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  1. There used to be a spawn in timer iirc. So something similar. That way plaayers are already grouped up.
  2. I have tried messaging/chatting to the noobs without success. The Chat Box ( and other windows) needs to be permanently opened for recruits for a period of at least 1 month playing time. The main sticking point seems to be the subs price. Needs to be lowered. From steam charts pop has dropped.
  3. Well then a Tutorial on setting an FMS is required. Too many greentags running around like headless chickens when an FMS goes down on a mission or when there when most of the mission members are greentags. Also a tutorial on capping needs to be mandatory.
  4. CAN F2p spawn traucks and make a FMS??
  5. Do it by AO/DO#
  6. Do I really need to click the Fb and then type .stat to get the FB damage status? Do I really need to click the bridge and then type .stat to get the Bridge damage status? Do I really need to go into a mission to see what the supply is like? Do I really need to enter a CP to see what the cap status is? All of the above needs to be automatically displayed o the UI map etc.
  7. I have already posted an idea of multi FMS per mission. In short player on a mission selects which FMS to spawn into.
  8. BUMP
  9. I had posted this idea a while back...I will bump it
  10. If your a Vet just kill the EFMS and move on.
  11. Updating the UI should be Priority #1. Too many clicks required to get somewhere or to get more information. All relavent information needs to be automatically displayed on the UI
  12. ^^^ I just blow the FMS up (but hey I play allied)
  13. Hijacking this thread