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  1. Thanks for your kind reply TMAN, I appreciate it. I really love this fantastic game and would hate to leave it.
  2. Thanks for reply, but I would like that jwrona to be aware of his wrongdoing, hiding behind a game name, gets no reprimand, sad. Scaring people like me away..
  3. Hi, I have been a happy paying member for several years. Now I am about to quit this game for good. This because a player, jwrona, in a mission chat called me insulting names; "that f..cking vegoman" among other insults. Maybe I am a bit slow in battle at times, but I do not deserve such remarks. I am a retired guy, and have been a fan of wwii onlne for 15 years, but now I do not feel welcome here. Sad thing that the other players did not protest at jwrona´s bad attitude. How will admin react to this?