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  1. when we shoot auto's our guys start sezuring out
  2. nobody "seizures out" when shooting a gun...
  3. remove "screen shake" when shooting thats it... garbage feature just makes the game worse to play like shaky cam in movies
  4. *self proclamed suicide bomber* if my stuka takes a single AAA hit it's as good as dead (if not already), if it's hit once before the breaking point i won't even bother pulling up. if i can get a second pass after getting hit might as well complete the mission. the 110 & 111 are insanely fragile too, they get double winged/de-tailed/exploded form 50 bb's... everyone has this imaginary issue with AAA camping the inf and completely destroying the core gameplay, even worse than the RPATS vs armor. they turned it into a pandora's box that will make everyone but the AAA guys unsub...
  5. downgrade the SSD to a 80-90 one and use the 70-80$ on a better cpu and cooler. haven't looked at GPU's for awhile, they got soo much better... 1080p 60fps levels are soo cheep now
  6. huehuehue gonna have fun with this
  7. like a garrison, if all the buildings are destroyed that town supports less men/equipment. not killing supply, but changing the resupply limits for example rifle supply no damage: 150 town is rubble: 150 after a battle: 75 (max auto resupply) 150 (resupplied from the back) it'd give the air and arty guys something to do. it'd be nice to fight in a battle worn environment too.
  8. was kinda curious about that poor squishie... *my POV* friken never mark axis making me take off for the third time i think i remember... [censored] it was n? looks like another stuks is goin for it oh [censored] oh [censored] oh [censored] spit dive? dive. i think i... *whoosh* woosh* woosh* it's there... 200m, that berm looks funny... [censored] it's there 150m DO IT 100m WAKE UP 0m + 10s well, at least i got it... oh look, bonus squishie
  9. man, was hoping everyone would try 60fps. newgrounds cartoons blew my mind at 60fps
  10. the terrain is made of steel gravity is a constant (not acceleration) suspension turns everything to bounce houses contact with the ground is golf ball size every unit is top heavy at their highest points non-superwide vehicles are notorious for tipping.
  11. 3 wheels in our game will be exreemly unstable...
  12. there's lots of threads on the training forum
  13. the guys still flying have more flight time than WWII ace's... just try to stay alive till you hit level 5
  14. Yes if you have never made any changes to any default setting for any airplane then you will not see an air cmfl file; so you need to go in game or offline practice pick a plane go to map make a simple change of some kind to the default settings and save and you will now have a cmfl air file where you can now change the flap control. Once you've made the change you can now go back to in game or offline mode go to map then settings find flap control and set which button you would like to control that function and don't forget to save [ NOTE MAC USERS: