I am saying, you guys think these new players will actually take the time to learn and rank up...WRONG, they will more then likely move on to the next game and that is a honest answer. Go in the game and try to even find a Tier 0 plane, 90% of the time their is 0 in supply, or if their is any, they are gone within 20 minutes, and that is the truth. As for my stats, H75 is fun but it is a pain when you start out in Tier3 and your trying to keep a respectable k/d against vets in way better planes. I have held my own considering how bad I have been outnumbered, but greentags would highly unlikely be having the same results. (Not bragging just stating the truth)
  2. I'm not sure what server you guys are playing on when you say greentags will run into other greentags just as much because in the air you have 80% chance of running into a vet in a top tier ride. Here are my stats using a Noob Steam acct. now you tell me what I have been running into the most. I might add it's been a hoarde of vets that I usually run into as well. russian photo sharing
  3. I did not state that putting this game on Steam was a bad thing, actually think it is great you guys did it, but that is beside the point.
  4. Yeah I know I can send in a ticket, just not to worried about it ATM, nothing new in game so just played a lil air in noob rides, got some kills and will go back to waiting for Italian rides.
  5. Nice edit on that post Merlin, it went from "Noone" complaining to "No Mass Complaining." The very reason I made the comment in my last post about "noone" was due to your use of noone. I do not think their is Mass complaining because the new people do not understand how bad the game is stacked against them at this point, they will just think it is a crappy game because of their constant dying to top tier weapons and move on to the next game. As for my account, I can not log into my Nozlen2 account because it says it does not exists (no idea why), and my Nozlen account is locked out of everything (again no idea why), so I just play through steam at the moment.
  6. Very Simple Answer: Nope, wait XX amount of days and we will be in a new tier, then wait XX amount of days and we will be in another tier, and then wait a few more days and we will be in the final tier. Tiers go up not down, meaning the new players will see everything in a funky order now: Tier 3, 0, 1, 2 and that's just silly , that is if they get to see any different tier at all because who knows if the map ends before thier free sub ends. The other way they would 100% get to see a different tier. I might also say I do not have a "side" so don't understand what that was meant to mean. As for Merlin, you saying it is a easy task for Pilots in a Tier0 plane to kill vets in Tier3 plane? Remember this game has other aspects other then the ground game. You must be playing at different times because I see complaints in mission/side chat alot, not sure why you guys are acting like their is noone complaining. Odd.
  7. Completely disagree. Right now green tags can not, spawn a atg that can easily destroy a tank, or spawn a tank that is not useless, so basically a top tier tank shows up greentags just have to look at it. You have not heard a "SINGLE" complaint? Really, I have heard numerous and heck even on Steam some of the negative responses mention this very fact. If you wanted to show off just another 1944 style game I think you miss one the reasons why WW2OL is cool, and that is because it starts at a different time frame then the normal 1944 rinse/repeat game. I have heard numerous people ask if Italy was in game or how to get to the server with the older equipment (yeah i know). It would have been better to have showed the progression through Teirs rather then...ok this is top tier enjoy being cannon fodder.
  8. Dumb, plain and simple. Who gives two craps who wins a map if the overall game gets a boost in possible new members, but to make new members use tier1 equipment against vets in top tier equipment proves that CRS will never learn from idiotic decisions. For those who say the new players can gain rank, yes gain rank against vets in top tier equipment, while using cannon fodder. SMH...
  9. In the video I made a mistake (was tired when I made the video). If you already have a "flap control" section in your AIR, just add this to that section above the </control> . <keydelta value="-45.00" per="keypress" index="2"> <key>numpad +</key> </keydelta> <keydelta value="45.00" per="keypress" index="3"> <key>numpad -</key> </keydelta> Otherwise follow the video and do what I do in it.
  10. <control function="Flap control"> <joyaxis stick="0"></joyaxis> <keydelta value="-45.00" per="keypress" index="2"> <key>numpad +</key> </keydelta> <keydelta value="45.00" per="keypress" index="3"> <key>numpad -</key> </keydelta> </control>
  11. I try to add a new video weekly explaining/showing some tactics to help new pilots understand some basic fundamentals and a few maneuvers so a new pilot can survive longer in the dangerous skies in WW2OL.
  12. LOL. Nice, well played