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  1. congrats to every single one of you. we had a plan and it worked out right
  2. It was definitely a team effort, thanks
  3. great job all
  4. well deserved !S
  5. so the Allies win huh
  6. On behalf of the Lancers, !S to all Allied players. It was one hell of a fight
  7. Great job kenq, you are truly a leader when you are playing
  8. so now I have to start watching active battle fb's huh? congrats brother
  9. you got that right
  10. only took you by yourself 3 mins to cap?
  11. I hardly use the m10
  12. make sure you bring that over-powered tiger
  13. I think that swiss cheese goes BOTH ways except when your overpop again
  14. All they can do is overpop us and they think they are bad.As for all of the vets that play there I don't see the big thing that you can run over 10 or 12 guys because you have 30.Wow big men/women. You guys might get a kick out of it but me personally get a kick about killing some of you when its like that