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  1. Royal 22e Régiment! Je me souviens!
  2. I like the marking system we have, but perhaps two suggestions to make it easier to use/understand: 1) As Skers mentioned, a topographical map 2) Instead of having to right click and select what you're spotting, use hot keys to drop a mark under the cursor position held over the map, eg.: put the mouse cursor over where you want to mark, and hit 'A' for armour, 'E' for EI, "G" for ATG, "B" for barrage, etc. The keys aren't that close together that you bump the wrong one, but it removes having to right click and then choose from a menu and speeds it up a little bit. If there is already a way to do that, somebody needs to fill me in.
  3. The only thing is, you folks in Zulu try to stay in the plane
  4. *FTFY It was a weird mechanic before, and now it makes even less sense due to the length of Did You Know screens.
  5. That's strange, I haven't had trouble with getting bombs on target with either of those planes in BoS. I think I go around (guesstimate) 20-30, maybe even steeper, degree dive angle and release as soon as the target goes under the nose. Changes a little bit with dive speed, but I haven't missed yet with that approach. Stuka with those cannons would be one hell of a nasty surprise for this game.
  6. Agree with that, as I'm a big fan of BoS and '46 too, where I can see you're drawing your wishlist from, and these things make and break it for pilots. Biggest change for air I'd like to see is a remake of all the cockpits, re-made to allow 6 degrees of freedom. With or without TrackIR, that would make a pretty big difference right off the top.
  7. I've been setting the stopwatch on my phone and I'm getting upwards of 90-100 seconds. That on top of 30 second spawn delay is pretty rough. It isn't the 240 SD we used to have...but it certainly isn't fun, either.
  8. J'aime bien qu'il y a plusieurs nouveaux membres qui veulent voir les nations moins représentés dans les jeux. J'espère que ces membres vont décider de supporter CRS et notre communauté, et que ces rêves devenir possibilité. Mais selon moi, il faut ajouter les Canadiens avant les autres! Comme il a dit, bienvenue chez nous.
  9. 82nd Interior Decorating Squadron?
  10. Seen. Only 2 of the 7 were head-ons. Rest were from behind.
  11. 2 Axis pilots killed 7 of our airframes last night just by ramming, they lived and kept on flying each time. 1.34 at its finest!
  12. I'm not. Have you ever played modern flight sims?
  13. Building your own point tracker = <$30 FaceTrackNoIR / Opentrack / Freetrack = free Hell, with FaceTrackNoIR, you don't even need a point tracker (I really do recommend one, though...)
  14. We take whatever gets us to the fight.
  15. Find one of us in game and send us a message. I might be on for a bit this evening.