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  1. there should be about 40-50 this week (excluding the recent 3). man i don't mind a few posts vanishing but over half without notice or warning is excessive, the conversations they were involved in are gone too.
  2. can i get a PM or at least a warning for the reason nearly every one of my posts this week have been deleted, and the responses to my posts as well.
  3. the allied grenadiers have a very respectable kill radius, a bit larger than the German one (but they always detonate on the ground). they're on par with the 75mm+ HE and mortars. the normal grenades are a different story... sorry for being a constant downer about HE updates, the same thing's been done twice now yet a 250kg bomb can't kill someone under a roof and 75mm HE can't clear a room.
  4. not grenade level HE... satchel level.
  5. it needs a bug report. i swear 1/2 it's ammo are duds.
  6. i only see the size complaint in the fourms... honestly when i shot AT a 17lbr its size isn't what gave it away but the gun itself shooting. if i catch it off guard its always due to it's speed. fighting it, the shield does help: as inf i could never snipe it after getting within 500m like the AAA/88. the german long guns are accurate enough that they don't rely on spall, most of my hits were on the gunner directly behind the shield. yup, the 17lbr as well. both with spectacular results. the 17lbr is far less vulnerable to getting sniped. not talking about extreme 2k snipers or >300m engagements but the 500-800m range FRU hunters/flankers/scouts like to sit in.
  7. it's slow, even slower than bofors. most of the PB don't play for effectiveness (or have the patience): they'd rather loose 2 6lbr's and 4RPATS in 10min on a single tiger, instead killing 2 tigers in 30min. most give up after the anti tank inf and the nearest depot's 6lbr's are gone. same can be said on the axis side too.
  8. they're working on it, it's in the bug reports section here. in my last 110 flight i got 2, and 2 with the hurri2c, easy peasy with cannons alone. probably just waiting on the HE/ballistics patch.
  9. they're making vehicles (finally after 8 years)! with exposed gunners.... then they hail it as a accomplishment even now they think SPAA will be harmful to the game with a 1 sided shield that can't take a ATR they see trucks dieing unable to set FMS's, and think a single FMS 1km+ is more action. and refuse to even think about simple low work tweeks they reset supply when attrition worked, now it's soo bad i never saw anything but top tanks. they finally nerf RPATS, ever ever soo slightly. they still beat tanks in kills and sorties years and years of suggesting increased factory repair timers, and they finally notice guns are 5-11x worse, they call themselves " the most heavily armed software development house on the planet" like it means something 2 fundraisers with broken promises no, been this way for a year now. this is what im talking about, you praise yourselves soo much you see dead-pop as a success
  10. as long as it's addressed. you guys pat yourselves on the back and ignore too much.
  11. naw, they modeled drunk oafs that drop the gun. they don't know much about shooting and won't admit it. a lot's changed, but they're still really bad at admitting mistakes.
  12. use ship marks for friendly FMS's
  13. i think it's the aesthetics german stuff looks like war machines made in a garage from good scrap metal allied stuff is smooth and clean, like apple made it out of cheep plastic
  14. all they'd have to do is replace the animation from: lift(or drop)>fold1>fold2>reset grip to: drop (or lift) and keep the bipod unfolded at all times no new bipods, animations, or guns. all the work is done, just need to rearrange the animations.
  15. there're 2 bs threads about the MG34 hip firing somewhere else, go there. there are better arguments. IMO the 34 & 42 are similar enough to ignore the 42. can work on better things like the Johnson LMG, American paras, and the current M1 carbine / stg44 / Italian inf. not to mention ooooold issues with current units like the auto's flash, .22cal recoil behaving like .50AE, and useless grenadiers