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  1. try it with 800x600 resolution next
  2. Boom and couvin... we set new standards for idiocy there. fun everywhere, only battle i didn't like was Profondeville, too much walking and driving. by the time we arrived at CP we captured it was recaptured by defenders.
  3. would be cool feature for underpop, to make up for lack of scouts and CP guards
  4. was happening all day at bruss, part of the reason we couldn't get SAB
  5. here's a 43 one with @cabby and @bus0, twice! here's a 69 one in a Pz3
  6. i do like arguing with you, you get strong responses and bring up valid points. it's when you ignore us and we can't continue the direction of the argument that upsets us. we had to continue on without you on this: in another thread. just now before reset at Ciney we didn't win cause our tankers were dumb. we had 8 tigers 1km out covering the same spot refusing to pull easy cuts. the tigers completely dominated but their tankers lost the day... axis tankers were dumb. they pulled defeat from a easy win. allies do the same, but they're much more "in your face" with tanks. it could be previous experiences with each nations equipment forcing the tigers to dominate. bunch of scardy cats padding stats and noobs getting too close to the joy of inf.
  7. he's still new, only played a few maps. supply everywhere needs to be decreased, just like the Mattie. there are too many tigers, there are also too many S76's, 75's, 4G, stugs, and M10's. with flag stacking and rotation it gets out of control instantly. the players need to grow a pair as well, complaining about S76's vs 4Gs... too proud to spawn H39's... constant whining in forums and in game about no tigers/S76s or other top tanks... frick me and warpony killed 3H's with S35's and made ZoC's in a tigers face. lil punks give up after 6 units are gone.
  8. all you do is insult people, when we argue you ignore the argument. your just talking to yourself now. just look at your post, that's all you. there's no quote saying get good, flank, or it wont work. that's all you talking to yourself. we're trying to tell you: spawn axis and see for yourself, the 4G is just like the A13.
  9. been the #1 subject in the hangar for years...
  10. it is a bit dull to play with the same gear for what looks like a axis push from Essen to Amiens... then there's the 5-flag per town squash, and then nonsense intermission.
  11. +1 Most of the things we say are less than five words so most of the chat bar is wasted screespace. Can easily condense it to something the size of this fourms "recent activity" sidebar
  12. Yes make the tutorial voluntary again... Let squad officers tell them to complete it. it's awful... Just bad, having nothing would be better...
  13. sandman nailed it you could argue with noobs day and night telling them they're playing the game wrong... you can't argue there's a lot of them with the same issues though. unless they're fixed fast, ignoring the issues will do more harm than good. the RPATS are a good example of not acknowledging a problem.
  14. i fkn told you. can't get anywhere with them.
  15. it's frigen lipton and merlin. one thinks we talk about literal matties vs tigers and the other has to be at least 90% right all the time. you won't get anywhere using logic with them...