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  1. i got killed a few days ago behind cover. the predictor code is probably acting up, getting shot at in weird places too like their aiming for something else there's a few hits missing or extra after despawning too.
  2. there was a suggestion for a glider with a depot's worth supply, or 12-20 inf. a full brig is too much
  3. after reading their responses about making new units: it would probably be just as much work to make a truck/AAA as a completely new unit.
  4. it was a explosion from 1km away. no way he knows he was the one that killed it, especially with the 2cm gunsights. lots of explanations, kill stealing, armor or round bugged out ignoring armor, guy despawned and got explosion MIA. maybe one or both of you just played too long and the game started acting funny. there's enough noobs spawning 2cm tanks with no effect to rule out the 2cm overperforming. there are a grand total of 18 kills on American armor, with 1300 deaths. 72 french sherm kills and 7600 deaths.
  5. every single dedicated FAF pilot. even more so now
  6. it's just kill stealing. back when i first started i stole a few panzers from ATR's (was shooting at the view slits). is rampant in the air game too, tail gunners can bb a fighter and steal a kill after dieing. it happens often with squishes, especially SMG's that go for long range kills but only get 1 hit. there's soo much inf play nobody really notices though.
  7. "uah, everyone should use TS, uah it's soo good, uah it changes the game" *never marks* chat and marks beat everything, but their not very good...
  8. there was a long thread about it a few months ago. options we came up with were M1 garand in brit flags or more SMG's & LMG's. with flags being removed and the BREN getting ADS like the BAR i think it'll be safe to remove them. the french and brit TOE's will be combined in each town right? so each town will have MAS40's?
  9. they were also guaranteed to combat units, whereas the bolts were issued to everyone, like boots.
  10. make in game chat better. few ideas off the top of my head a transparent box with a single chat channel sound notices for things like 911's generally make it readable and while playing, imagine putting the chat box in center screen and still being able to play use bino's to mark, example: bind them to "Q" aim, then set range with "W & S" like the rangefinders in game but they make map marks make "target" channel the town that is targeted, might be like this already but marks are screwy with targets.
  11. XOOM Vice President & COO *says attracting people to a OP is easy* had some XO's in lancers try this in 95-110, easy enough to get fellow lancers going but nobody else spawned. HC even shut us down sometimes. fricken allies need to stop making them behind town 1km (4min run!) away with impossible tank cover. in their defense the FMS takes ages to put up and our trucks apparently use jet engines. screw teamspeak. i have it but hate using third party programs, if you keep relying on third party programs the *teamspeak OPS* will be too rare to even be considered as normal gameplay. those guys NEVER read chat or mark too.
  12. i bet they're placeholders for planned armies from back when they thought programming was easy. placed in game as Easter eggs.
  13. let massive underpop click-cap CP radios? 33% clicks every min this way they can fight or cut instead of wasting their time in the CP system cap callouts, so if say the AB is getting capped system says so. a lot of the low-pop-underpop wastes their time on empty cp's, enough time for the overpop to cap squad supply, squads ATM are just names under people's ID's...
  14. bump, just used the flakk 30 and got 3 kills, all technical, they still flew like they were in fresh from the AF and RTB'd. this is breaking the K/D & lethality balance.