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  1. lesser of evils... nothing or chaos gameplay or reenactment sounds like you have some fundamental issues with the game, beyond what anyone's talking about. most of that stuff is impossible to develop. in the meantime, the current wwii:ol has some basic issues that can be worked on. if they're ever addressed...
  2. the first year of the FMS had 1-2 spawns up per 3-5 hours. the 3min build time, 1.5km audio, EWS, and AO made it way to easy to kill activity. game went from ninja attackers to super-ninja defenders. it was very boring
  3. the 1/2 autos and removing panzers from flags comes to mind, then there's the spawn development being driven to simulate logistics more than provide gameplay. the realistic ToE had the rats admitting gameplay does not matter, they straight up said so. the sim/historic crowd is unable to fund the game... it's a tiny market (small enough that i can recognize tags in other games). what's the point of having the largest map ever if there's nobody to play with.
  4. the game can't thrive with such a small niche customer base though, it's good that it's been able to last this long. the development limbo, being forced to a volunteer staff, and relying on fundraising campaigns isn't a measure of sucess. the "instant action" 30-60min crowd need to be catered to for the game to survive. the focus on logistic/realism/historic gameplay in the past 6 months has brought CRS to their worst income ever. don't know what's their plan to thrive, but just to survive the masses need to be attracted and satisfied
  5. looks like they're using the "reinforced FRU" instead of the weaker first version. the first version was easy to suppress, a single tank round and it's down for 5-10min dunno what's with the absolute love for 700m+ spawns in the forums, the guys in-game hate em is it bigger than the inactivity issue: the trucks are easy to suppress inviting long and frequent pauses in gameplay. similar to the glass FB's that would constantly get ninja'd and kill all activity. lesser of evils... inactivity or chaos
  6. just make it clear it's a temporary trial it already does that, a single satchel, 2 nades, or any 25mm+ cannon can take them out in 1-2 hits
  7. LW = RAF switching sides lol
  8. Don't seem any axis tags on allies, or axis on allies. Only exception is when a entire squad migrates for a campaign. Moving back and forth within hours or days isn't tolerated. Went through several squads as lIaceIl (aka lysol) looking for one that played both or underpop without success. One of my favorite players tried to get his group to play the other side when they needed help, there was almost a mutiny... The side bias is just as ridiculous as the fourms suggest.
  9. How about making the terrain squares cp's
  10. Back before the limit: it rose to 300s a few times, people just logged off. 120-200s was pretty common. If a player swiches sides, they'll be kicked out of the squad.
  11. it takes years to get through... everything listed was suggested the month the FMS was released what should have been done a month after release, has taken 2 years.
  12. it was more like 70:30 back in the truck-fru phase a few months after the FMS was introduced, it dropped to 50:50. i suspect we lost 40% of players. if ya'll want a accurate poll, reintroduce the inf-FRU for a few weeks then do a poll. if one spawn is all-round better and has popular support you'll know which is right for the game
  13. it took 2 years. glad ya'll finally see it.
  14. allies are in the slow surrender phase after loosing a few rows of towns, axis do it as well. it happens every single map... slugging it out in the initial line (+- a few backline towns), followed by one side getting some key towns, then the other side logs in less. loosing towns fast is typical at this stage during the slugging and key towns phases: allies had no HC on for several hours at a time, it was bad during euro prime.
  15. all the guys in favor of the inf-FRU have left, no harm in removing it