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  1. i was the leader in another game, 150 players total... (i still remember most of their tags, and it was as hectic as you'd think) we were loosing players regularly, after about a year we dropped to 50ish active then decided to join another clan jumped to 75, then after doing it again to 120. we were functionally made up of 30-70 cliques who enjoyed each other's company and banter. through it all we were loosing people but gaining noobs as well, the cliques naturally adopted a noob or 2, and when shrunk too small: hung out with another clique, continuing to regularly adopt noobs (my "noob" handle is a trophy from catching the most noobs) current squads are currently (imo since 2016), exactly like the cliques but without a central banner (single squad). they can't catch noobs cause the cliques are too small to cover one another: ops/raids/dungeons/missions can't be accomplished in a fun and interesting manner regardless of game: if there are only 10ish regulars on. in my experience, the noob would be adopted by 2-3 cliques and never have a question or gameplay-activity unfulfilled. in our 50 player phase, we were unable to cater to noobs. current squads are in the same situation. me and my guys were only able to catch noobs cause there was always a clique doing something attractive to the noobs. the sporadic 5-15 regulars in squads can't do this. 5-15 people don't provide enough activity too hook noobs. squads need to merge. it's a lot more fun than you'd expect. simply saying hi, and getting a wall of welcomes is enough to get anyone pumped and happy.
  2. the "guard duty" game sucks. 2 years ago lancers charged ourselves with FB guarding (back at 12-hit FB's) the participation in the missions was awful, and it carried into the AO/DO ops. the ZoC, search and destroy, killing, and CP capture missions; suffered lower participation and we were noticeably just plain worse at playing the game from loosing passion to play. i don't blame him for not clearing, guarding gets to you mentally. enough of it can ruin the passion for other aspects of the game. the truck spawn forced it onto the attackers. DO guarding is easier now, but there's nowhere to enjoy the other aspects of the game anymore. everything's guard duty. a lot's been said about the attackers responsibilities attacking "properly": HC/ZoC/combined arms task force/recon/etc. go in-game and observe the participation and passion for the pre-FMS & post-FMS forms of guard duty (the "proper attack"): there's none.
  3. during the WBS's, the guys that left my squad checked in. they left for the same reason they unsubbed, they got bored. free wasn't even worth it for them.
  4. there are very very few people willing to set spawns, it needs to be addressed.
  5. my point is: it's not important. go in-game and the guys will want battles, regardless of on-sides/population/flag-firepower/timezone/etc. even at the expense of any of those. battles > realism / historic accuracy / simulation whatever the game stands for, the inf-spawn did create and sustain battles more effectively than the truck-spawns. at this point, something drastic needs to be done to help battles start, and keep going. sacrificing realism, historic accuracy, and simulation flavors for the sake of gameplay is acceptable. sacrificing gameplay for the sake of realism, historic accuracy, and simulation' well there's 2 guys left in favor and a dozen that no longer play. those 2 aren't paying 120$/month
  6. ask the guys in-game if they want on-sides restrictions. there are only 10'ish subs advocating it over the hundreds wanting battles. me and 2 others in lancers were the only ones for truck-FRU's (before FMS's), 3 of us were happy while over a dozen including our leadership unsubbed during the 3minFMS. the 3 of us weren't paying 100$/mo.
  7. Battles need to be sustainable... Sounds like prime time is at the euro prime of last year. Slowly heading to tz3 The fms, HC , fb (guarding and flipping), and cp guarding: all have too much"work" tied to them. It's assumed and expected the work is happily done, its not. Players want to have fun. Gameplay fun in the fourms unfortunately involves more and more work, or work exclusively.
  8. Yet they kept battles active
  9. any chance to trial the inf-fru? the battles with the truck-fms have trouble maturing to a virtual battlefield. the inf-fru had chaos, but it did provide consistent and lasting battles
  10. i lived on a deserted island with a potato pc; gaming time was 4-12h. familiar with all of this restart the game every 2 hours.
  11. pretty much a direct quote from the guys that left lancers. they got bored and stopped playing, simple as that.
  12. i think zebbeee was the only one providing data in my no-fms's crusade, even then there were only 2 days of prime-time against 3 weeks of 3-8h inactivity reports. the disparity is real, and there are 2 completely different games in wwii:ol. in the past few years it's been forced into the forums game philosophy. i really didn't mind, till the regulars and semi-regulars in my squad disappeared. looking at tags in-game its obvious my squad wasn't the only one that went through this; the lakes and rivers of squads (my slang for blue-tag squad ops) crashing into towns stopped. ZEBBEEE, i want to remind you and the rest of crs this is a sub driven game. the forums represent a tiny customer base, go in game and talk to the guys. nobody wants a dead battlefield for "front line simulation" or instant death as a consequence of "ZoC & leadership". we pay to have a good time.
  13. it was raised immediately after inf-frus were replaced... it also continued and was well known throughout the 3min-fms cant stress how extreme instant death spawning is, in every game, in every genera; its akin to ctd on launch. yet here it's accepted and the players are chastised for the experience. i get there're arguments for ZoC and tactics, but it's understood in-game everywhere: instant death spawning is a complete failure for a game to function. the forums fail to understand this.
  14. gameplay historical accuracy or simulation or realism (yes any of the 3 over gameplay) would be a good one. there's serious discord behind the philosophies, in the forums and past few years of development. it's been driving subs down for years.
  15. the forums have a bad habit of muting extremes though, case in point instant death-spawn. it's a top priority issue for every game in any genera, and unanimously hated by players. here in the forums it's welcomed as gameplay. same can be said about most of the forums influenced ideas and feedback. this place has a awful vision of virtual battlefields.