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  1. When UP side is on D: 2 CPs and AB to defend, say 3 other cps locked, makes it easier to defend If something gets capped, it unlocks another cp and so on. If a CP is recapped, it stays active until back to the 2CPs/AB Attack UP side: All CPs unlocked
  2. So, if i get it right: i connect, redirected to a web page telling me i might have not payed my subscribtion. So i manage my way to this page, where i learn server is down for beta testing. So, i log on beta, which cant run, because of an error 61 (anybody who knows what it is, please let me know)... I more and more understand the people reconsidering their subs...
  3. is any mac player able to connect to the beta server?
  4. I like rwkeen's idea of having the choice of fixing your side at the begining of campaign. If you don't, when pop is unbalanced, you automatically play the lower pop side.
  5. Ohm, do you know if the mac version is ready, or when it will?
  6. Usually macs need a full download and it is released after the pc patch.
  7. What sucks for us guys with no life isn't that much the waiting, but the fact of having no infos, no eta, nothing. Leaves a slight feeling of being milked...
  8. can't you just run the pc one on bootcamp ?
  9. Bah, its normal they work for pcs first, games are the only things that works on their machines...