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  1. no. too much simple and stupid negatives. they've learned the ToE issue at least 3 times now but still aim directly at foot and fire. they also ask for a positivity bubble, making the simplest issues ignored and encouraging self destructive behaviors.
  2. last WBS had people walking from FB's and/or getting brutally camped the current game has a stable map, but the gameplay isn't engaging. especially to people logging in for an hour or less. most notably in tz1. if you guys are going to rely on a sim/reenactor crowd, there's a history of of these genres flopping.
  3. sounds like you had bad teamwork, leadership, ZoC, comms, and no paras... soo much hypocrisy. they did everything suggested in the spawn topics except touch the spawns, till i posted a daily report of dead AO's.
  4. they're 500 pound$ units balanced by the 500 mark$ 2c's ^^^ literal balance now...
  5. the timers and necessary manpower often force a 4:1 or 5:1 though. it really is a who blinks first situation, where the attackers need overwhelming superiority ignoring a DO in the process, then finding the ignored DO. my experience in the past few months has been 4/5 towns taken with no defenders. on the ratios: 1. side A's AO dies 2. side A can easily work 2 DO's and 1 AO. 3. side B's AO dies 4. side B moves to their DO's for easy wins. 5. side A's AO dies etc it just keeps spiraling into that 3 battle stalemate, unless a DO is ignored making the battle a softcap and tz2 is suffering hard, they never had us prime time's pop, but the game was playable. the ratios fall apart completely when one side only has 1 AO.
  6. im talking about the constant and relentless back and forth captures, and overrunning fighting defenders. the 1min timers were more battles on rails, everything fell like a house of cards in a predictable pattern. the inf spawn was able to simulate waves of attacks, it was easy enough to find and kill, but unlike the truck spawns destroying them didn't end the attack but allowed the defenders a break and preparation for the next wave. this isn't a thread to talk about spawns, sorry op the overpop 8min timer vs 30s is way too extreme, arcadey as hell too. its like underpop get a "very easy mode"
  7. that was all common with the inf spawn and 3-5min timers. getting a town contested and fighting street to street is more of a anomaly than regular gameplay these days.
  8. It's not hypocritical, it's the way the game is supposed to be played. Like people complaining about killing trucks with the long timers. "Just leave them to set up" and "let them into the CP" doesn't fly in-game.
  9. Good luck. There's a vehemently obstinate sub-population loving hours of inactivity.
  10. If the axis PB's 111 love is any indicator, anything else would be more desirable. A new, fixed spit would get a lot more LW to lift, and shoot down.
  11. you guys could omit the wellington for something else. a fixed spit damage model would be nice.
  12. The number of people that use RPATS outnumber the tanker pop... 18 not enough, when 5 out-killed every tank. Come on.
  13. so, still throwing balance out the window, in favor of re-enactment... did you guys learn anything from the 2:1 autos backlash at all?
  14. not enough semi's in axis, 3:1 is too much... 1.5 : 1 would be better for gameplay and there's way too many RPATS all round they were reduced to 5 after outperforming every single tank in game, even tiger's and S76's had less armour kills than them. even at 5, they matched the tigers and S76's, while outperforming the lower stuff combined
  15. tell me about it