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  1. if they had teamwork the FMS would've been blown :/
  2. the tools we have for teamwork are marks and a chat bar that is drowned out in noise. what the hell is everyone's problem with CoD? current cap timers, flooding, and CP-Depot-AB distance are all much worse than any CoD/Halo/BF/MoH/CS:GO game I've ever played. all I'm saying is forced failure without teamwork is bad. in the case of the FMS: it's game breaking to the point where we can go hours without action. teamwork should be able to achieve multiple FMS's and lone-wolf FMS's should at least generate gameplay. what we have now is teamwork that sometimes gets 1 FMS and solo's that can't get anything up. even worse, if the defenders use the slightest bit of teamwork (simply saying "truck N/E/S/W" once), they can easily kill a AO without a single FMS going up. the only successful one's I've seen in the past few months are when no defenders spawn cause everyone logged from boredom.
  3. the difficulty in setting the FMS has gotten to the point where it's forced failure without teamwork. teamwork's good and fun but when the game is unplayable without it: its a bad design. now we're talking about AO's with no FMS's older than 15min being hopeless... no. everyone agreed constantly loosing every FRU, FB ping-pong, and guard duty was awful. even defenders didn't like all the gameplay suddenly stopping.
  4. the FMS is a huge part of the game, when there are none; players don't even bother to spawn. during May TZ3 inactivity creeped into TZ1, the game was only playable during prime time. it wasn't as bad with truck-FRU's, they were doing well. after the FMS TZ1 was dead
  5. you saying this is another "lack of leadership" problem? like every other issue the game has, leadership and teamwork will fix it and everyone's playing the game wrong? in 4 years i've seen "Organized tankers" about a dozen times. beyond marking there's nothing to organize us, everything in the chat bar is drowned out in noise and VOIP is not universal. the game is not built for teamwork, the only reliable teamwork tool is marking (which the panny avoids with it's silence)
  6. allies really hate the scouting advantage the PZjr1 is giving the axis... we're talking about right now man, the panny is a tank and it's performing at a S35/4D level
  7. simply experimenting with the FMS settings won't cause a mass unsubbing wave and class action lawsuits bankrupting them.. i swear, you guys defending the FMS act like any change is admission of a attack on human rights... like [COUNTRY] vs [COUNTRY]: deny any problem and treat problem solving discussions as random wild entitlements made by whiny babies... there's no need to defend the FMS soo much, changing anything about it can be reverted and anything about it can be changed. the FMS itself is just a truck-spawn that has been changed a lot, the new FB's are the old FB's with tweaked health, the old floopy-09 is still the 09 just without the flop, and the upcoming KE/HE audit is a better KE/HE. everything can be improved upon. agreeing to that isn't something to be ashamed of, and practicing it should be embraced not feared.
  8. yeah well 1 of each 3rd rate is enough for every pan and every .50 hawk is worth 2 190's and a 4F(...), i agree it's not balanced but according to CRS's methods it is at this point we're just measuring the silliness of it, 30:1 K/D difference, 20 extra anti-inf units, and allies pee'n their pants at 232's
  9. they balanced the scout performance gap long ago with extra 3rd rate panzers... imo the 38t/2c/232 (3rd rate panzers) have too much inf killing power. in DO's the junk tanks pull brutal cuts
  10. last month i saved twerp single handedly by destroying every UFMS and FMS from the air... all it takes for the UFMS is a tiny tiny burst of 20mm or a few MG passes, the FMS just needs 20-30 spit 20mm's they're also neon brown-orange in the air so they're easy to spot
  11. the "mission activity" bar needs to be tweaked. nobody knew cause pop was soo low since steam player made manuals and tutorial improvements are badly needed, just simple stuff like what XXXX is and it's purpose [XXXX = FB/FMS/CP/Depot/Flag/etc] and how to get to a mission. they were brought up a few times over the years but the rats either didn't see or don't care.
  12. the panny's already balanced by the excessive amount of low rank tanks and a extra main tank in the axis pool. that balancing gives axis way too much inf-killing power though. in the end the panny is working in axis favor a better solution would be to lower the supply of pannies so other inf-killing tanks can be reduced without issue (2C/Vick/R35) i swear merlin misses the point intentionally so he can go on and on more...
  13. yes but
  14. there is a double billing problem, some people get billed 2 months for 1 month using one of the payment methods. not sure if we're allowed to talk about it though