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  1. Remind me when multi-core support will be implemented? PS. <---------------- I am a premium subscriber
  2. A long time back you used to be able to use the mini mouse stick & mouse wheel on the X52 to control the mouse cursor in game. Anyone know how to reactivate it? PS: My Forum tag is showing Free play account...when I am a Premium Subscriber.
  3. Get rid of WARP from FMS or make a one button warp.
  4. Voted improved gameplay / UI. As discussed elsewhere unreal engine 4 is no guarantee of retaining the large single map. Also other unknowns which could damage the uniqueness of the current game. Once the game has a larger playerbase then traction to a new game engine could be discussed at that point in time.
  5. Idea suggested previoulsy. But here goes...again A contact report can be deleted by the person who created it. Many times you place a contact report and the contact is killed afterwards or has moved etc. MLs are overloaded to delete your marks.
  6. FFS it is 2018....Just put some icons on the UI so I can click them.
  7. Just upgraded to an nvidia gfx card. One major problem is the sidewalk (pavement) edges (kerbs) scroll with dark and light stripes as they move when your view is moving. What nvidia contol panel settings stop this?
  8. Yes. If you are desperate to play the other side then help move the map to end the current one early.
  9. What is worrying is the caveat that with the UE4 "huge scale is not currently guaranteed...."
  10. CRS need to clarify UE4s suitability for "long range" warfare. This is what set this game apart other FPSs.
  11. Back to the OP . . . Give Rendus a lifetime subscription.
  12. I think they want the Hero Builder sub to mean something more than the Premium. I have no issues. But going forward some future DLC items should be purchasable by Premiums if it makes sense.
  13. Create a "No Spawn Delay" DLC ?
  14. Best is not have the forward or reverse key pressed when you spawn in. Fixes the nose diving 2 pndr atg issue too, sometimes.
  15. Allow one AO to be placed by the squad with the largest number of members online every X hours. If player numbers grow in the future then the number of Squad AOs can be increased to the 2nd, 3rd... most populated squads online. Discuss.