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  1. in my FMS damage testing i found their cannons were 3x stronger than every other nations including the french who should be using a similar weapon. their MG rounds are causing HE damage as well. they're the only aircraft that deal HE damage. from my tests: this damage is regarding the FMS i think they're using speed/weight to calculate "HE-style damage" instead of explosive content like every other weapon.
  2. all aircraft cannons are overpowered vs the FMS, the AAA and HEAT charges were the same. the RAF 20mm's are bugged, they use projectile speed/weight to deliver "HE style damage" instead of the rounds HE burst charge weight like every other HE weapon... here's my testing data from the training server:
  3. 2 weeks is not enough to rank up to lvl5. for greentags at least... if they join in later tiers and play with vehicles they'll never kill anything too.
  4. change it to 20 100kg bombs instead of making 2 slow Allied planes and a German fast bomber for balance, changing the bomb load is less work and would give the 111 some attractiveness. pros: no red vs blue no dev work no bomb audits that will likely change nothing less clamoring for a axis fast bomber more air activity cons: less "damage % thingy" on factories and bridges, per bomb just a simple change that would make for more interesting gameplay
  5. this post was made at the same time as the predictor code, i used to get shot behind cover from things around a corner. not in forward blind spots like the front drive area but the predictor code put my tank a full 10 meters ahead. lots of "no hit" missions as well where there was clearly many hits... it was [censored] awfull, most of us did not play while the predictor code was in remember. in t0-2 (up to sherms/M10's vs 4G's/stugs) engagement distances should never pass 700m. it's a waste of time for both sides at this range, you should be doing everything you can to get up to 300m from town. gonna die a lot learning to get there, IMO it's one of the hardest things to learn but it's absolutely devastating when you can get that close and stay there.
  6. steps... open map use "mortar mark" on target mouse over it, it'll show the range set range with the "page up" and "page down" buttons on the keyboard shoot mortars 100 shots later, get no kills and use the mortar as a last ditch rifleman like everyone else lol
  7. here's why...
  8. like it or not teamwork is less efficient than 5 guys doing their own thing, teamwork usually gets in the way of progress too. better to have 5 guys going for a CP from different directions than 1 on point, 2 on the flanks, 1 guarding FMS and 2 more in the center with support weapons. not all the 5 guys will make it to the cp but they cap it faster. "teamwork" and "combined arms" are too underdeveloped to play with. all we got are marks and a chat bar with no "quick comms", need to use acronyms too much. 5 guys using the chat bar actually makes the chat bar less effective... absolutely 100% have too... i mean the spawns are literally 1 meter away, can't cut 1 meter with a rifle. i want bolts with pistols cause CP fighting with bolts is just plain silly. CP fighting is a huge part of the game not talking about giving them P90's... these are the pistols we already use in-game, they need 2 shots to kill, kick like .50 BMG's, and are wildly inaccurate outside 5 meters. paying players already have a lot of complaints about the "sub only" weapons, most have been nerfed or bugged to uselessness like the SMG's extreme recoil and inaccuracy as well as the LMG's sight picture + their deployment animation there isn't much incentive to sub...
  9. they're 2 shot kills already, and only accurate up to 5m (for some reason...). outside CP's they're useless.
  10. it would need extra conditions to work, extra conditions is more work, the current team already has a mountain of work to do... we were stuck with glass FB's for years till they were finally able to simply make them 3x stronger.
  11. do you get a solid 30+ FPS? is your monitor set to 60 hertz at least? also, input lag and/or micro-jitters (slow-fast-slow-fast) can give really bad headaches. only way to solve this one is a "gaming monitor"
  12. put this in the barracks thread, thought I'd put it here as well... LMG's clip through everything and the solders first-person-view does not match the third-person-view here are some pictures first person out a window how it looks to everyone else from the side, jutting out again, on a railing in first person his chin is at the railing level and arms/shoulders should be behind cover notice in the railing pictures the first person view suggests his eyes are as low as the railing, however to everyone else he's leaning on his elbows
  13. awhile back i suggested giving the riflemen pistols... they'd still be outclassed by LMG's and SMG's in CQB, but at least the goofy-bolt-dance's would go away.
  14. couldn't hurt to try faster timers... increasing sandbag durability didn't break the game, nether did the FB buff. *deleted* unrelated...
  15. HATCH's aware of it, don't think they can do much about it though. here's the thread from post #3 the muzzle flash issue is listed for every single gun on the list.