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  1. "all in", with respect to their capabilities. we both know the stuff you listed is not possible atm : / they spent soo much work on something that did not pay off at all. if you were in game with the rest of the subscribers; it was crystal clear, people hated it it always happens, not just here but in every game. screwing gameplay for the sake of genre never ends well
  2. did you guys forget the reaction to "the hardest campaign ever"? "the hardest campaign ever" went all in on this... guys need to start being clear: if they want a game, or a mil-sim and start using the preferred term.
  3. pick up where the last camp left off, till the final tier is reached
  4. could you do a poll asking people why they log out, in my experience with squad mates that left: they always logged out early before unsubbing. since my FMS crusade, the most common reason was camped or no spawns. this was back with the 3min build times though.
  5. there are only 25 allies on in today's prime time...
  6. its getting bad though, even for summer. yesterday was a blast but after a lull with no spawns pop plummeted. Sundays were usually 12 hours of non-stop fighting.
  7. brits have 70 smg, 20-25 2lbr from my last fms mission how is the axis list? doubt anything nefarious is going on with ownership, front is just condensing as we move east. brit flags are performing better than french
  8. any news on proximity AO's?
  9. B2K, Scotsman, HATCH, and XOOM were very clear: gameplay is not a factor... the only reason we don't have 1/2 auto's for allies and no panzers is the massive backlash, they're just concessions. i don't think they've accepted gameplay at all since the "hardest campaign ever", looking at the lists from a gameplay-balance view; i agree it is completely off the rails. in $$$ land i guess those 88's and 2cm flak's are balanced, but spawned in it's a different story.
  10. same, check in every 5-7 months. in the month of premium i only find 2-3 good days. today was one of them, but it's difficult to justify 25$/mo (CAD) for 2-3 days of gameplay and 20 days of sentry duty.
  11. will you please update the steam tag. we've been saying the game is not F2P for years.
  12. nobody's protesting... there's simply no point in paying for something that isn't fun. the market that sees hardcore mil-sim as fun is tiny, and there are more engaging titles at a fraction of the price. there's no prospering in this route. awhile ago i said to go all in on either reenactment or gameplay: the results from "the hardest campaign ever" speaks for itself.
  13. you guys are falling into the "whale" business model of F2P games... relying on big spenders to stay afloat and ignoring the average customer
  14. all it takes is a single tank to blow it up : /
  15. its not a protest, simple no fun | unsub