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  1. the point i was trying to make with my post spam (sorry...) is; just like steam, having a huge influx of new players won't help if the guys to get them started are less than the influx and the guys left for solid reasons.
  2. if you wanna understand where we're coming from, use this site goto camp 94-105 then look at the last 5 campaigns ToM/sorties/deaths. 2013's [campaign 96] & 2018's [campaign 158] were both 40 days, but 96 had 2x the stats there's a 11 day campaign that can rival a modern month long campaign thing is, the 2013-14 94-105 activity was fairly regular for a few years, yet it was still 1/2 as much as the ones from 07 the 2016-18 campaigns are just sad
  3. the squads are the foundation of the game, they teach and recruit people for ops. these are the guys that are leaving/logging less the AO/DO reactionary gameplay is utterly basic compared to the squad gameplay. even with free accounts, people aern't playing as much
  4. either way, they're slow to recognize problems. they just keep bleeding off subs from critical problems leaders quitting (leaving greentags clueless and alone), inactive AO's, long downtime's, expense, squads loosing squad nights (squads used to have ample supply to play with and their own FRU's), etc there were 200 people paying 30$/mo and at least 300 premiums. steam alone had this many greentags, but both groups faced above problems and the problems were ignored my steam experience could be summed up as: 50 squadless guys getting camped at the only spawn in game, 20 others walking from the FB, another 30 wandering around town i did what my XO did and PM'd a few and they were PM'ing back, they were bored (even after learning the basics). the same reason the vets were quitting.
  5. most of the efforts have been to reduce the bleeding off of subs while they've done good work, they still have trouble identifying cuts... it's difficult to attract new players with game issues that have driven older players away.
  6. the faults of the FRU are lesser than the FMS's. if the FRU is a game killer, what are the FMS's dead AO's? as a tanker, the FMS is just too easy to camp/cut/deny. the ZoC effort needed to suppress it is lopsided compared to the ZoC effort to build and hold. lesser of 2 evils... and the dev resources are already done for the FRU.
  7. chewing on chopsticks is awesome... guys, this is a good thread. its been fun reading what you guys have to say
  8. i would like to know how 14 matties vs 232's and 3B's is balanced... the 88? it requires 2 people, and it's easy to kill why did you guys ignore stats in the new balancing calculations the bias in the old TOE could've been solved by reducing the pannies, top and bottom quality stuff, then rebalancing the middle quality stuff. like: 4-S35, 2-B1, 4-4D, 3-Stug, 2-matties 6-H39, 3-3F, 3-38T, 12-A13 3-H35, 2-pan, 4-2C, 2-232, 5-vick 7-S35, 3-B1, 7-4D, 5-stug, 3-matties 15-H39, 13-3F, 3-38T, 18-A13 5-H35, 3-pan, 4-2C, 3-232, 7-vick lower supply all round, but even after the top quality stuff is gone there's still a fighting chance with mid quality stuff 14-matties, 7-232, 5-stug. is insane
  9. yeah but the FMS is failing harder. there are prime-times with no FMS's and the rest of the TZ's are even worse then there's the fact that the inf-FRU was able to keep a AO up and contested more than the FMS
  10. and fun is never in the mix, only a afterthought after realism, historical accuracy, then pushing gameplay philosophy
  11. just remove sappers/RPATS from their lists
  12. AFAIK it was only me and cap, specifically we wanted less top quality tanks of their tier and much less pannies to rebalance axis's inf killing power can't remember anyone even mentioning historically accurate supply, beyond side trolls me and cap never once advocated removing tanks from inf flags... not once did anyone say "balance matties! axis have too much half tracks!"...
  13. as long as the inf have no staying power, i'm done. spent 10 months at boring, dead AO's already. you guys have the data, just look at the subs before truck-FRU, then current subs. my 3 weeks of screenshots arguing against 3min build times was the equivalent of simply logging in. it was that simple to see a problem... the FMS still has issues, more severe than the inf-FRU's ever were.
  14. 3 AO was regular, while 1 was TZ3 the guys are gone. it was silly, 14 matties vs 232 & 3B... extra matties to make up for half tracks, ignoring the 2 person requirement to use the 88 they made it clear why they left... no tanks in 2/3's of the flags = no fun
  15. the biggest hook has been slowly eroded away big combined arms battles the FMS removed inf staying power, like the glass FB, their ops ends when a FMS is down armour has been removed from most flags too many people unsubbed from boredom, and their reasons are ignored. my crusade against the FMS started after my XO and a chunk of squad quit. their reasons were totally ignored then there's the slow reaction to negative effects, like 3min build times staying for as long as they have. it was soo obviously a bad thing too...