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  1. Death lag dead guys killing each other ei running after getting shot
  2. I think what he wants is a 60min delay before the first units arrive. So when a flag is moved it taked some time for supply to show up. What we have currently is a huge supply stream instantly
  3. So was the problem no GM online? Or something else? @choad , you suggesting a kick bot? The guys with boots already do most of that, they're even more sensitive and can recognize exploitative/bugged/cheating behavior and act appropriately. Its like HC though, When they're not on the jobs not done...
  4. I provided simple reports in January backing my argument, there was a severe shortage of FMS's. No negativity, useless talk, trolling, and plenty of reasonable easy solutions. (Changing a number from 180 to 30) The problem persisted for a year, it was a simple and obvious one. Not like the complicated low HC problem. The issue wasn't getting it fixed, it was getting it recognized, its simple and obvious yet the community and rats refuse to accept it. Its still not recognized... Its soo obvious just log in at any time and count. This oblivious attitude from the RATS and community is doing nothing but dragging the game down.
  5. Doing nothing and ignoring problems is worse. The negatively is justified, it's not some spontaneous quirk the customers like to practice. There are reasons we're unhappy with the game, shrugging them off and telling us "we're playing the game wrong" brought the population to its current state. If the population issues continue to be ignored not even donation drives will be able to keep the game afloat.
  6. just now there was at least 50 vs 50, but the AO's were mostly dead. it's not new toys, graphics, or price (100 ppl, dead map). with the FG42, CS tanks, new small arms, and itialian troops were still low 500k steam users plyed the game despite the storfront 100 people were online despite the price something's stopping the game from being a blast to play, the sooner it's found the better.
  7. pretty much everything graphical needs to follow a single thread of spaghetti tangled in itself and other spaghetti code from 20 years ago (AFAIK) the ";" are probably going through Bit rot at this point. they need cool ideas for v2 though this reminded me of the boring uninspired aesthetic trend from the past 10 years: solder guys wearing washed out grey/brown fighting in grey/brown with popping toys and moving like robots. regardless of engine or team most FPS's fall into that lame trap, even BE had cool explosions, nice grass, satisfying plane sounds, and a whole bunch of other intriguing things. they weren't all great but some great things were sacrificed in order to jump into the lame trap, they're worth remembering or even coming back.
  8. the same things were said about the last few updates, pop is still low from OP's date the new guns vehicles and mechanics didn't bring the game back to it's prime, or even back to activity levels 3 years ago. CRS has been crystal clear: they're not budging from the current sub prices. talking about it is a waste of time
  9. During steam greentags were getting spawnkilled and walking 1-3km. There was only 1 (very far) spawn up in the months preceding and during steam. I provided simple data, even spawning into the game would confirm it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see there's a problem with the FMS, wether the rats or players are at fault doesn't matter.... There was only 1 FMS. Even now there unreasonably difficult to get up and going.
  10. checked in again, axis overpop, 2 FMS's on AO, 1km out and 10 guys at the AO man, in the time those 10 guys can walk 1km the 5 poor poor defenders can only clear it 30 times the poor sad unfortunate defenders should just spawn in the CP and the FMS's should be restricted to 1.2km distance see ya'll next month and good luck CRS! (you wouldn't need it if ya looked at the battles instead of imagining fun things forcing people to unsub...)
  11. there's no rational relationship between *power* and whether a shield is part of the model... survivability i'll argue the pak38 and 6lbrs suffer greatly from *standing on their shields* while the 2lbr and pak36 benefit from crouching behind theirs. rotary platform or not if you or anyone says otherwise... i don't care about total power. sick of these silly delusions reinforcing each other to make silly units and choices... they've gotten to the point where everything has to be taken to the contrary just for the sake of argument and any in-game reality is ignored in favor of imagined fear and fantasy: shieldless AAA (they'll decimate the inf game) "overwhelming full power rifle rounds" forcing the inf to load like a musket claiming the FMS is creating more action while the results say otherwise, even holding on to fantasies while there's only 1 in the entire game. even after pop drops to 25 both sides on both weekends prime-times hip firing MG's being impossible everything spit i don't mind arguing for the sake of arguing, but when there's ungrounded imaginary fears/fantasies dictating the RATS dev time and direction the game: the number of subs suffer. we all need to accept reality. the delusional behavior has permeated soo deep the rats didn't even look at how the gameplay suffered from 3min FMS's for 10 months ( @XOOM ) . even when i provided proof to there were nay-sayers. I'll happily pay 18$ a month to play a game, if there's no game to play (as was the case with the 3min FMS) whats the point?
  12. Your just reinforcing my point... Even sheilded they wouldn't be overpowered Without them they're certainly underpowered and ahistoric, the fear was silly and delusional.
  13. it wasn't. the PB and RATS were hellbent against gunshields; fear of the already overpowered sheild-less SPAA would camp the inf to hell they were absolutely sure SPAA would dominate the inf. i say i told you so, and they need to accept they were wrong. the SPAA is underpowered and ahistoric from a silly fear
  14. Is the map still going on from last month?
  15. The SPAA isn't obliterating infantry?