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  1. ^ Yes as long as you can't vote for squad mates etc. and the above criteria.
  2. Good idea
  3. Game Ranks are getting less and less useful to indicate if a player is decent or not. Especially with FP and returning vets with new avatars. So I was thinking.... Players in game should have ratings (like the forum one). e.g. Leadership Rating - How good at being ML or how they rally the troops Intel rating (Spotting/marking) Rating - Making contact reports, Typing useful info on the chat interface etc. Defence (guarding) Rating - Guarding FBs and CPs Team Player Rating - Resupplying, Making FRUs, Rambo Rating - Overall Rating To stop ppl gaming the ratings each player will get a single vote (for each rating type) per day and they must have played a minimum of X hours in that 24hr period. Also they cannot vote for someone who is in their squad or who has not played for a minimum amount of time in that 24hr period. The Ratings will be indicated on the mission list of players. That way you get a sense of who you can trust/follow when you spawn in.
  4. Yeah. Rent a tank or airplane (if available in spawn list) for 24hrs $0.99.
  5. Works now. Thnx
  6. Just made an offline payment for monthly subs. Can the admin activate my game login pls.
  7. Once the US enters they will go Axis.
  8. Need a one click warp button and FB status button In the mean time...change the "did you know" to have warping instructions.
  9. Need a one click warp button. In the mean time...change the "did you know" to have warping instructions.
  10. WB. Whats wrong. Heroes and Generals not that Great then?
  11. Yes I was meaning this Friday
  12. No "Friday update" on webpage?
  13. This game really only works when it is a true MMO and not 20 ppl online. At the moment Game Pop is low and very low on certain time zones. So getting F2P players to actually play on a regular basis is a plus. Capturing is a major reason to continue playing. Eventually some of these f2p'ers are going to subscribe to get access to the rest of the toys. Let F2P Capture. Once this game is on Steam and is successful then they can revsit what F2P and Starters get.
  14. Pretty much agree on this. In-game achievements to unlock no-game enhancing rewards ( e.g. medals)
  15. That and a rifle