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  1. massive cutoffs, like 1/2 the flags gone. it wasn't a random primetime surge, people from TZ1 would play till TZ3, it was lots of people pulling 4-8 hour sessions at the same time, sometimes a few squads, sometimes HC and their main players.
  2. s end gets cut every map... if allies went for lux it's their own fault
  3. southern end is always cut
  4. grease gun and sten are the only ones with no gunshake, other problems include the mas38's barrel even wiggles side to side MP34's sights are off center from the screen, it's too far foreword, and it jumps even worse than the MP40. there was a bug thread about it... sten's sights are also off center from the screen thompson's flash is blinding (i think they fixed it though, haven't used it yet) they all have jarring screenshake, but the MP40 & 34 have more per-shot movement. the Thompson looks bad but it's just shooting more bullets
  5. MP40 has a mind of it's own, it hates staying on target. it will absolutely refuse to stay still. the grease gun is controllable, it has no gunshake and low screenshake. opposite the MP40 the videos posted over the past year by players proving theother sides "awesomeness" shows how bad even the best gun behaves. if you have a problem with the Grease guns performance; you don't have a problem with the gun it's the gunshake/screenshake that's the issue. the grease gun has no gunshake and extremely low screenshake
  6. dispersion helps MG's hit targets... The bren had a rep for outstanding accuracy, up to 6' at 100m, the soldiers didn't like it and used worn barrels to hit a larger area with bursts. That American report just goes to show how inexperienced they were to modern (1940s) warfare. Also they were definitely stingy with the gun and ammo, 1k rounds is like rifle testing
  7. Been thinking about the plugged hose and silly hose metaphors of dispersion & screen/gun shakes and came up with this: 1.Tighten the cone to historic dispersion, at hip fire it'll hit in a 5° cone, just like single shots deployed 2.modify the screen shake and gunshake to move the screen and gun wildly around in a uncontrollable fashion Just like a fire hose held too far from the tip. No more "hit everyone on screen" claymore effect, its realistic, its interesting and capable from the hip but not comical. Can do it to all autos, to see the effect go in game and ads fire the fg42 with some random mouse wiggles
  8. mmmhmm gave details on the FMS 20mm bug, the total lack of FMS's over the past 10 months, and the small arms audit request as well as the bug reports for every new gun and the LMG's flash problems now in this thread people want the panzer1... of all the things that could be worked on: bug fixes, more marketable units, more useful units, modified units, infantry. the panzer1 is getting an inordinate amount of support. it deserves criticism the thing was obsolete before it was built, it's the equivalent of making bi-planes with single MG's for LW
  9. don't think I've ever seen you post anything constructive or helpful in any way eh, liked
  10. oh yeah... the pzjr1 doesn't have a MG too. exposed crew ✓ pathetic armour ✓ no MG ✓ slow as hell ✓ loud ✓ obvious target ✓ lol go in game and ask the tankers if they want this. it's a waste of time and resources.
  11. people praising the panzer1 need only look at the wacky laffly and r35/2C use and stats...
  12. is it even in the small arms audit? lots of suggestions to fix it, so far no word from the rats remove hip fire... :-/ tighten spread, no more 60°+ kills slow turn rate remove running fire, limit to walk slow the guy down increase bring to bear time (delay fire command) i know the allies are getting ADS like the FG42 and BAR, no word on the MG34 after "removing hipfire" "not removing hip fire" posts
  13. the Bren's dispersion?
  14. M4A3E2 "jumbo" could fight the panther, could beat the tiger1 and 3/4G's
  15. it's the lower tier stuff vs them, like the 4G:::stu/6lbr vs the sherm:::/pak38/3H firefly:::stug/tiger/4G panther:::s76/sherm/m10