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  1. Sure I will be making more in a week or two, just settling in after moving into a new home.
  2. Just resubbed after the "Locked IN" fiasco a few years back, last thing I want to read is someone using the same stupid logic as before, luckily I have a month to month subscription that I can end at any time. I learned my lesson when it came to CRS. As for the outage, not that big a deal to me, I am moving this week, and even if I was not moving it still would not be all that big a deal, because I would rather have a solid server then a crappy server to play on.
  3. I use it to train pilots how to fly, but in game I am only on maybe 20-30% of the time. Too many voices gets me stressed and I have to jump off of it, or I might go kick a Unicorn.