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  1. Do it by AO/DO#
  2. Do I really need to click the Fb and then type .stat to get the FB damage status? Do I really need to click the bridge and then type .stat to get the Bridge damage status? Do I really need to go into a mission to see what the supply is like? Do I really need to enter a CP to see what the cap status is? All of the above needs to be automatically displayed o the UI map etc.
  3. I have already posted an idea of multi FMS per mission. In short player on a mission selects which FMS to spawn into.
  4. BUMP
  5. I had posted this idea a while back...I will bump it
  6. If your a Vet just kill the EFMS and move on.
  7. Updating the UI should be Priority #1. Too many clicks required to get somewhere or to get more information. All relavent information needs to be automatically displayed on the UI
  8. ^^^ I just blow the FMS up (but hey I play allied)
  9. Hijacking this thread
  10. Great. Thats one less customer
  11. Not sure why my Tag says Free Play Account when I am paying for a sub?. This game comes to life with lots of players. Once the population figures have stabalised then the CRS and the player base can better judge what needs to be done to fill the server. Filling up the 4000 player current capacity with subs isn't going to happen imo. CRS should aim to get some $$ from free players whom will never buy a sub.
  12. Maybe its early days but I was expecting a lot more steam players to try this game out. There have been some f2p players moaning about what equipment they can get once the 30 day trial runs out. I kinda of agree. We all know it takes a very long time to get to grips with equipment so why not let F2P players have X number of each unit in a 24 hr period. e.g. They get to spawn: 1 tank, 1 aircraft, 2 atgs and , 2 AA per 24 hr period. So once they use the initial quota up (Which follows from my previous suggestion) they can rent equipment out for the next 24hrs for $$. Either X amount of spawns or unlimited. Obviously it has to be done to intice the F2P player to actually take out a subscription (yes $9.99 p/m sounds about right)
  13. I agree. One sub price: $9.99 p/m
  14. Change the list order of the Active battle missions instead of just by population size but by AO and DO also.