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  1. This was my first event like this ... everyone said it was fun and they were not kidding. I was the guy that charged up the church tower and killed the LMG. Just for realism's sake, I put my barrel to the back of his head by the way. My only complaint can be summed up in a quote from earlier : I think some sort of formal, written registration would be much easier and quite a bit less nerve wracking then the way this is currently done. As it was, I think folks did a great job considering the system. However, there was an hour of sitting there watching noobs throw smoke, fire their rifle [please CRS give them a way to turn it on themselves], debate about the .setrank function, profess their proficiency with the weapons they were not assigned, .etc, .etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. A little more order would speed the process up and, ultimately, produce less grabass and more fun.
  2. How do I pre-register exactly ? However it is count me in as allied - I will hide behind Liluh (as usual). Or, as I call him, my meat shield.
  3. Jim, I had the same problems. As mentioned above, I did switch cable internet providers, and it made a BIG difference toward the Positive for me. Seems there are CTDs due to code (i.e map ones) and CTDs during the game that are packet/time out related. Switching to a more reliable provider (i.e. not faster, but more reliable) helped fix the former type for me.
  4. Ever been fighting in a town and wondered 'where did all that armor come from?' Well, it ain't the next town over. We bring it, and we bring it hard. 23rd Armor. Why did all that armor not get stuka'ed? 23rd Air. How did that inf get in, cap those CP's so quickly, and then guard them until the town fell? Whose MSP is this? 23rd Infantry. Lots of posts in this forum are propaganda - this one's simply the truth. Come See for Yourself