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  1. The charts,1401.html
  2. A good possibility, or its constantly recalibrating because its about to die.
  3. Antec 200 case is a great case also, very quiet and has a SATA HD slot in the front. I wouldnt waste money a a fancy CPU cooler unless you plan to overclock, stock cooler is fine. E8400 and E8500 are a good value. Ram prices suck right now but I'd still go with a pair 2x2 pc8500, Gskill are good value if you can catch the combo deal. I like the Gigabyte MB, been building with the ep45-udp3, great sound chip onboard, over $100 though. It doesnt like Gskill memory in primary slots but secondary work fine.
  4. What resolution do you plan on running? The reason I ask is I've been reading the gaming benchmarks on i7 cpu's with the new motherboards and DDR3 and at high resoluton (16x9 and 19x12), there is no benefit over a older dual core with DDR2 as the bottleneck is in the video card at those resolutions, even the top of the line video cards. I'd stick with a E8500/DDR2 rig myself. The case is nice, I have the 900. I just finished a build for a friend using the 200 case, its a sweet one and will be my choice for the future. VERY cheap, small, quiet and a SATA hot swap slot in the front bezel, a real nice case if you dont plan on having many HD with SLI or something, may get a bit tight. The 850w supply is a bit of overkill, the 750 would do fine.
  5. I figured this was normal, irritating but expected functionality to get background movement to hide infantry movement. It is much worse with the newer speedtrees. I see the 109 gun sight still twitches around like a crack junkie, related? Another thing is borders of things like doors, windows and ledges have crawling bright segments, all moving in the same direction.
  6. I get the same bug, just open kemapper and select the tank section, then close mapper again and it will work.
  7. Now you just need a nice wide screen to make it complete.
  8. Yes, much better. As far as the Corsair power supplies go, they have had some problems with the 600w line of supplies but the 750's have been solid. Either way Corsair has been very responsive to problems and will replace any defective supply. I swear by mine...
  9. That Corsair makes no noise (big fan turning very slow) at all and will keep your system running fine while your lights are dimming/blinking in a thunderstorm. The only thing I dont like is the audio chip in that motherboard, I prefer the newer Hidef 889a chipsets like you find on Gigabyte MB's.
  10. Only a problem playing on line, never a problem with a stand alone game? If only online, maybe you have some network issue. Could be a NIC driver, modem problem, or some program service using the network and taking priority. Any problems, slowdowns, downloading large files that would run into the 5min window? Have you watched taskmanager/networking window to see if something is running every 5min.? What firewall and antivirus are you using? Done a virus/trojan scan with malwarebytes?
  11. Its either a process that you can find in taskmanager, (virus scan, file indexing, etc.) or its hardware. As Risky said, look for the high useage program, if its not there my next guess would be a dieing disk drive that is probably recalibrating itself trying to correct faults, real or imagined. Computer specs, OS ?
  12. start/settings/control panel/add remove programs select the nvidia drivers, remove.
  13. Reseat all cabling, try again. If it still fails to post, strip it to just the MB and Video card, try again. If it still fails, try with 1 ram installed, try again (swap if fails) If it still fails its probably the PS or MB. You can measure the voltage at the pins, in case one voltage is completely dead, to verify its the PS, but often with bad PS they show a voltage in range but wont supply any current to speak of. Taking a swag, its the power supply. Can you borrow one to test?
  14. hmm, its been running at the stutter limit all along and the bump up to 19x12 put it over the edge? Run the new one at the old 16x12 setting and see if theres a diffence?
  15. I agree with Layzboy. Also that old power supply is going to bite you in the a$$. The video card, depending where you look, pulls a lot of watts. By this review, , 304W at peak load. That doesnt leave a lot left over to run the rest of the system, and I doubt that 3yr old supply outputs its rated watts any more. It may run, but will it be stable, and how much do you want to screw around when it does get twitchy?