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  1. Do you know how many years it took to change the Orange Beddy?
  2. 1. Multi FMS missions 2. Flame throwers and.... 3. Bigger game population
  3. There needs to be a System automated process to hand out medals. The current human one is prone to abuse ;).
  4. The F***ed Up UI to try and create a mission.
  5. gun diving 2 pounder when pushed.
  6. 1. Beddy shake 2. Tree inf collider issue with shooting beside a tree 3. Feet clipping building walls
  7. Pretty much this. I haven't played in a while (even though I have a sub) due to the low numbrs. I will probably keep subbing until after the promised upgrades etc and see how it pans out.
  8. lolz. Last decent tank rush was in the days of the 23rd.
  9. Simplez...All you can eat for $9.99 p/m
  10. Game pop is pretty poor now since the Steam trial has ended. I have suggested different types of subs in the past ( I am not going to repeat myself). But I think keeping it simple is the best. All you can eat for $9.99 p/m PS. Why are no new accounts allowed to use PayPal. Surely the PayPal problems have been sorted. This is crazy.
  11. Keep truck FMS only. BUT.... Multi FMS's per mission. Player chooses to spawn FMS #1, #2, #3 etc...
  12. Simplez...All you can eat for $9.99 p/m
  13. Just mark height of Hill Tops on the game map.
  14. Since Apple Mac support is a priority for CRS is there plans for a Linux Port of WW2Online? Once Microsoft drop updating security patches for Win7 then I am moving to Linux (or sooner). Running Wine might be a performance hit, if it works at all.
  15. Anyone know how to setup Opentrack with this game?Tried searching the Hanger but no luck.