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  1. merlin, there's no point in debating with you. you even refuse to recognize bugs. what are you trying to accomplish? all you do is discredit and obfuscate.
  2. can't argue against the MG34's lopsided performance. but rifle dancing in a CP is really silly, and the LMG's will be restricted into a bugged state with their shoot me pose.
  3. but the air game has a lower accessibility than the rest of the game, everyone agrees: KB&M is not for flying. it's utterly basic working on the air game a huge amount of work for a small portion of the population
  4. we really can't argue with a unit performing 77% better than it's counterparts. if it were 20-50% i'd give credit to excellent weapon it's based on, but it has almost twice the kills to same number of deaths. i think it's preferable to patch it in with the rest of the small arms audit though. CQB is not suited for riflemen, and the LMG's shoot me deployment hampers it's intended role too much.
  5. goddamn your condescending there was no problem with your shooting, all shots were aimed at the innermost black circle... you can't martyr your skills for badly modeled dispersion dispersion does not excuse outliers, those hits are legit, they are the dispersion spread. this is all in aimed single shots as well, even full auto should get better dispersion. please let go of your fanboy rage, it's excusing bad work in the game.
  6. no, 1m dispersion at 20m (even standing) is insane. it would be rejected for service if proposed i kid you not, snub nosed guns loading the wrong ammo have better dispersion than the auto's in-game. with 1m, we're in flintlock pistol history
  7. can't argue with 1.77mil more kills.
  8. no... it has a 1m spread it's not just the MP40, all SMG's are inaccurate. their real life counterparts are much more accurate and have less violent recoil.
  9. in 1:31, all the shots should be in the 2 center circles, there's a 1m spread in the video you posted... in the second,at 026-0:31, the first and last in the line weren't even hit, 0:38 should never ever happen. at worst the gun should hit in the sight hood's edges, there are several examples of it hitting far outside right at the start of the video a 1m spread
  10. if this were implemented with the rest of the small arms audit then i think it would be fine, as it stands the SMG's of all nations are 5-10x worse than historical versions. back when HATCH asked us to provide data, i was prepared to comb through the internet for a hundred hours to do my part. only took a comparison between the 20m fire in-game and a single page of historical data to break my faith in the current "realism" there's no exaggeration in that 500-1000% worse, in some cases there's only 15cm deviation whereas in game it's up to 2m. the german MP40 is especially bad in it's recoil, it's weight and spring should make almost no jump whereas in game it's like a paint shaker. the MAS38 is basically a .22lr auto, should have no recoil at all. the thompson has 1000% more dispersion than it should... this was in single shots some are just plain bugged, like the MP34, it's off center and has the absolute worst stats among all nations. i treated it as a outlier and retested till it's best performance showed. if i were honest, it's data would be up to 2000% than the real version. contrary to whats said in the fourms, the MP40 has little faith in-game, it's the absolute worse in terms of barrel hop and control-ability. the thompson and MAS38 are awful as well, but the axis SMG's are at the very bottom of a smelly barrel.
  11. you guys gotta understand i love ya and your game, we all do. we criticize and argue for the health of the game we come up with ideas and are (justifiably) ignored due to the work involved to implement them. it's frustrating, but good to be grounded back to the reality of what can and can't be done to solve things. the FB ping pong had a mess of solutions, we wound up arguing over things that were simply impossible to do. until a rat chimed in and told us what can and can't be done, the increased health idea worked, but it was buried under a heap of arguing fans. my FMS talk gave me a hell of a bad reputation among forums, but most other ideas are outside reality. what i'm trying to say is, please ground us back into reality before we fracture into a mess of hate. now that i know the sitting LMG can't be changed, as well as the shoulder fire LMG, i'll leave it alone. but please understand, a nerfing attitude drive subs away in every online game, and to a greater extent so does boredom.
  12. why not experiment in the beta server can try all sorts of things there like instant spawns, indestructible spawns, or make them even harder to build. with no consequences to the main game if it gets those "50 vs 50, for hours battles" then regardless of what the rats or players think, it's good for the game.
  13. this is what nerfs do... there's a long history of it in every online game CQB gameplay is a problem that needs to solved but nerfing is is a awful answer
  14. *indirectly*, while diminishing game aspects directly adding shoulder fire or solving the deployed LMG's shoot me stance would directly improve aspects. instead efforts are focused on second hand problems with underling broader problems, in this case the entire CQB gameplay is at fault but the LMG's are what's focused on. there are better and bigger things that could be done. the shoulder fire and deployed LMG's aern't my ideas; they're old, universally accepted, and 0 controversy ideas from the playerbase.
  15. meanwhile, adding shoulder fire to allied LMG's and fixing the deployed LMG's "sitting at attention" get nowhere... you guys like nerfs too much, call it a fix if you want. it's removing usefulness from units, while forcing them into a bugged state. the reason we don't use deployed MG's soo much is cause the guy's head is 3 feet above the barrel asking to get shot. but lets nerf instead of improve...