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  1. Anyone know how to setup Opentrack with this game?Tried searching the Hanger but no luck.
  2. Flushy. IMO do not switch sides during a campaign.
  3. Currently with the player population in game there really is no need to reserve supply to squads. But in the future that, hopefully, will change. In that case it would be up to the HC at the start of the map to decide the % reserved for each Squad or make it dynamic on how many members of each squad have logged in relative to the total side player logged in. Ok it is ripe for abuse ;).
  4. It all depends on what the players want. Do they just want to log in and be able join an organised grouping of players at that point in time? or do they want to join up with their Squad mates? The first option will obviously need the UI to handle the specifics. While the second option could also be left to the squads to sort out. The squads used to do this all the time (some squads are able to do this now). I can remember in the past each squad had specific Area of Operations (For a long period I hardly played in the flat lands of the North). This current organic squad system only works when you have good numbers online and more importantly the players in the squad follow their COs orders ( Do you remember when you would log in and the first thing you would type was "S! who is the OIC? "). IMO do not limit the max size of squads but there should be a minimum number of members for a squad. If it drops below this then the squad loses its access to "Squad missions" and their squad tag. Alterntively Squads could have co-squads so if the COs of those squads decide to co-op then the squad missions will be merged between them. Did I mention Squad missions?. On a side note Squad missions should have Spawn Contro™l. The ability to control when and what spawns is key to getting an organised mission going e.g. ML assigns when/if inf, trucks, tanks, atgs are allowed to spawn in. Being a ML can sometimes be overwhelming at points so there should be a ML and a Deputy ML both have rights to set Way points,ZOCs, orders and spawn control.
  5. There used to be a spawn in timer iirc. So something similar. That way plaayers are already grouped up.
  6. I have tried messaging/chatting to the noobs without success. The Chat Box ( and other windows) needs to be permanently opened for recruits for a period of at least 1 month playing time. The main sticking point seems to be the subs price. Needs to be lowered. From steam charts pop has dropped.
  7. Well then a Tutorial on setting an FMS is required. Too many greentags running around like headless chickens when an FMS goes down on a mission or when there when most of the mission members are greentags. Also a tutorial on capping needs to be mandatory.
  8. CAN F2p spawn traucks and make a FMS??
  9. Do I really need to click the Fb and then type .stat to get the FB damage status? Do I really need to click the bridge and then type .stat to get the Bridge damage status? Do I really need to go into a mission to see what the supply is like? Do I really need to enter a CP to see what the cap status is? All of the above needs to be automatically displayed o the UI map etc.
  10. I have already posted an idea of multi FMS per mission. In short player on a mission selects which FMS to spawn into.
  11. BUMP
  12. I had posted this idea a while back...I will bump it
  13. If your a Vet just kill the EFMS and move on.