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  1. another example is the Grease gun thread and the MP34 trolling both bugged out, but MP34 was trolled and deleted. instead of dealing with the trolls the issue was ignored - _ -
  2. i quit playing and i'm sure most of you know why... made a fuss about it for 8 months in that time, in the forums, i did try to be productive and address a problem. people refused to admit any issue despite simple data, even you refused to admit a issue in steam, you refused to recognize >(X)h of gameplay reviews... justify your reasoning all you want, you still ignored them there are lots of legitimate issues that are met by ignorance both from the community and from CRS themselves. like the friggen RAF's 10y+ issues, compared to the FB's that used to cancel all activity at the whim of 3 players the RAF players and RATS refuse to address any issue. we needed over 10 pages of unprecedented community unity just to get a simple x4 health fix. the problem was soo obvious too... you CANNOT be productive without a problem solving attitude man, and ignoring problems only fosters toxicity.
  3. make the game fun, stop nerfing and restricting the players for the sake of balance or philosophy
  4. the 6lbr and pak38 not taking cover behind their shields they stand 9-10ft in the air completely exposed
  5. How about: Make every capture bar active on the attacker and defenders hud, replacing EWS So everyone knows where to fight. <<< Huge issue brought up by the steam release. As well as every new player. OP's idea doesn't need to be intricate, overly balanced, or force difficulty. It just needs to do its job, and it's simple enough to work
  6. how about forcing ADS fire in LMG's? (no hip fire, must be ADS) simulate the slowness of moving the gun around and get rid of his CQB dominance(slower reaction, no full screen bullet spread), at the same time giving everyone a cool new feature
  7. You want to play with no enemy contact?
  8. imo as long as there's more than 1 person involved it's not a ninja still, there's no contact in that scenario. it's the same as softcapping without contact there's no game there needs to be CP guards all day, not just for a single AO but for every one that pop's up. i don't think you understand why we don't like guarding, it's not that it's difficult, or it takes away too many people. it's a chore in a video game: it's not fun the number of guards and the fact that ninja-ing exist speaks for itself... guarding is anti-gameplay it'll work though, if ya got other ideas go ahead and make a thread man. i was talking about merlin and pittpette how about we stay adult eh? these BS posts are not constructive... in fairness i should've sent that as a message to Jwilly your still missing the point he's trying to get across
  9. nitpick away, have fun...
  10. dude just delete them... they're totally low-moral and flame/troll else this thread will stop being usefull
  11. we all know this is just a response to its CQB capabilities and always has been... nothing constructive ever comes out of it the argument's been studied and dissected from reload times, magazine vs belt, human physical limits, hip-fire impossibility, and my favorite "full power rifle rounds". all exclusively aimed at the MG34 we'll never be productive if we keep focusing on the most offensive unit to a core problem: CQB gameplay i say just remove LMG's from depots and put them in AB supply only. maybe add the specialist/NCO stuff to the list eh? no more rambo MG34 acting like a explosion every 15 seconds.
  12. doesn't the easy eight have the same armour as the jumbo? the E8 also had the 76, while jumbos were a mix of 76/75
  13. i think they're just anti-change or arguing for the sake of arguing even the guys opposing it have a record of anti-ninja posts.
  14. go and ask the CP guards, and that people that don't guard. everyone would rather do something else. talk to those other man, your backing a army of smoke. ninja isn't teamwork though. to be clear AFAIK in forum language: ninja-ing is solo-person solo-objective. a attack is at least 4-5 on a objective. what do you mean by ninja attack? it doesn't make sense with this^ in mind. guard duty forces population down which also forces activity down. we all know the game needs lots of people to truly shine, freeing up guards can help improve the overall gameplay. it's a free population boost
  15. the idea would end both ninja gameplay and boring guard duty at the same time. it would also deter moles, booting flags to avoid a fight, and allow attackers to hold what they've got making battles into a real tug-of-war. forcing paying customers to do boring work is not a good thing guys...